Anjem Choudary, “UK Head of Al-Muhajiroun”. WHO??? WHAT???

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    6th January, 2010


    Al-Muhajiroun!? I thought they were banned!!!

    Anjem Choudary in London, speaking against British democracy, the Queen, the Prime Minister, even the Pope! ANYTHING and EVERYTHING which represents British values.

    Didn’t you?

    They were supposed to have been BANNED under Tony Blair’s 2006 Terrorism Act. In fact they DID fold-up operations for a bit, when they thought Blair was out to ban them. He was, but he didn’t. (See here for ONE of the reasons why not (Nov 2005) – Blair defeated in parliament on 90 days detention.) Insufficient support in parliament, even though this was only a few months after terrorists had bombed London.

    Why has this group been permitted to re-form? Firstly they watched their sister act, Hizb ut-Tahrir continue unabated.  Hizb ut-Tahrir, the other “peaceful” inciter of civil unrest, has been banned in MANY countries including Tajikistan but not here in Britain, despite Blair’s determination and his thwarted efforts after 7/7 (2005).

    Secondly, neither of those two groups was named in the Act. See the relevant page of the Act at the official government website here and try to find reference to ANY named group. The reasons that this Act has been ineffective, and used little since its inception, are many and complex, but can be summed up with these two words –  ‘political correctness’.


    – the Islam4UK website or the al-Muhajiroun site. Odd things are happening. As I write the Islam4Uk website is not able to be opened, but a box offers you the option to open or save ‘application/x-httpd-php.’ I’d advise you to exit immediately. (Possible ip address collection.) On the other hand it may be a simple server problem, they may be updating their site(s), or the site(s) may even have been taken down. We can only hope it is the last one.

    Islam4Uk and Al-Muhajiroun are ONE AND THE SAME.

    The American version of al-Muhajiroun is referred to here at ‘Discover The Networks’ as –

    Possibly the “most extreme Islamist Group operating in the West” – Daniel Pipes

    They also say it is linked to The International Institute of Islamic Thought.


    On 16th March 2009 and again ten days later, and as a demo in support of our troops was called off persuaded so to do by ‘gentle’ (‘dhimmified’) forces, I called on the government to RID us of this man and his hate speech, by any legal means, deportation or imprisonment.  I wasn’t the only one. Deaf ears all around. Things, as they might have said, could only get worse. And they have. On 17th March 2009 Choudary was reported as being “investigated for fund-raising for mujahideen“. What happened with that investigation? You heard? Me neither.

    My call to have something done about this man’s outrageous behaviour was made after this episode (Times.) It was NOT the first time this disgraceful behaviour had occurred, or rather had been allowed to occur.

    At the start of the trial for seven of these Islamist fundamentalists at a Luton court they got markedly worse. These accused refused to stand for the judge, as reported here, original source Daily Mail here.


    L to R: JabairAhmed, Shajjadar Choudhury, Ziaur Rahman, Jalal Ahmed, Munim Abdul, Yousaf Bashir, Luton Magistrates Court, 5th January 2010.

    They only stand for Islam.

    Neil Mercer, defending Abdul and Rahman, said: ‘In Muslim countries it is a grave and cardinal sin to show respect in this way to anyone other than God himself. Their reasons would be the same if it was the Queen, with respect.’

    He added: ‘It is an important religious observance which, if they break, they find themselves in mortal sin. They cannot make a show of respect to a human being, whoever that human being is, whether it is the Queen or the Lord Chief Justice or an imam.’

    I have one word for these pillocks – and it almost rhymes!

    And Anjem Choudary of Islam4U AND the UK Al-Muhajiroun has sought to further his cause for an anti-war march through Wootton Bassett, where soldiers are routinely repatriated after dying for freedom in Afghanistan. He has sent a sweet little letter to the families of British soldiers killed in Afghanistan. But it’s alright. He says the call was only a “publicity stunt”! Oh that’s fine then, dear Mr Choudary. A publicity stunt. Just like your other inciteful calls were? (See under RELATED below.)

    In, presumably, another little stunt the obnoxious Anjem says he will ONLY call off his “march” if Brown agrees to a debate on Afghanistan. Are you having a laugh, Choudary?

    It seems to have gone unremarked by the British press that he signed his letter thus:

    Mr Anjem Choudary

    UK Head of Al-Muhajiroun

    Clearly al-Muhajiroun isn’t BANNED in the UK.

    Wootton Bassett Mourns as soldiers’ bodies return from Afghanistan

    Mourners gathered in Wootton Bassett, Wiltshiretoday as the coffins of two British soldiers killed in Afghanistan passed through the town. The Union flag-draped coffins carrying Rifleman Aidan Howell and Sapper David Watson were driven through the town for their repatriation.

    These young men were ‘repatriated’ – that is – returned after the ultimate sacrifice, their young lives, to their homeland. The land of which they were proud and to which they belonged.

    You, Mr Anjem Choudary are neither of these in this, the land of your birth.


    Read some HISTORY behind the reasons for Tony Blair’s ‘failure’ to clamp down on 90 days’ detention of terrorist suspects. He lost the vote by 33 votes (detailed pdf file). Fifty one of his own Labour party’s MPs failed to support him. The Conservative party, with the noble exceptions of two MPs only and the entire Liberal Democrat party did not support Blair.

    This ‘failure’ was applauded by the Tories’ David Davis in particular, a man who has clearly lost it, if he ever had it to begin with. Now HIS party expects to be running this country in these most dangerous of times.

    My bolding:

    Guardian, 10th November, 2005 – the day after Blair lost the 90 days detention vote in parliament.  Mr Blair said MOST people supported his 90 days detention calls, and there was “a worrying gap between the public and MPs”.

    “Mr Blair has announced plans to outlaw two radical Islamist organisations, Hizb ut-Tahrir and al-Muhajiroun, under a law change contained in the bill. But the report says a project to draw up a list of extremist Muslim websites, bookshops and centres could be perceived as “censorship of those who might criticise British foreign policy or call for political unity among Muslims”.

    Times leading article: ‘For Country & Conscience’, excerpt:

    ‘“Tony Blair no longer commands. Teflon Tony is dead.” The Prime Minister now needs to accept that this is the case and ponder how to adapt to a world where policies could regularly get stuck on the political pan[…]  He looks as if he would far prefer to “go down with all guns blazing” rather than accept advice that he should use his bullets a little more sparingly and attempt to shoot straighter.’

    So right! You got it. He’d definitely prefer to go down with all guns blazing – and he did – than stand up for the cause of ignoring Islamist terrorism like SO MANY of his colleagues; the cause of using bullets sparingly. We now see the consequences.

    As usual, Mr Blair was right.



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    4. muhamed Says:

      Anjem Choudary AND muhamed are one of the same – wankers

    5. BostonBlackie Says:

      Western Europe is getting what it deserves. Stop letting these camel jockieys into your respective countries! They are nothing but trouble. Will someone step up who has a pair and assassinate Choudary and all radical nitwits who invoke Allah every time they go to the bathroom!They are wearing out their welcome, worldwide and are becoming pariahs on the earth.

    6. Cruz Says:

      As the admin of this site is working, no question very rapidly it will be well-known, due
      to its quality contents.

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