Chemical Ali executed in Baghdad. Next?

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    25th January, 2010


    Ali Hassan al-Majid, a co-defendant of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, testifies during their trial on genocide charges at the fortified Green Zone in Baghdad, 18 September 2006. (Photo credit - ERIK DE CASTRO/AFP/Getty Images)

    So who’s next for the noose?

    Can hardly wait for the Tony Blair haters to latch onto this.


    It may have already started. At a Telegraph blog post by Will Heaven (not a question, btw. Apologies Mr Heaven! They all joke about my name too) – “Tony Blair at the Chilcot Inquiry: What could possibly go wrong?” – a commenter suggests this:

    “Hang the bastard…”

    Down the khazi with khazi and his like.

    This thoughtful commenter’s alias is “khazi” and his comment was posted at The Telegraph on ‘Jan 25th, 2010 at 4:14 pm’. Perhaps he submitted it after Mr al-Majid met his fate, though I think probably earlier.

    He doesn’t refer to Chemical Ali, as his kind of ‘thinkers’ might be expected to – pointing up equivalences, as it were, or what happens to “war criminals”.

    For non-Brits the word “khazi” is London slang for “lavatory”

    Someone needs to tell khazi, once he unplugs his head from the loo, that we don’t hang people in Britain, even if they’re guilty.

    He clearly has no conception of “innocent until proven guilty”.

    He’s clearly NOT British.


    How many responses will we get at this Telegraph article in support of this hanging, I wonder?  Or are they too preoccupied looking forward to this one?

    On BBC Radio4’s PM news tonight, a woman said with reference to the Halabja WMD attack in 1988 and Chemical Ali’s execution:

    “For over 22 years Iraqi people have been looking forward to be rid of this nightmare – happy and excited, raising our glasses for the souls of the victims.  For seven years this guy is waiting and it’s been an absolute pain for the relatives of the victims. We couldn’t undertand why they were waiting. “

    She, personally, would have preferred that he had been imprisoned for life so that he could be visited daily by victims’ relatives. But she said that most people in Halabja wanted him to be hanged.


    Iraq capital Baghdad rocked by deadly triple bombing – What!? And you mean Tony Blair didn’t do it!?

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