Blair: ‘WHY’ asks The Mail has the ‘Albanian gangster gunman’ ONLY been charged with possessing a firearm

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    10th December, 2009

    Blair’s home: The Mail asks WHY the “Albanian gangster gunman” has ONLY been charged with possessing a firearm. Why not “with intent”?


    The Mail, for once as regards Mr Blair, asks NOTHING OF THE SORT.

    As WE ALL KNOW, to quote the KNOW-ALLS, the Daily Mail … Maul is a sharp-toothed terrier feral beast when it comes to getting to the “troof” on anything to do with our previous prime minister. It relentlessly pursues whoever is its target of the day, usually a certain Mr T Blair.  So it must have come as a slight irritation, as the Voice of the Conscience of the Nation, that it felt duty bound to report on the Albanian with a loaded pistol outside Blair’s home late on Monday night.

    Armed police at the home of former Prime minister Tony Blair in Connaught Square in London. Gunman believed to have thrown the gun away AFTER being stopped by the Police and charged with minor traffic offence.

    Of course if the Police had found this weapon instead of a passerby we’d likely never have known about it. “DRAT” … thinks the Maul editor and his worthy scribblers, “I suppose we’ll have to mention this” [would-be assassination attempt(?)]

    Oddly enough the Maul hasn’t – in its usual way – raised a list of its multitudinous questions on the subsequent developments today OR on the initial facts as we know them.

    For instance, WHY did a member of the public find this gun and not the Police who had just arrested the Albanian for suspicious behaviour and charged him with traffic offences?  Did the Police do a complete search of the street and surrounding streets? Were the Police NOT earning their “taxpayers” millions, as The Maul  pointedly yet subtly reminded us in their report?

    ‘The Blairs’ police protection team, which is bigger than the Prime Minister’s, costs the taxpayer at least £2million a year.’

    And WHY – if the gun was only in his car because we ALL carry guns in Britain, DON’T we? (No is the answer you’re searching for) –  WHY did this man feel compelled to throw it out of his car?

    And WHY was it still in his car after he had been stopped, given that the Police had already charged him with a traffic offence, or two?


    Why did the Police not find the weapon? Did they do a thorough search of his car, or just glance at the tax disc?


    Does the Maul ask?

    No. Of course not. So I will …

    WHY are we paying the Police and HOW SAFE IS MR BLAIR?

    How safe is Blair? Does the press care?

    I’d have thought the Maul might be interested in asking this question, if only the first part, seeing as they do like to have a go at the Police on occasion too, as well as any Blairs who irk or add to their narrative – (Sir Ian, Cherie, her son Nicky, her son Euan and the rest of their children & Tony – but of course.)

    But no. Not this time.

    No further questions. No uncomfortable answers.


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