Is it acceptable to threaten to “execute” Tony Blair? Or/and the rest of us? Sultan thinks it is


The Iraqi government’s Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, says he supports Blair on removing Saddam (video clip of Blair interview.)

Comment at end

17th December, 2009


Sultan: “What death threat? I’m making an execution threat. This rubbish is guilty and needs to be eliminated. You are entitled to volunteer and take his place, but don’t worry he is guilty of many deaths so we’ll need a population of volunteers to be in his place to secure his filthy neck.” (Ed:My bolding)


It seems to be acceptable in politically correct Britain to issue this kind of threat against public figures AND now against the entire population. The website which carries this comment exchange (before it was moderated out at the original site – presumably after it had been cross-published) has not noticed or highlighted this.

I have and I will.

The ‘butcher’s knife’ wielder was also calling for ALL of us to take Blair’s place in execution row, if we wanted him spared. That is a threat that no-one, not even the p.c. authorities should ignore.

This rabble rousing is par for the course, some might suggest, as the Iraq Inquiry proceeds. Except it isn’t. It has been ongoing for the last three years to my certain knowledge, and possibly longer.

But it is logical, and to be expected, given the mainstream press’s campaign against Tony Blair. It’s only one step up from calling Blair a “war-criminal” who will “escape justice” from the Iraq Inquiry because of an “establishment stitch-up”.  (The fact that the earlier “stitch-up” regarding his being selected – NOT – as EU president was a dropped stitch is forgotten by the knitters at the foot of the gallows.)

Apart from criminals and occasional loons like Frears (and even he prefers to publish his vitriol and murderous hatred abroad) here in Britain we do NOT threaten ANYONE with death. Particularly, and because we are a democracy, WE DO NOT threaten politicians, even politicians we hate.


Democracy is how we remove politicians who we consider have fallen from grace, not with a “butcher’s knife”.


Get out of this country. You clearly do not subscribe to its system of democratic accountability.

Find somewhere more suited to killing politicians and an entire population. There must be somewhere you can fly your little kite and keep your little head long enough to see the fruits of your troubles.

You are not welcome here. You and your like are beginning to rile even the most broad-minded, liberal and tolerant of us. Perhaps even those of us who don’t give a toss about Tony Blair’s decisions, integrity or even the longevity of his life.

A little warning – you won’t like us when we’re riled.

Not a threat.

Here is the exchange, screen-saved, below. Apologies that the shots are so small, but any larger and they leaked across the columns to the right. Please go here to read the below more clearly.

MUSLIM PUBLIC AFFAIRS COMMITTEE UK commenter & death threats via Harry’s Place.

This comment from CookieCutter on 14th December, 2009, 7:55 am caught my eye:

‘BTW, a poster at MPAC UK on the Blair thread made a death threat against Blair.

MPAC UK did remove it. SHould the police investigate it?’

Please take a look at the screenshots of the comment exchange below. (More here)

What is MPAC? You might well ask. It is the Muslim Public Affairs Committee, whose site as I write says “Brown invites war criminal to No. 10”,  above a picture of Tzipi Livni.

Do your own due diligence on this crowd.

Another commenter at their website says this:

“String Blair up by his balls. Then twist him around until they fall off.”

Sharia, m’dear?

Pleasant lot, aren’t they?

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Update, 21st December, 2009: If you find this comment below objectionable & disconcerting, so do I. Please understand that initially I had no intention of using it. But this individual accused me of “censoring” him (at Rentoul’s site), also covered here at Julie’s. Clearly he wanted his thoughts and wishes to be aired. Just so you know.

1. BBC condemned for hosting web debate on execution for gays in Uganda

Excerpt: (My bolding)

MPs have criticised the BBC for hosting an online debate asking whether homosexuals should be executed.

The debate on the Have Your Say website, which was originally entitled “Should homosexuals face execution”, has attracted more than 600 comments, only 200 of which were deemed suitable for publication. Last night it was listed as the most popular forum on the BBC’s website.

The corporation changed the headline to “Should Uganda debate gay execution?” after lobbying by the BBC Pride board, which is composed of gay and lesbian staff at the corporation.

The forum’s introduction said: “Should homosexuals face execution? Yes, we accept it is a stark and disturbing question. But this is the reality behind an Anti-Homosexuality Bill being debated on Friday by the Ugandan Parliament which would see some homosexual offences punishable by death.”

2. Meanwhile in Iran – the ISLAMIC REPUBLIC of … nice place for YOU, Sultan?

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15 Responses to “Is it acceptable to threaten to “execute” Tony Blair? Or/and the rest of us? Sultan thinks it is”

  1. Iraq & Blair: the ‘WE ALL KNOW’-ers who know & knew ZILCH « Tony Blair Says:

    […] Tony Blair « Is it acceptable to threaten to “execute” Tony Blair? Or/and the rest of us? Sultan thin… […]

  2. Rob Says:

    Sorry, BS – are you suggesting that sultan is gay? I must confess that thought hadn’t occurred to me. Though if he were, then Iran might be a nice place for him to spend some quality time with his undertaker.

    • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

      No, Rob. I really wasn’t suggesting anything about his sexuality. That is of no interest or concern to me – his or anyone’s.

      I was suggesting that his ideas of “justice” might be more suited and even in sympathy with Iran’s as presently ruled over by its Supreme Leader and Amanutjob. If they hang people there for their sexuality, which they DO, and for apostacy and for adultery, which they do, think what poor Sultan will have awaiting him if he dared to go around Iran suggesting that political leaders should be “eliminated” and “executed”.

      I might even start fund-raising for a one-way trip for dear old Sultan. He could do with a break.

  3. Little Ole American Says:

    The MPAC is a dangerous group whose goal seems to be to incite violence, promote anti-Semitism, promote hatred of Israel and to condone the deaths of the infidels.
    It is a shame, the easily misled and naive “British” Blair haters and are in league with devils such as these.
    I have visited the site occasionally (one MUST keep an eye on them), but each time I do visit, a shiver runs down my spine.
    The mainstream media is guilty of providing the fodder needed by the vile mindset of individuals like Sultan.
    It is comforting to know that SOME Brits, such as yourself, Rentoul, Kamm and a few others see this Islamist propaganda for what it is.
    Thank GOD!

    • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

      Thank you, Little Ole American.

      I don’t recall if I have ever been to this BRITISH Muslim Public Affairs Committee site. But there was something in the over-excitable bloodlust vitriolic voice of that unlikeable man, Altikriti (as in the next post) which roused my curiosity. It had the jihadist ring-tone to it. Thanks to Harry’s Place I discovered they have been threatening people with legal action before. Came to nothing of course. Founded on nothing. As is this man’s “get Blair behind bars” business. Pity he doesn’t yet realise it.

      Al Jazeera worries me too. Sounding at times, very moderate, they have this way of leaning heavily to the anti-west side in their debates. Otherwise why use David Cole as the pro-Blair speaker? A man who said a couple of times that he had been against the Iraq invasion. Why not invite, say Oliver Kamm, or even Christopher Hitchens – possibly because of this?

  4. Neil McGowan Says:

    Fuck him. I’d like to see this scum Blair DEAD.

    If he’s gerrymandered the courts so he can’t be tried, then JUSTICE will have to find another way to see this WARMONGERING CUNT dead.

    • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

      You really are a scumbag, Mr McGowan, if you don’t mind me saying so at this season of good will to all men, even those we hate.

      If you do mind, you’re still a scumbag.

      Go and do your research like a grown-up on Blair’s likely “gerrymandering” of the courts.

      For the FIRST time ever – EVER in this country’s long parliamentary history, a PM, Tony Blair separated government completely from the law courts. One of Blair’s last acts was to remove from politicians ALL power over the courts and the law. He abolished the post of Lord Chancellor and set up the Supreme Court, which has only recently opened, replacing the Law Lords. Now NO political influence is able to weigh in on legal matters.

      That means that neither Blair, the present PM nor ANY other politician can control the Supreme Court judges – IN ANY WAY. They are no longer, as they always were before while in the Lords, selected placemen so under the influence/control of the PM. They are no longer!

      Tony Blair did this, gave power AWAY. In the same way that he gave Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland devolved powers – AWAY from Westminster.

      You really need to learn more about this man you hate.

      I was not a Labour party member, but when I saw ignorant comments about him a few years ago, which I knew were completely wrong-headed and undeserved, I began to take an interest. What I then learned has astounded me. He truly was an uniquely freedom-giving politician.

      So, no, he can’t control the courts, all the way to the top court. He made sure none of us could.

      If he is ever tried, which he won’t be, and found to be not guilty, which he would be if ever tried, you will have NO reason to look to take the law into your own hands, as you suggest in your atrocious comment.

      So – have a nice Christmas, and toast Tony’s health and long life. He gave you, me and the rest of us guaranteed freedom from political interference or influence when under legal examination.

      And the same goes for him. No gerrymandering possible.

      Next conspiracy theory, please?

  5. Julie Says:

    Gosh, what a disturbing individual. He complains about Tony’s “warmongering” (aka. liberation of innocent Iraqis) while his on moral sensitivity tends to zero.

    His understanding of justice equals the one of the terrorists around the world. We do NOT have self-administered justice here in Europe.

    People like him should be tried for hate-speech. Dangerous, confused and brain-dead idiot face.

  6. The phenomena of hate speech « Julie's think tank Says:

    […] is a prime example. A “conversation” between BlairSupporter, Arlene and me with ReinerTorheit at John Rentoul’s Indy […]

  7. margaret walters Says:

    anything Neil says is ruled by his emotions not his brain and therefore dangerous. When Blair is exonerated in the inquiry or found not guilty in court he still won’t believe it. he won’t believe anything he’s told.

  8. Little Ole American Says:

    As my mother would have said, McGowan must have been raised in a barn; his mouth is full of sh**.

  9. Rob Says:

    I’d certainly agree with you about Blair and devolution – one of the few unreservedly good things he did in ofice, along with the minimum wage. Though viewed from north of the border it looked as though Donald Dewar was driving the process with much more enthusiasm than TB, who seemed keener at the beginning than he was as it gathered momentum, rather as though he began to regret what he’d started. Still, it happened, and if the credit up here mainly went to Donald Dewar that’s probably only fair as the guy worked his socks off for it. But yes, one of TB’s better notions, and the Supreme Court was another. I’ve never had any time for knee-jerk anti-Americanism, and one of the American things I love is their whole constitutional checks-and-balances business. While you and I would doubtless disagree as to who should be on any “little list” of dodgy politicians, the US notion that they’re all basically crooks who need to be constitutionally protected from their own baser natures is not a bad position from which to start.

    Oh, and thanks for the link to EKN. I deliberately didn’t link to a specific post as I was – and remain – interested in how your comments (and those of your readers) changed and became more desperate as the impact of TB’s interview sank in. Mind you, to judge from Neil McGowan it seems that some of your opponents are raising the bar for desperate flailing.

    • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

      I tend to agree with you about devolution, Ron. Dewar, and probably Brown, were likely far keener on it than was Blair. But still, Blair was the British prime minister when the referendums were run, and that shows me that he was not, as his detractors insist, a divider. He was a conciliator and listened to others within his government and party, as well as to the voters.

      I haven’t been too excited watching Salmond’s cavortings in office. To be blunt I can’t stand the man – especially after his personal vendetta against Blair over the honours business. He also got away with using his expenses to pay for legal advice on charging Blair with war crimes, too, as did other SNP & all the Plaid Cymru MPs. What despicable behaviour! If he was so sure we had a criminal PM he should have put his money where his mouth was, and not used OUR money.

      As a Scot, not living now in Scotland, I am not interested in splitting up the country, anyway. So I suppose that doesn’t help in my dislike of him.

      Thanks for your interest here, btw, Rob. We try to remain civilised. I dont think WE Blair supporters are becoming “more desperate” by the way. Tony Blair is NO war criminal. That will become clearer to the media brainwashed in time.

      As for Mr McGowan and his disgraceful threat here – he needs to watch his mouth. He really does.

      In America they clamp down hard on those who issue even veiled death threats towards politicians, even if they are, as you say, better at checking-and-balancing. (Not sure if my American commenters here woud agree with that assessment anyway, btw.)

      McGowan’s words were far worse than the usual suspects’, “if the Inquiry doesn’t get Blair into a court room, the Inquiry will have failed” sort.

      His “…then JUSTICE will have to find another way to see this WARMONGERING CUNT dead.” is not easy to misunderstand.

      Raising the bar? This guy should be careful not to end up behind bars.

  10. Anthony Says:

    “He truly was an uniquely freedom-giving politician.”

    Er … check Blair’s speech to Parliament about four or five days after Sept 11th 2001, and pay particular attention to the parts where he talks about going back into Africa for a second run at ‘doing it right’ (where “it” = bringing the civilising influence of Britain to the dark-skinned man). This was, and is, a deeply demented individual. Should we execute him? Dunno. Might as well ask whether Hitler could have got out of a death sentence by pleading insanity, ’cause frankly that’d be Blair’s only plausible excuse. But in any case, both propositions are moot.

    Being honest with myself, I feel a little disappointed by this. The last decade has seen SOOO much blood spilled by the real Axis of Evil (namely the Anglo-Axis … of which I’m ashamed to say I’m a member, being Australian by birth). If we’re ALL honest with ourselves, we pretty much know where to lay the blame for all of that bloodshed, and we also know that we’re going to be dealing with the fallout for decades to come, as are our children in all likelihood. So … on some base level it would be extremely satisfying to see at least one of these mass-murdering f!@#$%heads get a little back of what he’s dished out, and Blair seems like a good choice.

    Why? Well, from my perspective, throughout the lead-up to Iraq and the ensuing bloody debacle it seemed abundantly clear that his particular brand of justification was far more knowing and cold-blooded than Bush’s witless, flag-waving, god-bothering variety. Blair was either a) clinically pathological or b) perfectly aware of the utter moral wrongness of the invasion. If it’s the second one, then he DEFINITELY should be put to death, if only to give comfort to all those families (Christian and Muslim alike) who lost members because of his murderous decisions. If it’s the first, then the determination is more difficult … but at the very least, the man surely has a cell waiting for him in the high-security ward for the criminally insane at his nearest mental hospital.

    Personally, though, I’d find locking the guy up in a Happy Home a bit unsatisfying … a bit like watching Milosevich convalesce while the ICC tried desperately to untangle 10mrbs worth of bureaucratic issues. (1 mrb = 1 million rubber bands all secured around each other to form a ball, btw.) Let’s take the guy’s head off in prime time, just to give ourselves, the Iraqis, and the countless others who Mr Blair has reached out and touched some vague sense of vindication and satisfaction.

    • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

      So, Anthony, when it comes right down to it, you’d rather we execute Tony Blair, even if he was insane?

      You’re some piece of shit work.

      In that you are with the Libertarian Alliance – here –

      They’re effing wallies, too!

      In fact Tony Blair did the right thing in Iraq for a multitude of reasons. Before that he had saved what you call “the dark-skinned man” from murderous rebels in Sierra Leone. Oh, and thousands of Muslims from Christians like Milosevic in Kosovo.

      I really don’t give a rat’s arse about you and your low opinion about Blair, the west, your own country, my country or America.

      I’m not in the best of moods right now, so I’m going to temporarily drop my usual politeness.

      Bugger off and don’t come back here and rant your Islamist-inspired lingo about killing people you don’t like. Especially not Tony Blair! He is probably the best political leader the west has seen in decades.

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