Genocide: “Scream Bloody Murder”. Amanpour Reports.

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    4th January, 2010


    If we in the west had been able to work together through the United Nations or some other body (get us one, please ASAP) we might have been able to stop these genocides decades ago.

    For various complex and political reasons even the American government has been unwilling or unable to act when it should have done. Reagan said NO, Clinton was SLOW.

    The leftie liberals ignorant of ALL of this – those who scream that Bush & Blair are war criminals –  need to understand WHAT has been happening in this world while WE CHOSE TO LOOK THE OTHER WAY.

    For such as these loons, the moment a western power ACTS its leaders, particularly ours here in Britain, are vilified for “war crimes”.

    Meanwhile the REAL criminals, and there are many more than are shown here below, answer to no-one. Not, it seems, until we find another Blair or even Bush.

    That’ll be never, then.

    This is a series of 14 videos, which can all be seen from the “Ignored Voices” YouTube Channel here. I have selected just a few, below, to provide a flavour of how DICTATORS and evil, murderous leaders have been getting away with GENOCIDE for decades.

    1/14 Scream Bloody Murder CNN Christiane Amanpour Genocide Armenia Jews Rafael Lemkin Elie Wiesel


    On “Scream Bloody Murder,” Christiane Amanpour takes up perhaps the hardest subject of all: genocide. In the two-hour documentary, she examines how the world has fallen short of stopping genocide since the Holocaust.

    The program looks at atrocities in Cambodia, Iraq, Bosnia, Rwanda and Darfur. Amanpour balances the horror by focusing on stirring figures who spoke out — and spotlighting the way the Internet is changing the way the world responds. The program is timely: President-elect Barack Obama’s choice for United Nations ambassador, Susan Rice, is a fierce advocate for taking action against genocide.

    A highlight is Amanpour challenging President Bill Clinton on “constant flip-flops” on Bosnia. He was furious, and that’s the point. “Scream Bloody Murder” is about speaking truth to power. And Amanpour’s stirring, instructive style is the main reason to enrol in this difficult history course.

    LEMKIN: “The impression of a tremendous conspiracy of silence poisoned the air. A double murder was taking place.  It was the murder of the truth”.
    In 1948 the Genocide Convention became law and it required nations to act to stop genocide. But we did NOT act on it.

    4/14 Scream Bloody Murder CNN Christiane Amanpour Iraq

    5/14 Scream Bloody Murder CNN Christiane Amanpour Kurds

    The Ronald Reagan administration IGNORED all the facts handed to them.

    After Reagan’s refusal to help, two years later in August  1990, Iraq invaded Kuwait.

    This time George Bush Snr said “we’re dealing with Hitler re-visited.” This time the US finally screamed “bloody murder”.

    When it came to Iraq, George Bush Snr’s, George Bush Jnr’s administrations AND Tony Blair’s in Britain DIDN’T.

    8/14 Scream Bloody Murder CNN Christiane Amanpour bosnia hercegovina

    Srebrenica, bereaved woman: “We cannot understand how the world allowed this to happen right under their eyes. In 1995 America attacked Bombs for Peace. There are times when you have to use force in order to stop people from being killed.

    14/14 Scream Bloody Murder CNN Christiane Amanpour Conclusion

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    3 Responses to “Genocide: “Scream Bloody Murder”. Amanpour Reports.”

    1. Iraq Inquiry Rebuttal Service: ‘Lincoln, Attlee, Major – war criminals’ « Tony Blair Says:

      […] here for further proof of how other ‘leaders’ have been found wanting in recent years, while […]

    2. pilgrim 10 Says:

      Amanpour and CNN quite neatly maintain their TOTAL SILENCE
      regarding thr 70 million exterminated in ‘peacetime’ in their ‘fave’
      creditor’s and mass market source —across the Pacific.

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