BBC ‘Question Time’ – ATROCIOUS LIES repeated & uncorrected

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    15th January, 2010


    The Secretary of State for Wales, Peter Hain seemed shell-shocked after the attacks on his integrity, as well as on the decision-making process over the Iraq war. A commenter at John Rentoul's blog suggests something sinister in the "balance" of the line-up. Sadly, that may well be the case.

    If you felt that the attack on Peter Hain aka BBC’s “Question Time” last night, 14th January 2010, was a DISGRACE, write to the BBC here to complain.

    David Dimbleby has hosted Question Time since the mid-1990s. There is NO excuse for his lack of chairing skills or lack of balance. His anti-Iraq war bias shone through last night's dreadful programme.

    [Watch it here]

    On the Iraq war debate and the ongoing Chilcot Inquiry it was a distortion of the facts from both panel members and audience. All of these inaccuracies of fact went unchallenged and uncorrected by the chairman, David Dimbleby.

    This part of the programme, on this highly contentious and topical matter, completely failed to portray anything approaching balance.  Balance is something I do not necessarily expect from the printed press and to which they are not signed up.  But from the BBC there is a regulatory duty to balance political views in such current affairs items/programmes.


    You might respond that it is up to the panelists to provide the balance and not the chairman. But Dimbleby often corrects the audience’s misconceptions. Apart from that, the pro-Iraq war decision panelist was outnumbered 3/1. The audience were ALL, if speakers and applause were indicative, as unfamiliar with the real facts as the general public, given the sources of their information – the written press and its known bias against both the war and Tony Blair. But from the BBC we SHOULD expect and demand better.

    This particular item was a blatant disregard for that responsibility to licence-payers. Perhaps beyond anything else I have had the misfortune to have watched on the BBC in recent times it was BBC BIAS UNBOUND.

    John Rentoul here today itemises some of the “facts” that were WRONG and yet went uncorrected by David Dimbleby. See this commenter’s thoughts on something “sinister” – “Dyke’s Revenge”.

    And here the BBC shows a 3 minute clip from the programme, with this headline –

    Cabinet were Iraq war ‘dupes’ says Kelvin MacKenzie”

    How the hell does HE know the Cabinet were “dupes”? Was he a fly on the wall?

    The audience swallowed his assertions willingly, and those too of Conservative Ken Clarke and Liberal Democrat Chris Huhne. In the past Chris Huhne, by the way, actually described Tony Blair as a “war criminal”. He should have been up in court for libel for this. But our ‘great dictator’ Blair let it pass, as he has with all the other lies regurgitated as fact daily by such as the Daily MAUL.

    Watch the full debate at the Question Time website. About Question Time

    MacKenzie, who went on last night about “one man’s obsession with removing Saddam” will NO DOUBT be pleased to hear this.


    As he pledged to restore trust to foreign policy – “Mr Cameron said that if he was prime minister, he alone would decide whether intelligence assessments should be published.”

    Two points: Firstly, as opposed to whom, exactly? Is this meant to be a populist reference to Blair’s government’s Iraq war decision? If so, it again makes populist assumptions. And secondly,  “”HE ALONE”? This begs the question : what else will “HE ALONE” decide?


    Alastair Campbell has some fun and games today at his blog. It has been suggested to Campbell that the atrocious – sorry THAT word again – Paul Dacre from the Daily MAUL is in love with Campbell. A recommended read. I commented there.  Just in case Alastair doesn’t print it – with his eye on the future for Labour I don’t think he likes my alias, ‘BlairSupporter’ reminding people of the Lost Leader, I’ll paste my comment here:

    The Daily Maul and the Daily Mauler?

    Not that those of us who think you and TB were all right sort of guys would EVER suggest that the Daily MAUL mauls in THAT particular way as well, now would we? Could we?

    Great post, Alastair. Laughed out loud in places. You haven’t lost the magic touch. But don’t let Dacre know. Like most things he will interpret that wrongly.

    Btw, as an aside – they needed you on Question Time last night. Does ANYONE ever remind ministers and MPs of the historical facts over the Iraq vote? Peter Hain was hammered relentlessly with LIES, by ignorant idiots like Huhne, Mackenzie and to be frank Ken Clarke. The chairman, David Dimbleby was a biased disgrace. He has often interfered to correct mis-stated information. Why not this time?

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    5 Responses to “BBC ‘Question Time’ – ATROCIOUS LIES repeated & uncorrected”

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    2. Chilcot & premises “understood”. The REAL truth for wanting to “do for Blair” « Tony Blair Says:

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    4. Cassandrina Says:

      Recently I have twice complained of bias on Question Time, and intimated that Dimbleby should be replaced, preferably by his current standin Eddie Mair.
      Not only is the panel arranged and questions leaked to government panelists, but the audience is rigged as winess the notorious BNP QT.
      The recent Daniel Hannon intorrogation in a mosque with an offensive Moslem MP, and a biased panel and Chairman is a case in point.
      The bbc responds with the usual bland listing of its intentions, but we need to force them to respond by publically releasing the amount of complaints to us, and on what subject.
      I do not believe they will do this until forced, or do it properly, so an independent body should take all bbc complaints, record them, and pass them onto the bbc for monitored responses.
      Only then will we get the bbc oil tanker changing direction.

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        Thanks Cassandrina for this.

        I believe there is a website called something like ‘BBC Bias’. Must see if I can find it. Didn’t see the Daniel Hannan “interrogation”. Was this Any Questions too? I hardly ever watch it these days, I must admit. It is SO unrepresentative of my opinions, I find. I just happened to see it last week.

        I suppose a Freedom of Information request could force them to release the numbers you refer to above. Perhaps we could get Norman Baker to do it. He loves doing this sort of thing – he asked several written questions to parliament recently about Tony Blair’s expenses.


        Don’t hold your breath. The BBC tends to be the mouthpiece for the PC Lib Dems these days, imho.

        P.S. Found this – Biased BBC, with their take on Question Time. One of the problems is that no site is going to please ALL the people all the time, since they tend to have their own political position and cherry pick what bothers them, ignoring the rest. So there is no complaint about Hain’s treatment or the chairman” handling or of the fact that Hain was outnumebered 3 to 1 … I mean 4 to 1 including Dimbleby.

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