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    2nd January, 2010


    Sorry, not quite. It was something about “war”. Afghanistan. I think. Or some great unmentionable.

    Cameron of Changes: “When a nation is at war it needs to come together and to pull together.”

    Pulling what? Our legs, Dave? A friendly little brainstormer about what to do next? What changes to make?

    Do you think maybe he doesn’t KNOW what to do next? As with this and this and this?

    Conservatives official site, snippet: Cameron unveiled plans for creating a cross-party ’war cabinet’ to oversee operations on Afghanistan, promising opposition leaders would be included in discussions on the conflict as part of a new style of government focusing on “unity” and consensus rather than tribal political interests.

    Inspired yet? Me neither. Though it’s great to watch Tony again, isn’t it, Dave? If only fleetingly …

    Oh, leadership thy name is lost… (oh, shurrup FGS, BS! Even I’m getting sick of you!)

    More snippets of DC’s “changes” from The Times here

    “We can’t go on (meeting) like this”

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    2 Responses to “ changes. Video by Dave & Tony”

    1. margaret walters Says:

      Cameron also wants to make Gay civil partnerships into proper mariages which isn’t going down well in telegaph don’t have url sorry

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