Tony Blair – the Political Superstar ALSO in Britain! Ask Jeeves searches say “YES, he is”


UPDATE, 13th April 2010: Ready for a bodice-buster à la Polanski/Harris/Ghost style?

UPDATE, 29th January 2010 – Blair’s INQUISITION DAY, aka The Iraq Inquiry. Watch it here. See PRESS RELEASE HERE on the BAN BLAIR BAITING petition

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21st December, 2009

Just the other day Tony Blair had the bare-faced audacity to suggest that he is not disliked in Britain as much as the papers insist (The Times.)

Well, as so often before, it seems he was right.

(By the way, notice how The Times actually confirms Mr Blair’s complaints about how they report him. Read their headline and then read what he actually said in the interview. He didn’t say, “It’s only you Brits that don’t appreciate me”!

That’s The Times’s spin, designed to make readers feel that he is criticising THEM, partly to deflect attention from their own culpability.  We’re not daft, y’know, ferals.  Mr Blair was criticising the press, and clearly they deserve that scorn! The feral beasts in full raging flow, even at The Times.)

So in case anyone wants to argue with me about the notion I mentioned in the last post but one that “Tony Blair is the world’s political superstar, feted wherever he goes”, take a look at this from the Coventry Telegraph.

Measured over the last ten years, two and a half of which he has been out of office and mostly out of Britain, Mr Blair is unique amongst political figures in this Ask Jeeves search resturns. It intrigues me that ANY politician makes it to the top ten internet searches, to be blunt.  And Mr Blair is the only politician who does. Osama bin Laden might well be considered by some to be a politician, but not by too many Brits.

I’d like to see where ANY other politicians figured next in this  ranking. My guess? Next in list – George Bush then Gordon Brown, both somewhere around the 50/60 range.

From Coventry Telegraph (interspersed with pictures)


BRITNEY Spears was the subject of more internet searches than anyone else this decade, according to research.

Since 2000, the troubled pop star has racked up more online hits than world leaders, royalty and Hollywood icons.


Osama bin Laden takes second place, with a spate of online searches following the September 11 terror attacks, followed by David Beckham.


Princess Diana is fourth, followed by Tony Blair, Madonna, Simon Cowell, Jade Goody, Madeleine McCann and Brad Pitt.

(Eat your hearts out, Simon Cowell & Brad Pitt!)


The findings are based on online activity by British users of the search engine Ask Jeeves.


Why two pictures of Blair, and only one of all the others?

Tony Blair gets an unexpected peck on the cheek from little Abbas Adnan, Iraq, 2003

Well, with my apologies to those whose interest is in a pop star, a footballer, a terrorist and a tragic member of  royalty, who all figured above my hero.  But Tony Blair is the only one amongst the top ten who has ever had to persuade people of his political intent and integrity.  The only one elected by the people for the people. The only one of them all (excepting the seemingly unaccountable bin Laden, arguably) who had to take tough decisions of life or death. The only one still living with the repercussions, and criticised in some quarters for it.

The others, excepting the late tragic Princess Diana and even, perhaps, the aforementioned notorious terrorist, are … forgive me … “celebs”, if some of them talented celebs.

And, btw, don’t tell me that sex appeal doesn’t sell when it comes to pop stars or footballers.

Perhaps even politicians.  Perish the thought.

OK… I know… that’s three pictures of the superstar now. Indulge me and the ladies who follow Mr Blair here. It IS Christmas, and they don’t ask for much…


1. Britney Spears

2. Osama bin Laden

3. David Beckham

4. Princess Diana

5. Tony Blair

6. Madonna

7. Simon Cowell

8. Jade Goody

9. Madeleine McCann

10. Brad Pitt


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3 Responses to “Tony Blair – the Political Superstar ALSO in Britain! Ask Jeeves searches say “YES, he is””

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  3. Stefanie Says:

    brad pitt is soooooo sweet it love him!!!

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