ONE hostage freed. Thank you. Oh so… ever so much. THANK You… whoever you are

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    31st December, 2009


    The dear, generous, put-upon, misunderstood Iraqi hostage-takers have released a hostage captured a month before Tony Blair resigned. (All HIS fault, of course.)

    Questions now surround our historic “no deals with terrorists” position AND whether or not Iran’s Revolutionary Guard rather than Iraqis were the original hostage-takers of these five men. According to BBC reports the US’s General Petraeus is 90% certain that their capture was Iranian-inspired/directed. Of course, Iran has denied this “masterminding” claim, just as it threatens to punch us in the face for ‘interfering’ in their little domestics.


    Such are the complexities of the Middle East, and, of course, one of the reasons Tony Blair & his pet poodle George should never have thought of tackling the region in the first place.

    What? Didn’t you know Tony told George to do it – “just do it, George”, he velvetly murmured, allegedly.

    Clearly you don’t read the Guardian CIFers enough, my friends. The wise guys at the Guardian, Independent and the Daily MAUL are the joint arbiters of political machinations there, here and worldwide… AS WE ALL KNOW.


    So, what has been happening recently in our little ol’ world that should make those of us of sound mind* work out WHO EXACTLY our REAL enemy is?

    (Most Cifers, Indie commenters and Daily Mail hypocrites need to stop reading right here. Sound mind* required.)

    1) After two and a half years in captivity in Iraq ONE hostage, IT consultant Peter Moore has been released. Three other hostages were shot dead and one is still missing, presumed dead.  (see timeline here)

    All OUR doing, of course. And just to prove how ‘evil’ we in the west are –

    1a) Double suicide bombings in Iraq kill 23, injure more than 100. We Brits, Americans et al really must stop strapping bombs to our bodies in this barbaric way. It’s not nice.

    2) The Christmas Box Boy – ‘the lonely lad’.

    If only we in the west had made sure this poor, misunderstood kid hadn’t felt so… well… “lonely”. He wouldn’t have set out to kill a plane load of people over Detroit. It was only a hug he heeded, y’ know. Really must try harder, must try, MUST… ‘Breakdown in intelligence’ cited on failed Christmas Day plane bombing over Detroit.
    And …

    2a) AN Other misunderstood lad had a similar try just one month ago


    Iran has been killing its own protesting citizens including the nephew of opposition leader Moussavi. Naturally Iran blames Britain for all of this(!?) and promises us a “slap” for fomenting unrest. Just as it was ALL OUR fault in June after their unpopular election came up magically with the status quo for Amanutjob and the Supreme CheerLeader.

    Mousavi Nephew Dies in Streets of Tehran – Iran 27 Dec 09

    The graphic images in this video, posted on a YouTube channel apparently maintained by the opposition Web site Jaras, are said to show the body of Ali Moussavi, a nephew of the opposition leader Mir Hussein Moussavi, who was reportedly killed during a protest in Tehran on Sunday:

    4)  Suicide bombers kill eight Americans (working for CIA) in Afhganistan

    5) Five Canadians, including a journalist killed in Kandahar, Afghanistan

    Of course NONE of this would have happened – all would have been love, peace and light – if we in the west hadn’t stuck our little liberal noses into the Middle East in the first place, now would it?

    Er, yes, it would. Iraq in the 20th centuryAfghanistan in the 20th century. It’s just that we in the west, with noses out, would NOT have noticed the ongoing slaughter and oppression.

    So, as the west and the rest try to work out just what we do about Islamist fundamentalist terrorism and human rights – should we hang Blair and Bush or just shoot Obama since he is clearly Bush Mark 2 – this Hizb ut-Tahrir thread discusses just HOW exactly they should establish the Khilafah.

    In another part of this worrying world – China executes “mentally ill” Briton and tells us to keep our noses out. This execution might be seen by some as a continuation of the “opium wars”. Regardless of the guilt, sanity or otherwise of the executed Britain we need to see Britain’s history as part of the bigger picture in many parts of the world. A look at China/British history should give us pause for thought. Today, human rights are still a major stumbling block as far as China’s coming-of-age is concerned. We, at least, have moved on from trading drugs for freedom.  Has China?


    (DIDN’T MUGABE ONCE SUGGEST something about keeping our “pink noses out”. Ah yes. Another great guy who desevrves our admiration!)

    Tough for some Brits to accept but Britain has long been one of the world’s stabilising forces, and has had historical associations with many parts of the world over many centuries.  It would be negligence indeed and in deed if we were to kep “our noses out” when so many oppressed people still look to us for help.

    Once we had a western leader who understood and articulated this. (See Tony Blair’s Doctrine of the International Community, April 1999).  Also read a reasonably balanced analysis of its success or otherwise from Open Democracy, April 2004.


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