Germany’s Highest Court: ‘Tony Blair NOT chargeable with war crimes’

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    8th January, 2010

    By order of Dr. Haarhuis, Office of Attorney General, Federal Court of Justice (Bundesgerichtshof), Karlsruhe, Germany.

    “Your complaint of August 28th, 2009 was examined. However, a preliminary proceeding was rejected, according to § 152 Abs. 2 StPO (§ 152 Para. 2 Code of Criminal Procedure). No sufficient basis for such a breach is given, according to the Code of Crimes against International Law.”

    A few days ago, via Julie here, I wrote on this – German Court Rejects Complaint Against Blair for War Crimes

    You may have missed the relevance of this decision. A quick, perhaps timely reminder would not go amiss.

    This response was from the office of the Attorney General of the Federal Court of Justice.

    It is THE HIGHEST court in the Republic of Germany (website here)

    IRAQ INQUIRY: With the announcement of a ballot for tickets to watch the Blair grilling … sorry … hanging-and-flogging in the next few weeks at the Iraq inquiry, it’s time we realised the efforts which have already been made by various groups to get our former prime minister in front of a real court of law. (The mainstream press won’t tell you – that’s for sure!)

    Such attempts have all proved fruitless in this miguided search for international war crimes charges against Mr Blair. They will continue to do so. This is but one of those attempts. Rejected as having no basis in law.

    (Watch Iraq Inquiry here)

    Translation of reply from –

    The Attorney General of the Federal Court of Justice

    Attorney General
    Post box 27 20
    76014 Karlsruhe

    Mister John Bell
    58638 Iserlohn

    File reference
    3 ARP 90/09-2

    November 18th, 2009

    Subject: Your complaint of August 28th, 2009

    Dear Mr. Bell,

    Your complaint of August 28th, 2009 was examined. However, a preliminary proceeding was rejected, according to § 152 Abs. 2 StPO (§ 152 Para. 2 Code of Criminal Procedure). No sufficient basis for such a breach is given, according to the Code of Crimes against International Law.

    Firstly, there is no evidence which proves that the former Prime Minister of The United Kingdom, Tony Blair, deliberately launched an attack on people, who distinguished themselves by their vulnerability to government, military or other organised violence, due to their Iraqi nationality and thus against a civilian population, according to § 7 Abs. 1 VStGB (§ 2 Para. 1 Code of Crimes against International Law) or ordered the use of cluster bombs to – disregarding military benefits – primarily harm the civilian population.

    Secondly, the primary feature of the uranium-encapsulated ammunition lies not in its respective toxicity or its toxic (side-) effects but its vigorous effect, so that the requirements of § 12 Abs. 1 Nr. 1 (§ 12 Para. 1 No. 1) or 2 VStGB (2 Code of Crimes against International Law) are not applicable.

    Best regards

    By order of

    Dr. Haarhuis

    The German site where this first appeared is Friedensfestival.

    The site is hard to navigate. Please use the following directions:

    First click this site url –

    Then –

    a) click on FriedensPlenum (third down, on left – navigation list)
    b) click on Aktionen des FriedensPlenum (right site, after headline)
    c) click on Strafanzeige gegen Tony Blair
    d) click on Antwort derBundes-Staatsanwaltschaft

    For the press release when this group started this vain pursuit:

    At the website, whose organisation presented these charges to the German Court of Justice, go here, click on ‘PresseArchiv’, then ‘2009’. It is presently the second press release from the top. Pasted here:

    Iserlohner Kreisanzeiger, 01.09.2009

    Anzeige erstattet

    “FriedensPlenum” will Tony Blair beim Symposium verhaften lassen

    Iserlohn. Klicken beim Campus-Symposium die Handschellen, wenn Tony Blair am Freitag aus der Stretchlimousine am Seilersee steigt? Das jedenfalls fordert das „FriedensPlenum Iserlohn” in Form einer Anzeige.

    Der in Iserlohn lebende Engländer John Bell hat Anzeige gegen den früheren britischen Premierminister wegen „Kriegsverbrechen im Irak” erstattet: Die Friedensgruppe wirft ihm als ehemaligem Regierungschef von Großbritannien „die systematische Planung und Vorbereitung eines völkerrechtswidrigen Angriffskrieges vor. Bei diesem Krieg und der anschließenden Besetzung, welche nicht durch ein UN-Mandat legitimiert sind, wurden Zehntausende von Zivilisten getötet. Außerdem wurden Munition mit angereichertem Uran und Clusterbomben eingesetzt, die ganze Landstriche langfristig verseuchen und Missbildungen und Verstümmelungen verursachen.”

    Das „FriedensPlenum” hat die Strafverfolgungsbehörden aufgefordert, Tony Blair festzunehmen, da er am 4. September als Redner beim Campus-Symposium auftritt und keiner diplomatischen Immunität mehr unterliege. Die Anzeige ist an den Generalbundesanwalt geleitet worden, weil die Staatsanwaltschaft Hagen nicht zuständig sei, so Oberstaatsanwalt Hans-Werner Münker auf Anfrage unserer Zeitung.

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    5 Responses to “Germany’s Highest Court: ‘Tony Blair NOT chargeable with war crimes’”

    1. Little Ole American Says:

      It is a shame these high courts in different countries (including Britain)have to spend the time and effort on something, whose outcome is to us, common sense. But then, the Anti-Common Sense Disease has spread to the Left in a pandemic for which there is no known cure at this time.

    2. Caela Says:

      Numerous inquiries and now the highest court of Germany could not implicate Tony Blair of war crimes. Is he just, as someone claimed before, kissed by the angels? I have a more logical explanation than that: he is INNOCENT.

      Tsk. Tsk. No matter how many times they try… 😀

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        That little fact won’t stop the knumbskulls, Caela.

        Now some Italian lawyers are at it:

        “Acting on behalf od Tariq Aziz”. Presumably that’s this one in prison right now:

        According to this crowd Tony’s for the high jump.

        We’ll see.

        Watch out for tomorrow’s Sunday People. (junk paper, like most of the tabloids here.)

        GIOVANNI DI STEFANO: ” This matter is now coming to a proper conclusion and authority to prosecute Tony Blair will be granted. Case Summary has been prepared and a STAR WITNESS is ready, willing and able to give evidence regarding the legal advice that was delivered to the then Prime Minister. The mechanism works as follows: (1) Draft Indictment is submitted to the Attorney General who grants leave (2) A Summons is obtained from the City of London Magistrates Court INCLUDING if appropriate (as it is in this case) a warrant of arrest either with or without bail (3) An appearance personally must be made by Mr Blair at the first sitting of the Magistrates Court and the case transferred to the Central Criminal Court within 8 days upon which Mr Blair has to make another personal appearance. After which there are a number of options open to MR Blair, the Prosecution, and/or the Director of Public Prosecution who can ‘take over the case’ and prosecute it or discontinue it. But at this stage as the offences alleged involve the Geneva Convention it is a pre-requisite that leave of the AG is required. See tomorrow edition of the Sunday People for more.

    3. Domus Umzug Says:

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      it consists of precious Information.

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