Islam4UK jumps out of Wootton Bassett demo before they are pushed

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  • UPDATE: Islam4UK to be banned. Good news. But, we’ll see.

    But today our ‘Stop and Search laws have been decreed illegal by the Human Rights Court at the EU.  So, there we go.  If Blair were President of the EU I believe the EU would be looking at modifying this HR Act, and NOT changing OUR domestic laws. Anything that Shami Chakrabarti agrees with has got to be questionable. See her call here.

    She’ll be delighted now, of course. Her and whose army? I wonder?

    Comment at end

    10th January, 2010

    Anjem Choudary outside Parliament, London. Over this building he aims to hoist the flag of Islam.

    Forestalling reports that this “march” was about to be banned by Home Secretary Alan Johnson as early as Monday, Anjem Choudary has decided to dump the idea of marching though Wootton Bassett. This is the small market town in England where the war dead are repatriated.

    This crazy idea from Islam4UK was meant to draw attention to the war dead in Afghanistan … further the cause of the Islamification of this country.

    A crazy way to make friends and influence people.

    It always was, and always will be.

    Source – Sky News report

    Wootton Bassett pays its respects to a fallen British soldier (SkyNews)

    Now. Mr Johnson… now you’re in the banning mood, when are you going to ban this crowd – Islam4UK – permanently? It is nothing other than al-Muhajiroun, a supposedly BANNED organisation. Hate-mongers all. See here.

    You may recall that the Prime Minister – no, I mean the real Prime Minister –  set up legislation with this aim in 2006. WHY has it not been used? WHY? Because he was prevented and outnumbered by the weak and wet in cabinet, the Labour party, the civil libertarians and the security forces.  Plus ca change. A year later that prime minister had been removed by the same naive, unprincipled elements within government.

    al-MUHAJIROUN (aka Islam4UK)

    This group was supposed to have been BANNED under Tony Blair’s 2006 Terrorism Act. In fact they DID fold-up operations for a bit, when they thought Blair was out to ban them. He was, but he didn’t.

    (See here for ONE of the reasons why not (Nov 2005) – Blair defeated in parliament on 90 days detention.)

    Insufficient support in parliament, even though this was only a few months after terrorists had bombed London.

    Remember, Mr Johnson, what leadership requires.

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