Detroit Plane bomber: London Calling Obama. Or perhaps not

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    30th December, 2009

    Obama & America on the Nigerian Detroit plane bomber (trained here in Britain?)

    USA TODAY, excerpt:

    President Obama says that “a mix of human and systemic failures” enabled a would-be suicide bomber to board a Detroit-bound airliner on Christmas Day, where passengers foiled an effort to blow up the plane in midair. Obama called the breakdown “totally unacceptable.”

    In a brief statement to reporters in Hawaii, where he’s vacationing with his family, the president outlined his “serious concerns” about the failure of the U.S. security apparatus to keep Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab off a Northwest flight despite a warning to U.S. Embassy officials several week’s earlier by the 23-year-old’s father. Highlights of the president’s brief statement: Obama said reviews that he ordered of the nation’s air security system began Sunday and that he has requested preliminary reports to be delivered to him by Thursday.

    In their self-flagellation over their own “systemic failures” it might be instructive for our American friends to understand this:


    Americans seem to think that WE in Britain did the right thing in keeping out this Nigerian when he applied for a visa earlier this year despite having put him through a British university, 2005 – 2008.

    Well, I have news for our American friends. We MAY have done the right thing, but it was for the wrong reasons.

    We refused his visa ONLY because the British authorities have just recently begun to act on the thousands of bogus colleges in London, fronts for training jihadists. They have been warned about this for months, perhaps years.  He was stopped because the university he had applied to attend did not exist.

    This begs the question: why then was he not investigated further? It is clear as day that anyone applying to such a university KNOWS that it does not exist. THAT is why they apply to join it! They are all trainee terrorists.

    The British government failed the international community.

    Its policy should NOT be to try  hide the fact that we have had fake (trainee Jihad) degrees in Britain for some time. Its policy should have been to follow up these university applicants AND to inform the rest of our allies of any names which had applied.


    With the Americans AND our EU allies?…

    Well, partly because since Tony Blair left office this government has tried to distance itself from terror/terrorism/terrorists/Islamists – ANYthing uncomfortably reminiscent of the rope still dangling above the heads of Blair and Bush.

    Both Brown and Obama have said little about terrorism in both our lands. They have tried to pretend that the threat went with Mr Blair and then Mr Bush. Until now that suited the American administration admirably in its ‘reaching out’ mode. You see, it was all THEIR doing  – the two “formers”.

    Except it wasn’t.

    Now Mr Obama is starting to notice this, and starting to understand why Guantanamo was, as referred to by Blair “an anomaly”. He is now trying to work out what exactly to do with the Yemenis there awaiting return to the Yemen. Well? Send ’em back, Big O. That’s what you SAID you’d do, wasn’t it? Well, didn’t you? That’s why all the liberals voted for you, wasn’t it? Well, wasn’t it?

    Six were returned to the Yemen just one week ago. And six others to Afghanistan and Somalia. The rest of the Guantanamo Bay detainees, half of which are from the Yemen, might not meet this radical imam and go operational anyway. And at least the poor souls can’t be waterboarded any more.

    Tough this running the free world business isn’t it?

    Abdulmutallab’s al Qaeda Ties

    Since the moment Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was taken into custody he has claimed a tie to al Qaeda. As Jim Axelrod reports, al Qaeda has taken responsibility for the Christmas day terror attack attempt.

    So, Is This Terrorism? From Yemen to Detroit to Iran

    The Underwear Bomber,’ or What Happened on Christmas Over Detroit.

    Larry Kudlow on CNBC’s The Kudlow Report is joined by an A-Team of terrorism analysis. Joining Kudlow is Frank Gaffney, Steve Emerson of the Investigative Project on Terrorism, and The Heritage Foundation’s Homeland Security expert Jena Baker McNeil.


    Guardian, Michael White’s Politicians of the Decade – Tony Blair

    Tony Blair and the record number of female MPs he brought into Parliament in 1997. Take note, ladies. This will NOT be bettered or even equalled for years, possibly decades to come. Another Blair legacy too easily forgotten.

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    5 Responses to “Detroit Plane bomber: London Calling Obama. Or perhaps not”

    1. storr Says:

      i repubblicani già mettono sotto accusa Obama sostenendo che non è capace di difendere il Paese

      se gli Usa vengono attaccati è naturtale che cerchino di stanare le basi del terrorismo

      Obama sulla graticola dopo il fallito attentato di Detroit

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        storr – my rough translation of your comment.

        The republicans are already putting Obama under accusations that he is not able to defend the Country if the USA is attacked. It is natural that they try to rout out the bases of terrorism.

    2. Little Ole American Says:

      I am not so quick to condemn MI5 or the CIA. They have been used as “whipping posts” by the PC Brigades on both sides of the pond. They seem to have to work with their hands tied behind their backs. President Bush had nothing but praise for the CIA, Homeland Security and our military. Today, the Left and this administration have found it unfashionable to recognize the word, “terrorism” and fashionable to BLAME those who strive to protect us while at the same time, calling them liars, torturers and inept. The Ft. Hood Massacre and the Christmas Day attack are just two RESULTS of the attitude and shameless public demonization by our current administrations toward our own security forces. Idiots.

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        I agree, Little Ole American. I don’t criticise the security agencies. I DO criticise our present governments though for their dhimmified approach to terrorism. Brown now has called some sort of international meeting on the Yemen! It’s as though no-one had told them that the Yemen was a breeding ground for terror before. In fact it’s been all over the internet for months if not years.

        It looks like electioneering to me. At least Blair didn’t ty to get voted in on the back of scare-mongering or looking “tough” on terror. He had already gone into Iraq and Afghanistan BEFORE his last election in 2005. We KNEW where he stood.

        Brown said little, even NOTHING (that I recall) about terrorism’s threats while he was chancellor awaiting Blair’s job. He then, as PM, tried to imply by his language and lack of forcefulness that he was only tidying up after Blair and all HIS wars … etc. But he has said nothing as PM to make me feel as safe as I did when Blair ran this country.

        I can see that the same is true of many of you in the states under your new administration.

    3. Christmas Day bomber: “recruited into Al Qaeda in London” claim « Tony Blair Says:

      […] by the British government, of course. But it should hardly surprise us, if true.  I mentioned this possibility here at this […]

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