The coup that ‘Peter’-ed out … or … ‘PM saved by (the other) PM’

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    7th January, 2010

    The coup that Petered out

    So that’s it then?

    The ‘storm in a teacup’ is over? Not even a leaf left to read?

    Peter Mandelson, so it is said, saved Brown’s bacon last time they had a go. Have you any doubt he did it again yesterday? I haven’t. Whether that will make him first in line to inherit the throne – poisoned chalice after Brown is, as they say a known unknown.

    It might be even worse than that. It might be an unknown unknown.  Perhaps he won’t want it.

    General consensus among the Westminster watchers is that the cabinet got the jitters when the knife was handed to them by Blairites Hoon and Hewitt. Might it have been different if it had not NOT been Blairites “leading” this post-Christmas game of “let’s have another go”?

    Maybe. But remember, they ARE Labour MPs in the present government, more or less. They don’t DO regicide, unlike the Tories who practise it all the time. (They’re pretty good at it now, Mr Cameron.)

    Labour, on the other hand, are not so keen on blood-letting. They don’t mind assisting a suicide, say… by neglect, as they did in September 2006 … LOOK! No blood on OUR hands! But when it comes to wielding the actual knife and finishing off the victim, they’re all fearties, as my father would have said.

    All sorts of explanations are pouring forth for the slow and only half-supportive responses of senior ministers yesterday. It took hours, seven in David Miliband’s case, to say anything about rallying round the PM.

    Perhaps the black artist Ed Balls (the Schools Secretary, to you and me) bullied a few of them in his reputed way. He popped into Number 10 yesterday afternoon, and was the only one known to have been at Brown’s right hand for some time after news of the coup effort broke.

    Anyway, enough of them.

    They all bore me, if I’m honest. And I’m always honest with you, aren’t I?


    ‘After Brown’s abortive coup against his master, Powell observed: “It’s great working here. We’ve got policemen knocking on the front door and Gordon Brown trying to break through the back door.”’

    But before I move on to something of more import…


    Well, imho, he’s doing what he does best; politics.

    Points of interest on Mandy:

    Mandelson’s present title, according to Iain Dale is: First Secretary of State, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, President of the Board of Trade and Lord President of the Council and Church Commissioner.


    I thought we had to add this bit somewhere – Baron Mandelson of Foy in the county of Herefordshire and Hartlepool in the county of Durham…

    According to Lord Norton at Lords of the Blog – NO. Too fussy. Unnecessary.

    But it’s so much more FUN, your Lordships, don’t you think?

    Who’s been betraying Mandelson?


    Hoon & Hewitt – sounds like a pairing in tennis, doesn’t it?  – H & H may take some comfort from the latest poll here. For instance:

    Three fifths of voters (58%) said a new leader would not affect who they vote for. That means that 42% say it might.

    The Sun poll reveals  – If Mr Brown was replaced, 19% would be more likely to vote Labour, compared to 14% who said they would be more likely to back the party if he stayed on.

    Thats a five point differential. Five percent of voters switching sides if Labour had a different leader.

    If that 5 point swing goes straight from Conservative to Labour the new poll reads:

    Labour 36
    Conservative 35
    Lib-Dem 17

    Or they may not take comfort from The Sun’s poll here, which shows a 3% rise for the Tories in just a few hours as the developing coup didn’t develop. It shows the Conservatives’ lead rose from nine per cent to 12 per cent in just a few hours.

    By the way, in September 2008, more than a year AFTER Tony Blair had left office, a poll showed that Blair was within 10% of the Tories in the polls.  Some polls may say something similar right now on Labour.  NOT, I’d guess, on Brown.

    Excerpt: “He (Blair) is 6 percentage points ahead of any other leading Labour politician, including Brown, with 31% of voters saying they’d vote Labour were Blair leading the party, compared to 25% at most for all others! This proviso reduces the Tories’ lead to  41% – a reachable margin of 10%. In fact, since people almost invariably vote AGAINST a party rather than FOR a party, this ten percentage point difference is eminently reachable. But ONLY under Blair.”

    I put this little video together some time ago, specially for Brown the Beatles fan. Maybe, as we run out of time and the election closes in on us, he won’t need it any more – with a little help from his friends.


    And there’s this one too:

    I never got around to finishing the third video. It’s half-done, and will probably remain that way. I kind of lost interest for some reason. So, not to keep you in suspense, the thing that Tony Blair hated was …..



    Labour couldn’t even organise a coup in Bolivia

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