Video – EXPOSED: Muslims of America terror training in Hancock, NY

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    19th December, 2009

    Just so you know …

    New MOA Terror Training Video Exposed

    A new Muslims of America (MOA) terror training video has been uncovered by the Christian Action Network.

    This video show members of MOA participating in paramilitary style training on their compound in upstate New York, near the town of Hancock.

    Visit the website at for more information and for breaking news as it develops.

    P.S. Another EXPOSURE? Reference my previous post here (MY bolding)

    At Harry’s Place, on 4th July, 2008:

    The British Muslim Initiative is the sister organisation of the terrorist group, Hamas. Its President is Mohammad Sawalha: a man who the BBC identified as the mastermind of “much of Hamas’ political and military strategy”, and as responsible for directing “funds, both for Hamas’ armed wing, and for spreading its missionary dawah”.  Its senior members include Azzam Tamimi, the Hamas Special Envoy who once expressed a desire to commit a suicide bombing.

    Yesterday evening, we received a letter from Anas Altikriti of the British Muslim Initiative, threatening legal action against us.

    It is a great relief to be the subject of mere legal threats. In Gaza, where Hamas is in power, they prefer to settle disputes with political opponents by murdering them.

    The reason that the British Muslim Initiate is upset with us is this. This weekend, Mr Sawalha attended a demonstration against a festival celebrating the re-founding of the State of Israel. He gave a speech, in Arabic, to Al Jazeera. In that speech, he stated that the purpose of his demonstration was to: (more here)

    My thoughts: the excitable Mr Altikriti shouldn’t get his knickers in a twist over the juicy possibility of getting Tony Blair behind bars.  Prison bars are far more suited to Altikriti and his co-conspirators than to our far-seeing former prime minister.

    Also see, 9th March 2010 – “Beck/Hannan/Varney – Video – Freedom from attack/liberal democracy/Islamification of Europe”

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    2 Responses to “Video – EXPOSED: Muslims of America terror training in Hancock, NY”

    1. Little Ole American Says:

      There is a drive to stop the trials of the terrorists from being held in NYC.
      The families of the victims of 9/11 and members of the New York City Fire Department are lobbying against it. The fact there are terrorist training camps nearby should give the administration food for thought. Perhaps the “trainees” were planning to help their comrades in their wish to be “martryed” by planning an attack on a courthouse building? If innocent New Yorkers happen to be in the general vicinity, it would just be a “bonus” for them, eh?
      These jihadists have proclaimed publicly they did not want a trial, proudly proclaimed their guilt and wanted to be put to death. It is their RIGHT according to their religion. Who are we to deny their religious freedom? One would think the ACLU and other “freedom fighters” would defend the jihadists’ RIGHT TO DIE.

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        The ACLU? Don’t expect logic from such as these, Little Ole.

        I heard something about this. It seems that the normal situation is that people are tried where the crime was committed.

        I can already hear some saying, ” Ah but we mustn’t let THEM (a minority) make us change our ways of life.”

        Well, we already have. Here, after the liquid bombers tried their nonsense we can’t take drinks on planes, or even other liquids unless in small amounts. I think it’s the same in the USA nad other parts of the world, now.

        Now THAT amount business has never made sense to me. If the amount is important all it needs is several of these suiciders to board a plane with several small bottles – meet in the loo and combine the stuff.

        So we DO change our habits and at times like this, we MUST.

        Btw, haven’t written on this, but another of these “liquid” jihadists was convicted here just over a week ago. He joins the others to train yet more for jihad in jail.

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