Sir Terry Wogan signs off with a tear – “thank you for being my friend”


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19th December, 2009

And now on a lighter note … sort of.

If you didn’t feel a lump in your throat or a slight tug somewhere deep inside listening to the veteran BBC broadcaster Terry Wogan sign off from his morning show on Radio 2 on Friday after 27 years, well, perhaps you shouldn’t be at this site.  It’s only for those who understand how rare is this innate ability to connect, after all.

So here’s the great man, in video as well as audio, saying goodbye to his “listener” and “friend”.

Sir Terry Wogan signs off on his breakfast show

Bluebells Young At Heart

As well as being the best light entertainment radio host ever, arguably, Wogan also hosted numerous TV programmes. Watch this one with another great – the late great Spike Milligan re-united with some old army colleagues.

Spike Milligan’s 70th Birthday on Wogan

Very funny chat show appearance by Spike Milligan, where he is reunited with some of his old War War II colleagues to celebrate his 70th birthday on Terry Wogan’s chat show in 1988. Includes surprise guest at the end.


For those unfamiliar or from out of the UK, in case you don’t quite get the singular tense of Wogan’s reference to ‘my friend’, it is typical of his self-deprecating fashion of referring to his number of listeners.

“My listener” was the original term used for years, originating in change-over banter between him and another veteran presenter Jimmy Young … also continued when Ken Bruce replaced Jimmy Young.

“Young? HAH! My listener lives near you and tells me differently.”

Now, at the end it’s “my friend.”

It also reflects  how people felt about him particularly on his radio show, and about how he felt about them.

For some reason his talents didn’t quite transfer to television as effortlessly as might have been expected. But to his listeners he spoke personally. Never controversial, foul-mouthed, cruel or even political Terry was their friend.

Radio 2’s mornings will be the poorer without Terry Wogan.

And as Ken Bruce reminded us – “… he’s not dead yet. He’ll be back in another radio guise, once a week, in the new year.”

See Mirror report: Young at Heart starts Wogan’s last “Wake Up to Wogan”

FINAL PLAYLIST from ‘Wake up to Wogan’

Young at Heart (The Bluebells)

Pinball Wizard (The Who)

Closest Thing To Crazy (Katie Melua)

Always On My Mind (Elvis Presley)

When you Were Old (Gretchen Peters)

Got to Get You Into My Life (Cliff Bennett and the Rebel Rousers)

Waterloo (Abba) Stardust (Nat King Cole)

I Will Always Love You (Dolly Parton)

Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Eva Cassidy)

That’ll Do (Peter Gabriel)

The Party’s Over (Anthony Newley, Ray Ellis and his orchestra)

Last limericks for the man from Limerick

Terry’s listeners didn’t disappoint on his final day, inundating the show for the last time with their poems. Here are a couple of their best – or verse – efforts.

And so now you’re on your way, so you won’t be there to start my day.

You’ve seen me through thick and thin, you’ve given me the will to win when life has gotten in a spin.

You make me laugh, you make me cry, I guess then this is goodbye. No it’s not even – it’s not even hor’dourve.

From Mutton, Mutton Geoff, leader of the Michael O’Hare Tribute Trio

I’ve loved you in the mornings;

I’ve loved you on the telly. Your friends are all around you, your jolly mates and muckers.

I wonder what they now will do, the sponging little… professionals.

But now it’s time to say goodbye to friends and guests and vicars.

To Boggy, deadly Charlie, and that totty who wears… no smile in this weather.

So, Valentine’s we look towards to hear your wit. I only hope it’s better than your usual brand of… music and chat.

From Horace A.

Dolly Parton – I will always love you

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2 Responses to “Sir Terry Wogan signs off with a tear – “thank you for being my friend””

  1. Rob Says:

    It’s been a while since I listened to the old buffer as I tend to tune into (BBC) Radio Scotland nowadays, but it’s hard to believe he was only doing the show for 27 years. I would have sworn he was doing it when I was at school, though maybe he had a later slot then. Anyway, yes, sadly missed, though it’s surely time the Tired Old Geezer had a rest. I thought his Eurovision coverage was beginning to sound indifferent at the end, but his radio show never did. And his choice of music was always interesting: whether you liked the records or not, he’d always put a lot of thought into choosing them.

    Now if your blog was called “Keep Terry Wogan for PM” we might have a meeting of minds……

    • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

      Ah well, Rob – one of the reasons Terry was so popular and so good at his job is that he was never political. Certainly never controversial. Politicians, of course, if they are any use at all, are bound to be controversial. All political careers ends in tears.

      If Terry Wogan ever became PM by some miracle after his ‘voter’ crossed the box for the illiterate, he’d soon become unpopular, I’m afraid.

      As they say – people vote for all sorts of reasons. Thus there are almost invariably bound to be all sorts of disappointments.

      I too thought he’d been going forever. I think it was a long career – 40 years+ perhaps – but 27 on the Wake Up To Wogan programme.

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