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    27th January, 2010

    Online petition – Ban Blair-Baiting


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    322, Metro Manila, Philippines – Let us follow the rule of law: the person is INNOCENT otherwise proven guilty.

    323, Longdon Green, Rugeley, UK – Blair was the best PM this country has had!

    329, Oberstenfeld, GermanyAn honourable man who did what he believed to be right thing. His detractors seem mainly to be people who a) couldn’t swallow his supporting George Bush, b) don’t like it that he was found correct in his argument with the BBC or c) cannot bear the idea that it is they who have supported the wrong cause.

    330, Arlington, TX, USAAfter the idiot we have elected in America thanks to the media bias do you really want the same in the UK? I would think not, don’t let the media turn leadership into a popularity contest. Leadership isn’t about popularity it’s about making the sometimes difficult and sometimes unpopular decisions to benefit the nation.

    334, Paris, France – What is most galling is that it is taken as a given that 1) Blair (and Bush) lied and/or made (unforgivable) mistakes and that 2) Blair’s and Bush’s (alleged) lies and/or (alleged) mistakes before the conflict led to a war with a country as innocent, as peaceful, and as nonthreatening as Luxembourg.

    Go here to read articles such as “Was Tony Blair really the Yanks’ poodle?” and “Did Bush and Blair Lie About WMD?

    335Iraq HAD WMD’s (just ask the Kurds). Everyone knows it. Saddam was in violation of dozens of UN resolutions. Everyone knows it. The Iraq government has uncovered significant information linking Saddam to AQ. Sane people know this. Leave Tony Blair alone! He didn’t commit a crime & you’re making yourselves look like fools.

    340 – Are all the members of the Labour Party also going on the dock for supporting PM Blair? It seems only fair that any slur that is attached to him should be attached to them as well. Or perhaps just grown up and realize that democracies aren’t perfect but infintely better than anything else.

    348 – I believe it naive to think that Sadaam wasn’t playing with weapons of mass destruction on several levels.Ridicule or a derisive attitude will not alter that.That region of the world is rife with devious and despotic rulers just waiting for the opportunity to gain the upper hand.
    It is unseemly for the world press to ride roughshod over sensibilities .Blair baiting should not be condoned but rather should be condemned

    353, Miami, FL, USA – Tony Blair acted in good faith on a preponderance of evidence against one of the most malevolent tyrannies of the last half of the 20th Century. British forces (and Americans) removed that vicious dictatorship which had killed over a million Iraqis and (by its OWN estimates) allowed 500,000 Iraqis to die for anti-sanctions propaganda EVEN THOUGH THE SADDAM DICTATORSHIP COULD HAVE OBTAINED SUPPLIES FOR THEM UNDER THE UNITED NATIONS’ OIL-FOR-FOOD PROGRAM.

    Tony Blair did the right HUMANE thing!

    354, Nurnberg & Newark, Bavaria Germany – Leave the man alone.

    356, Israel – I agree with the position of this petition.

    365, USA – We know that Saddam had, at the very least, chemical weapons which he had used against the Kurds. He was also trying to develop nuclear weapons. Give Blair and Bush a break: they acted on the intelligence they had which said that the WMD’s were there.


    371 – i agree the petition.

    374 – May God bless Tony Blair and all who fought and served to bring freedom and relief to Iraq.

    375, Warcs, UK – This hearing should provide access to the truth, if that is to be achieved then judgement must be held until the evidence has been heard and properly considered. It is not the place for a public show trial.

    377, Geneva, Stitzerland – The extreme leftwing loonies are acting as the useful idiots of the islamists who abuse our laws in order to impose their islamo-fascist islamic rule.

    Shame on the traitors who collaborate with the enemies of Liberty.

    382, California, USA – Go after the bad guys, not the good guys. The ones that are terrorizing the world and killing inocent people with their IEDs, car bombs, suicide bombers, hijacking aircraft and other modes of transportation.

    383, USA – Tony Blair is a man of integrity and guts. It is so sad to see what is happening to him in the United Kingdom. We still support him here in the United States. Tony, move over here!

    384, Ohio USA – I like the guy. I think he really cares and has gotten an unfair rap.

    386 – No doubt Saddam had them and disposed of them prior to inspections. We gave him plenty of time!

    387, Carrouges, Orne, France – A fair hearing is essential; one without media influence ; the media should report the news not make it.

    391, France We can not to have him in France at the post of Sarkozy. But we would like cause he made what nobody else did.

    394 – I think it’s shocking how Tony Blair is being treated.

    401, Halifax, West Yorkshire, UK –If we had bribed the French more than Saddam did would that have made it all legal?
    Lesson: Never rely on the UN to make moral decisions as many of the members are wholly immoral.

    402, Spain – Viva Tony. He ‘s done a lot for England and the World too.

    28th January, 2010 – Signatures and comments below

    412 – Tony Blair done good – period!

    420 – Lets instead report on Iraq’s newfound democracy.

    417, UK – Blair was genuine in his belief that Saddam had weapons of mass distruction he is being made a scapegoat by the tory press who remember supported the war!

    439, Glasgow, Scotland – TB has brought more care and openness to government decision making than any other British Prime Minister that I have lived under. His continued presence on the world stage is so very important in achieving Peace in Palestine.

    British people of all political persuasions need to help and support his efforts there rather than allow distractions in Trial by Newspaper, internet blogs and other media. These are as unacceptable as Kangaroo Courts, Witch Finder Trials and The Spanish Inquisition.

    446 – Good stuff , it’s great that someone is standing up for Blair!

    449, UK – I’ve just heard George Monbiot on the radio, and found myself in such strong disagreement with his argument that I felt I had to sign this petition.

    453, London, UK – I would indeed like to become more involved in countering the disgraceful way the British press has been intentionally misleading the public. I’m also a great admirer of Mr.Blair and a supporter of the action he took against Baathism and Jihadism, and support the democratic efforts of the Iraqi and Kurdish people to remake their country in their own image.

    463 – The inexplicable hate and vituperation against TB has clouded the logic of otherwise intelligent people. I would ask them to stick to the evidence and the facts and not try to rewrite history. Just because the Government did something you disagree with, it doesn’t mean they have to be liars and criminals.

    467, Odense, Denmark – I want justice for Mr. Tony Blair and no mingling from the media and other interested parties.

    470, Caerphilly, Wales – “Yes ! In my name !!

    472, Basingstoke, Hampshire, UK– Tony Blair was, in my opinion, the best Prime Minister this country has seen. As the page says, innocent untill proven guilty but what, really, could he have done. He needed to maintain the relationship with the US.

    475, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, UK – Tony Blair did the right thing based on the evidence available. As a nation we should be prepared to stand up for ourselves and what is right. Saddam thumbed his nose at a string of UN resolutions and murdered hundreds of thousands. He was a world menace and it is better off without him. The Iraq war opponents want to give up in the face of evil. This is frightening.

    476 – Sick of people dissing Tony Blair….Saddam Hussan HAD WMDs in the past and toyed giving the impressions he still had them…..I fully Back Tony Blairs actions.

    477, UK – the media will totally ignore this as they have their own agenda , in particular Guardian & Observer.

    483, Virginia, USA – Free people are required to push back against those attempting to dominate us. That is part of the unavoidable cost of remaining free.

    488, Minnesota, USA – Inocent until proven guilty . Hands off Tony Blair .

    493, Florida, USA – Tony Blair is a stauncy ally of these United States much like Margaret Thacher was, so I stand with him at this time.

    494, UK – Give Tony Blair a FAIR hearing tomorrow.
    Don’t swallow the lies of the biased British media!!
    In a democracy everyone is INNOCENT until proved guilty (applies to TB,too!!!)

    495, Cardiff, UK – The treatment of Tony Blair is worse than an inquisition. The hatred online for him and throughout much of the press is horrendous. Whatever happened to British fair play? This man was the democratically elected LEADER of this country, not a dictator. I am proud of him and ashamed of many of my fellow Brits.

    501, Liverpool, UK – I have been deeply saddened and also incensed by the “pitchfork and lighted torches” mentality of the press over this. I am dismayed that this great lie they are building may become indisputable fact over the coming years. We we must somehow prevent this re-writing of history and ensure the truth is heard. Tony Blair was a great PM and deserves better than this!

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