So did the earth move for YOU, Lord Weidenfeld, in 2009?

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    1st January 2009


    They’re all at it – earth-/world-/politics-moving in all sorts of ways – economic, political, weather-wise. Any way they can in order that we greet 2010 with a touch more enthusiasm than we (reportedly) struggled to the end of 2009.

    From my vantage point 2009 doesn’t look all that bad despite the major loss to this country, Europe and the world.

    And what’s that, I hear you ask … Northern Rock, jailed American bankers, British jobs for British workers, British MPs who used their expenses in unpopular ways, the fact that Brown is still PM?

    None of the above. Chickenfeed ALL in the real BIG longterm political picture. And the real picture is that …


    Looks like the New World Order gang fell down on the job, eh, conspiracy theorists?

    Lord Weidenfeld, crossbencher in the House of Lords agrees with me on this. Nice to know someone does, I hear you mumble into your box of Thornton’s.

    Weidenfeld: “Tony Blair’s failure to become President of the European Union harmed Great Britain because he, more than any other candidate, had, through his charisma and energy, been an influential British voice in Europe. The election of a pale Labour lady from the British House of Lords as Europe’s Foreign Minister with increased powers as successor to so weighty a personality as Spain’s Javier Solana was certainly no compensation. All the more so as the French, through Michel Barnier’s appointment as Commissioner for Europe’s Internal Market, will now have a decisive influence on the important financial sector and the trading of the City of London.”

    The Huffington Post carries Weidenfeld’s full article here

    Did you notice the opening words – “Tony Blair’s failure..”? It reminded me, in a gentle way, of John Rentoul’s phrase in his look at the write-ups on the last decade at his ‘Moaning Minnies’ post – ‘Hate Blair Fests‘.

    ‘Yes, it is diss Labour time: ignore everything good that has happened in 10 years and selectively recall the bad.

    More than that, even the year-end and decade-end assessments have turned into Hate Blair Fests. As Michael White points out in The Guardian today, there is no getting away from the politician of the decade. Yet that is precisely what almost all the surveys of the past decade try to do.

    Just because the business cycle reasserted itself at the end of it does not wipe out all the gains of the decade.’

    Poor Tony Blair. Always HIS fault, even when it isn’t. WE ALL KNOW, to coin a phrase who dun ‘im in this time. And this time it wasn’t Gordon. (See here for the real EU president.)

    For more on the analysis of the dreadful awfulness of 2009 read Rentoul’s links here at “Have the Noughties been gruelling and terrible?”

    WE ALL KNOW, as THEY all say ad nauseum,  that anything that goes wrong with the world post-Blair is still his fault.

    In reality Lord Weidenfeld knows that Blair’s “failure” to secure the job that was just MADE for him was the “fault” of many dark actors in the political world, not the least of which was the Conservative party in Britain. Combined with Sarkozy and Merkel they ensured that Europe sinks without trace under Mr Whatsisaname and Ms Who?


    Bearing responsibility for setting back British  acceptance of the EU too is the most pro-EU party of all – the Liberal Democrats. True, if uncomfortable, isn’t it, Lord Weidenfeld? Because of their opposition to Blair over Iraq, they said and did nothing to prevent this “failure”. Even though they KNEW Blair would have been right for Britain, Europe and the world. It was just too, too far a vote of confidence to declare for Blair. And so they let Britain down.

    The Liberal Democrats, Britain’s third party, whose raisons d’etre have been devolution, constitutional reform, electoral reform and Europe, got (through Blair), their longed-for devolution, a strong start to their “essential” constitutional reforms, parts of their “democratically necessary” electoral reform for devolved Britain, Northern Ireland and the London mayoral elections and they got ALMOST all of their ambitions for Europe.

    But when their moment came to support the man who COULD deliver, what did they do? THEY BLEW IT.


    So just as the USA is sinking under the combined weight of its new leader’s campaigning slogans and realpolitik in international terrorism, and just as China and the ASEAN bloc of six launches the world’s largest trading group, who is speaking for Britain, Europe and the west on trade and other little things right now?

    Please let me know when you find out, with a copy to Lord Weidenfeld, c/o House of Lords, London.

    Or you could write it in Haiku to President Rompuy. Whoever he is. Then perhaps he’ll let us ALL know. It’s time we heard something from our new Prez, don’t you think?

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