Tories: “We can’t go on like this…” Sounds familiar? It serpently is…

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    5th January, 2010


    So goes Dave’s election campaign catchy bit.

    Not quite “Labour isn’t working”

    Nor even “Things can only get better”

    Things can only get ...

    But if you think “we can’t go on like this” sounds familiar, you’re right. Click here


    Might it be going too far to suggest that this slogan is a Tory tactic meant to remind people of the country’s favourite villain (and my favourite politician)?

    You see, it’s supposed to ring that bell. It’s a version of subliminal suggestion. The Tories may not be as lacking in the dark arts of political machinations as they’d like to have us believe.

    In February 2007, on Radio 4’s “Today” John Humphrys interviewed Tony Blair when the PM was in the middle of the endless, suffocating and destructive Honours debacle.  Of course, nothing ever came of that particular waste of time, effort and money. Like the Iraq Inquiry, I predict.

    But there are other similarities in that interview on an Inquiry which might just chime to negative effect with today’s ongoing Inquiry. All subliminal (dis)placement.

    February 2007, Interview of Tony Blair:

    Humphrys: “We can’t go like this, can we?”

    Blair: “We can’t go on in what sense?

    Humphrys: “This inquiry. It’s doing damage isn’t it?”

    Blair: “Well, I think it’s got to run its course, erm… over the next few weeks … I hope it’ll be wound up and then let’s see where we are then. And in the meantime, despite what people may think … erm … I get on with the job.

    Humphrys:  “You may get on with the job but it’s doing damage isn’t it, that’s the point.”

    Blair: “Well, I think the most sensible thing is actually to wait and see what the Inquiry comes up with and, you know, we won’t have a great deal longer to wait.”

    Bell ringing?


    More from my report here of Blair’s 27 minutes interview by Humphrys:

    Friday 2nd February, 2007

    “I’m not going to beg for my character (short video/audio report) … pleading for my integrity” – PM

    The Prime Minister spoke to John Humphrys (full interview) on the Today programme this morning. He denied that he was being distracted from his work by the honours inquiry but admitted there were issues raised by the ongoing police inquiry and the media handling of it.

    Asked why he did not just hand over to Gordon Brown, Mr Blair said it would be “particularly wrong” for him to step down before the cash-for-honours inquiry had run its course, despite fears it was damaging his government. He pointed out that standing down under this pressure and letting Gordon Brown take over would be “not a very democratic way to decide who should be prime minister”.

    “So, you’ll have to put up with me for a bit longer.”

    When reminded of his “pretty straight sort of guy” claim, ten years ago, the prime minister brushed off claims that voters now saw him as fundamentally dishonest. But he insisted, “I’m not going to beg for my character in front of anyone … I’m not going to get into  a situation where I’m sort of pleading for my integrity, not even in front of the British people.”

    Click here to listen to the interview

    Tony Blair sings “Things Can Only Get Better”

    Just so you know we Blairites can laugh at ourselves (oh, and Brown.)


    Times, Ann Treneman’s Political Sketch – “Can’t go on? Call the Samaritans!

    Well, from Dave it’s got to be one of these:

    ‘HELP’ or “Are there NO good slogans left any more?” or “RIGHT! Even if it means attacking my hero Tony, and making him the fall guy for Brown, let’s do it. We certainly serpently must.”

    You choose.

    In the meantime, we can’t go on like this. Not for months, and months and boring, boring months.

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    2 Responses to “Tories: “We can’t go on like this…” Sounds familiar? It serpently is…”

    1. Rob Says:

      The only problem with your subliminal sugestion theory is that it requires a substantial number of people to have listened to the Blair Humphreys interview in the first place. As the right appear convinced that the Today programme, Humphreys, and the BBC in general are all fanatical communists and Islamists, I can’t imagine many of them heard the remark you mention. And only diehard Thatcherites would waste time listening to an interview with Mrs T’s biggest fan and political legatee. So who heard it? And who, except TB’s fan club, would remember it after all this time? I’m sure if Cameron was really after ringing bells he could find somethng memorable that Blair said. (Though come to think of it, maybe not.)

      “Labour Isn’t Working” may have been pernicious cr*p but it was widely-disseminated pernicious cr*p.

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        You’re probably right, Rob. Though Today is known to be the programme of choice for most politicians, left or right.

        Perhaps it’s me. Just getting a touch skewed in my thinking, after having to read such skewed stuff daily on the internet.

        Still, SOME might remember it, apart from Blair fans, and it all adds to the “mix” of ingredients, which have to be well-mixed to taste awful.

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