Islamic Relief works in Haiti after earthquake

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    19th January 2010

    Look at this picture and tell me you didn’t smile… through that lump in your throat

    This beautiful two-year-old's expression is as precious as he is, as he sees his mother after two whole days under rubble in Haiti. Redjeson Hausteen's dust-covered face breaks into a smile when he looks into her eyes as he is carried from his destroyed home. Love is all we have in the end.

    Islamic Relief is in Haiti.

    This information comes to you courtesy of – wait for it – The Tony Blair Faith Foundation.

    I have always said I’d report good news about Islam. Today there is just such an opportunity, thanks to Mr Blair’s website.

    Video: Islamic Relief on the ground in Haiti: Update 1

    At the end of the video this website is listed –

    Their phone numbers for donations: 0800 520 0000 or 0207 7593 3232

    It’s interesting that I have seen nothing about this on the mainstream press. Not that I chase around reading their words of wisdom.

    Do you wonder why I have such low regard for the British press, especially their headline writers? Read this Times article.

    All logic would lead one to expect that this headline and article should express relief that Tony Blair “delayed” a decision on the invasion until the diplomatic routes had all been exhausted, especially since the antis accuse him of rushing into the conflict.

    But no! That would be to dilute their message. Whatever that is!

    So what does The Times say? (The Times is one of the more balanced British publications, by the way.) They yell – “denial and dithering” – both insults linked to Geoff Hoon’s name as Blair’s accuser:

    “Geoff Hoon – troops were denied kit in Iraq as Blair dithered

    Thoroughly despicable headline writing and not in any way Mr Hoon’s meaning in his evidence.

    Visit Islamic Relief’s web page to read more

    I’ll add some more reports from our honest, reliable and trustworthy press when … if I find them.

    Here’s all I can find so far, neither from the mainstream. I think the second is not British.  American? Middle Eastern? I don’t know.

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