Oliver Kamm on “war criminal” Tony Blair (YouTube)

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    9th December, 2009

    Hat tip to Julie here for this.

    Oliver Kamm on “war criminal” Tony Blair (1/2)

    Oliver Kamm on “War Criminal” Tony Blair (2/2)

    This YouTube channel links to Oliver Kamm’s relevent article here

    An interesting and sadly true quote from another prime minister who knew a bit about politics:

    “The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter”

    – Winston Churchill

    Also at Julie’s, see Kamm’s video reports on why Tony Blair should … would have been the right choice as President of the EU Council. A president of whom we could … would have been proud.  Even now that the dirty tricks are done (more or less, until the next one, says Blair Supporter, a once pro-European) and we have to live with their repercussions,  it is worth a reminder of the disastrous mistake European ‘leaders’ made just last month.


    See my recent post:  “The Difference between Tony Blair and a War Criminal”. With links to Rentoul’s thoughts on this feeble-minded accusation.

    ON HATING AND BURYING BLAIR (The Iraq Inquiry, of course)

    Simon Jenkins, in his report on witnesses at the Iraq Inquiry, (including his comment that Meyer has so far been the “star of the show”!) is a writer I do NOT rate. Understandably, you might fairly conclude.

    I recall Americans describing him, based on his criticism of the Iraq decision and his constant deriding of Blair,  as “the worst journalist in Britain”. He argues here that the FCO, (Foreign & Commonwealth Office) have it in for Blair. Not HIM at the Guardian. Nor the Daily Maul. Nor even the Telegraph or The Independent.

    So, as the battered body of Tony Blair lies bleeding (I know, I know, but let them dream) the ‘hang on, constable … it wasn’t ME guv” pleas are now starting to appear in seemingly balanced ‘reports’ of the Iraq Inquiry.

    So presumably Mr Jenkins, the Foreign Office are the good bad guys? No?

    You and your like have form on ‘fact-finding’ and truth bending.

    Some of us have long memories.


    “The inquiry so far has been dominated by two themes, the chaos of the American occupation of Baghdad, and the zeal of the Foreign Office to drive a stake through Blair’s heart at the nearest crossroads, for destroying Britain’s reputation in the diplomats’ beloved Middle East.”

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