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    26th January, 2010


    Jon Snow at Channel 4 News will be SO-O-O-O upset.

    Why C4’s “good guys”? Look at the reports to the right here at the C4 News source. Jon Snow, their anchorman, makes BBC journalists sound fair and balanced.

    Mr Snow’s heroes, the Stop the War coalition, have been banned from parading their tired old misinformation when  Mr Blair appears at the Iraq Inquiry venue in London.

    About time too!

    Sadly, not permanently. But still, I’d like to thank the MET Police.

    [Complain online to London’s  Metropolitan Police here if anything else is bothering you these days.  For instance the disregard of “innocent until proven guilty” by these ‘troof’ hunting peace ‘n’ lovers.]

    Mr Blair would never have noticed this crowd, as he is unlikely to enter the venue through the front entrance. But I would have had to put up with them.

    Thanks goodness they will not now be permitted to bellow their lies and wave their placards in my face on Friday when I tag along to see and hear what Mr Blair has to say about the Iraq war decisions.


    It’s all such a CRAZY idea anyway. Our great former PM hasn’t been prime minister for two and a half years AND as it happens, we are already out of Iraq.

    Wonder why Mr Snow hasn’t told them? Souls.

    Some of us, you loathsome crowd of Know-It-Alls would rather be informed than inform, particularly in loud ignorance, as is the wont of the multi-agenda’d Stop The War gang.

    Hmmm, Mr Snow?

    Blair protesters pull out of police talks

    Updated on 26 January 2010

    By Dan Wright, Channel 4 News

    The Stop the War coalition have expressed their frustration with the Metropolitan Police and told Channel 4 News they have pulled out of discussions with them about demonstrations coinciding with Tony Blair’s appearance at the Iraq Inquiry on Friday.

    The anti-war group had been in talks with police to arrange their protest outside the Queen Elizabeth II centre, where the former Prime Minister will be giving evidence.

    But the group pulled out of talks and called for a “mass mobilisation of anti-war protesters” after the Metropolitan Police told them they would not be able to hold their demonstration on a green space outside the centre, where they had held all previous action.

    Earlier the Metropolitan Police told Channel 4 News they were having a “very constructive dialogue” with protest organisers and were “trying to ensure they are as near as they want to be”.

    But the spot in question is on the property of the Queen Elizabeth II Centre, a government-owned building, and the Stop the War coalition have alleged that the QE2 decided not to allow them to protest there, adding “the government have effectively banned us from protesting”.

    The Metropolitan Police have denied press reports they were preparing to use so-called “kettling” tactics against the protesters, saying they had a number of tactics at their disposal.

    The event had been seen as the first major test of public order policing since the “Adapting to Protest” review by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) published last November.

    The review was triggered by criticism of the policing of the G20 protest last year, where there were a number of complaints, and the newspaper vendor Ian Tomlinson died.

    Original plans for Friday’s protest included a “naming of the dead ceremony” and musical performances throughout the morning.



    Met police ‘hamper’ planned protests against Tony Blair

    Excerpt: “Anti-war campaigners planning to protest when Tony Blair appears before the Iraq inquiry on Friday said today they had been barred from going near the building where he is giving evidence. Up to 1,000 protesters are expected to rally outside the Queen Elizabeth II Centre, in Westminster.”

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