REVOLT! Last chance call to remove Brown? Any chance THIS time?

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    6th January, 2010

    UPDATE, 11:15pm: Despite Mandelson being urged to seize the moment the other day by Friends of the Famous Five, Lord Mandelson said on Newsnight tonight that they were all behind Brown. Yes, they were all behind Blair once too, and we know what happened to HIS back.

    Watch this live update page, (last update 17:49) and refresh regularly – in case something happens!  Well, you never know. Right now, it looks more like “Broken News.”


    Geoff Hoon, former Chief Whip, Defence Secretary and also Europe Minister and Patricia Hewitt, former Health Secretary, both in Tony Blair’s government, have sent out a text message to colleagues saying, wait for it –

    “We can’t go on like this”


    Sounds familiar? It sure does.


    Hewitt says this is NOT an attempted coup. She says they are NOT calling for Gordon to go, just for a ballot, after which they will all get behind the leader, Brown or whoever. She also says, as does Hoon, that no-one else was involved in this move. She insists she has not spoken to David Miliband or any other present minister.

    Now let’s see if a presently serving minister joins their ranks.

    Only one problem – WHO would get sufficient backing?

    Mandelson is NOT an MP so not (normally, anyway) eligible to become PM. And Tony, the REAL PM is a little busy with other things right now. And no-one from the Left of the party would ever get the backing of Blairites OR the party’s modernisers.

    A secret ballot has been called for, which Frank Field (no surprise there, then) has backed.

    Letter says – “Parliamentary party is deeply divided – it is affecting our political performance – EVERY member (of the parliamentary party) to express their views in a secret ballot. ”

    Nick Robinson says this “extraordinary” move is designed to be a “grassroots revolution”. MPs are looking at their own jobs, says Robinson.


    Who’s next – Charles Clarke for a start … sorry, while I’m writing Clarke has also said he supports this call.

    According to the BBC’s Westminster man in the Commons, it seems the general response from MPs is “no”. They say that there will only be momentum if other key members of the party come out in support.

    What does Brown do?

    Will it create even more poison within the Labour party?


    It seems that some in Labour believe that Labour will never ever be in government again. Have they been reading this blog?  Death of glue-less, clueless Labour and Wikipedia entry 2050

    Telegraph reports challenge to Brown

    Anyway, Michael White at The Guardian says it’s all silly stuff, and he believed Brown will still be PM on 6th May, when they go to the country. Really? 6th May?

    Could be a nice birthday present for Tony.

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    7 Responses to “REVOLT! Last chance call to remove Brown? Any chance THIS time?”

    1. Rob Says:

      So let nme get this straight. According to you, if Brown stays as PM then Labour are doomed in the election. And if that happens, Tony Blair will be happy? What, is this you finally accepting that TB was a Tory in all but name all along and would sooner see David Cameron as PM than Gordon Brown?

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        This is JUST a blog, Rob, and only MY thoughts. Some of the time tongue-in-cheek.

        I actually don’t think Tony will necessarily smile if Brown loses. I think theirs is a project which is bigger than both of them.

        But I say that Brown is taking a chance (as far as the press is concerned, anyway) if he calls an election on 6th May, Blair’s birthday. It’s a hostage to fortune.

        In fact if you want to read between the lines you could say that this is a friendly warning to Brown, NOT to go on 6th May.

        I have always thought that Labour is doomed under Brown, simply because he doesn’t have the appeal to Middle England, as it were. But I DO think he was a good chancellor, and should have stayed in that job.

    2. Rob Says:

      well, we can both do tongue-in-cheek….

      I agree with you (again! what’s happening to me?……) that Brown was an excellent chancellor and better in that job than as PM. If there had been someone else able to replace TB I too would have wanted him to stay on in No. 11. But if it was the only way to get rid of Tony then, well, so be it. And I don’t think he’s been as bad a PM as he’s painted by the media. I think he;s actually run the country pretty well, though he hasn’t been astute politically and has let his enemies make the running.

      I also, sadly, suspect you’re right about Brown’s election prospects. Though George Osborne is proving something of a liability (being, er, useless) for the Tories.

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        Well, Rob. Wouldn’t want you to get too upset about agreeing with me, so I’ll just put a wee scunner in the conflab.

        Blair was BRILLIANT.The BEST. Way ahead of any other politician I have ever seen in action. I know a few. I was even political myself once. Not any more. Lost confidence in the voters.


        Despite my dislike of Brown for what he did to The Genius, I agree with you that he hasn’t actually been all that bad as PM. Not all that good, but not all that bad! (Come to think of it, that’s a good Glaswegian endorsement, isn’t it? “How are you, Jimmy?” – “Ach, no bad.”)

        See you, see me?

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