Alastair Campbell – Iraq Inquiry LIVE. Watch & read

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    12th January, 2010


    At 12:45, just before the lunch break,  Campbell makes it clear who HE blames for lack of trust of the political decisions over Iraq –  the press’s reporting. Referring to the “dossiers” he says that it is the reporting of the issues around the dossiers and the conflating of the two by the media and the controversary surrounding that reporting that caused the mistrust. (Inquiry resumes at 2:00pm.)

    Alastair Campbell, Tony Blair's Communications Director. (Photograph: Odd Andersen)

    Alastair Campbell – watch live

    Alastair Campbell at the Iraq war inquiry – read running commentary

    Full coverage by running commentary as Tony Blair’s former communications chief is grilled by Sir John Chilcot and his panel. Updated every minute. Click  ‘ON’ at Andrew Sparrow’s page to update automatically or refresh your window. It does not seem to be up-to-the-minute. My suggestion – WATCH it live.

    NOTE: At start of second morning session the Chairman has announced that there will be an extension of Campbell’s evidence into this afternoon.


    1. The “latest Guardian conspiracy theory” as referred to today by Campbell in his evidence.

    2. The Spectator suggests that in the light of recent information on Brown’s lack of funding for various aspects of the war in Iraq, Brown should be called to the Inquiry now. Forget it. Won’t happen. Even if it should.

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    One Response to “Alastair Campbell – Iraq Inquiry LIVE. Watch & read”

    1. Watch the public Iraq Inquiry – live streaming online « Tony Blair Says:

      […] UPDATED 12th January, 2010:  Alastair Campbell appearing today and for an extra hour this afternoon […]

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