Straw: Blair ALWAYS wanted regime change in Iraq. See? Right again!

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    UPDATE, 22nd Jan: See here for Julie’s comprehensive report on Jack Straw’s appearance at the Iraq Inquiry. I’m too busy to even cross-post it right now. Trying to decide whether or not to use my ticket for THE TRIAL OF THE CENTURY aka THE EVIDENCE OF THE WAR CRIMINAL. The company of many of the other 699 in the jury might not be to my taste.

    21st January 2010


    Me too.

    Jack Straw today at the Iraq Inquiry:

    “A foreign policy objective of regime change I regard as improper and also self-evidently unlawful. It had no chance of being a runner in the UK, it certainly would not have got my support. The case therefore stood or fell on whether Iraq posed a threat to international peace and security by reason of its weapons of mass destruction.”


    But asked whether Mr Blair shared that view, Mr Straw declined to say. He said: “I think the best way to find that out is to ask him. We are two different people.”

    Legally Mr Straw is right, of course.  And neither Mr Blair nor any of the British government SAID we were going into Iraq to effect “regime change” as Mr Straw made clear today and as Mr Blair will also say on Friday 29th when he provides his own evidence.

    None of that is to preclude any of us, politician or not, from desiring “regime change” for all sorts of reasons.

    Reasons, invariably, from the west,  of hastening democratic principles, ending murderous dictatorships,  and the rule of despotic, murderous, sometimes lifelong rulers.

    I am sure Mr Ahmadinejad, if he were asked, would just LOVE regime change in Britain and America too. But not in order to bring us genuine, secular democratic values.

    For the sake of working out where leadership qualities lie …   lay in this government I’d like to find out what Mr Blair AND Mr Straw thought and think in their purely personal views, regardless of oft-discredited international laws, of ‘regime change’ here and here and here and perhaps even here?

    On a point of principle, and as ‘two different people’, do they consider regime change for these, or even some of these, might be a good idea?

    I wonder.


    Oh, the joys! Rentoul declares Waugh – “Blair Waugh & Britton” in response to this “Rentoul, Blair & Fern”.

    (See both – John Rentoul responds to Paul Waugh) Get it? Me neither, Mr Waugh.  But then you didn’t get it when Blair spoke to Fern either, did you?

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