MP Galloway deported by Egypt, with all due “RESPECT”

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  • UPDATE: BBC news reported at 6:00pm that Galloway led hundreds of his supporters into Gaza from Egypt. That was the straw that broke…!  I should think so too. Isn’t that invading another country without UN permission? WAR CRIMINAL!

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    8th January, 2010


    Excerpt, Guardian: Galloway, declared “persona non grata” by the Egyptian foreign ministry, arrived back in the UK at around 1pm. He had spent the past month travelling from London to deliver 198 truckloads of aid and supplies to Gaza in a challenge to Israel‘s economic blockade of the territory.

    The supplies successfully made it through to Rafah but when the MP and his aide, Ron McKay, arrived at the crossing from Gaza to Egypt they were confronted by police officers.

    “We were surrounded by plainclothes men who bundled us into a van,” said McKay. “Two guys came in with us and they locked us in.”

    He said none of the men spoke any English so the pair did not know they were police officers and they initially feared they were being kidnapped. They eventually clarified the situation after using their mobile phones to call friends who spoke Arabic and could communicate with the officers.

    I referred to George Galloway in Egypt two days ago amid the scuffles, the killing of an Egyptian soldier and injuries to at least a dozen Palestinians around Galloway’s aid convoy.

    Today Egypt has deported him and he is now back in Britain. It’s a pity Heathrow wasn’t snowbound and his plane diverted to Lebanon. He’d have been made very welcome there, I’m sure. (See video below.)

    Senior Palestinian Hamas leader Ismail Haniya (R) greets George Galloway (L) during a rally honouring international peace activists in Gaza City Photo: EPA

    Telegraph report: Plain clothes police officers bundled the Respect MP on to a plane bound for London, said a spokeswoman for the Viva Palestina convoy.

    “Mr Galloway had been trying to return to Rafah after news broke that seven of the convoy members are said to have been arrested,” she said.

    British MP George Galloway speaks to the Islamic Action Front supporters in Amman

    MP George Galloway speaks to the Islamic Action Front supporters in Amman Photo: REUTERS

    Telegraph continues – The incident began after Mr Galloway and his colleague, Ron McKay, arrived at the Rafah crossing from Gaza to Egypt.

    “As soon as they emerged on to Egyptian soil, both men were forcibly pushed into a van, refused exit and told that they were leaving the country.

    “They were then driven off in a police convoy.”

    The aid convoy of 550 people from 17 countries was caught up in violent scenes on Tuesday, which they blamed on “heavy-handed policing” of the group.

    The spokeswoman said 55 convoy members were injured and seven were arrested.

    “Mr Galloway and Turkish MPs struck a deal with Egyptian authorities, part of which was that the seven detainees were released without charge.

    “On the enforced drive to Cairo, news came through of the imminent arrest of the seven but, when Mr Galloway demanded to return to Rafah, permission was repeatedly denied.”

    A spokesman for the Foreign Office said: “We will continue to offer consular assistance to anyone who needs it.

    (More from The Telegraph)


    Who does this guy think he is? The answer to the Middle East’s problems? Clearly.

    It’s worth taking a quick look at Galloway at the time of the Lebanon War, summer 2006. Blair’s failure to criticise Israel and the USA was, it is said by some, the trigger for the sweet little love letters – Dear Johns, as it happens  – he received from some of his own MPs.

    George Galloway – Ceasefire Now demo August 2006

    He warns us …

    “If Bush and Blair win/are defeated in Lebanon tomorrow etc …”

    OFGS! Blair wasn’t even involved, you idiot. Don’t you remember? That was your gripe!


    “Hizbollah is not now, nor has it ever been, a terrorist organisation”

    “Victory to the Intifada. Long Live the Resistance”

    There is another video online of someone saying “We’re all Gazans now”. Not sure if it was Gorgeous George or Lauren Booth. But it was one of those worthies, I’m sure.

    Noteworthy that even Egypt sees Galloway as a trouble-maker and not the peace-maker he likes to think he is.
    Back to top

    But Egypt – WE DON’T WANT HIM BACK.

    He’s about as representative of Britain as was Saddam Hussein.

    Can’t you keep him? Well out of our earshot? We have enough trouble-makers here who hate our country and the west in general. And sadly we cannot deport them all.


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    2 Responses to “MP Galloway deported by Egypt, with all due “RESPECT””

    1. Little Ole American Says:

      Good for Egypt!

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