Tony Blair asks at the Iraq Inquiry: “Who is killing them?”

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    31st January, 2010


    This follows on from the previous post reporting on my personal experiences at Friday’s Iraq Inquiry –  also known as  The Inquisition, aka The Trial of the Century, aka “He said WHAT?

    When I got back to the QEII centre at around 12:30pm, I met up with a friend and caught up with the morning’s events. “The boy dun good” etc. But of course.

    The ranters outside were still ranting, and the British bobbies still being polite as ever. The anti-war coalition were megaphoning their repeated noises about Blair having got to the venue before them and about his being “afraid to face” them.  Presumably he was worried that the hordes of armed and unarmed police would have been too few to stop such as the woman who naïvely hoped to arrest him, egged on no doubt by the irresponsible call of one George Monbiot.

    When the young man in the picture above had finished painting his hands, put his mask back on and climbed back into his cage I had a question for him on his list of ‘LIES’, one of which was missing.

    His list of “LIES”. Where was Number 2, and what did it say? Rather unconvincingly one of his colleagues proffered, to the agreeing laughter of those around, “IT’S ALL LIES”.

    “IT’S ALL LIES”? To use an overused word,  I think that is a lie.

    ‘It’s ALL Lies’ would have been number 1 or more likely number 6.  I never found out what “LIE No. 2” was, and I was interested really. No, really, I was.  I mean it might have been another dreadful lie … like, say, promising to bring democracy to Iraq.  So,  in the end I had to tell these sorry individuals that they were the biggest liars of all.  A pity, since half of them were only there for something to do on a Friday and of course to see and hear the indefatigable Gorgeous George.


    1. Tony Blair: Iraqi death toll not our fault

    As I have mentioned here at this blog on many occasions – the KILLERS in Iraq are not the troops but the locals including imported Iranians and others.

    In this section Mr Blair referred to the fact that WE built up the Iraqi security forces. Any balanced individual whose thinking processes had not been skewed beyond rationality would at least be proud of this.


    Agreeing we have responsibility he said “… but here is the point – let’s be quite clear that these people were prepared to kill any number of completely innocent people… we should be prepared to take these people on.”


    He disagreed that there was a “cavalier attitude to planning here in the UK”, saying what we planned for is what we thought was going to happen.

    Of course, this’ll be another stick with which to beat… etc.

    As a politician it seems you’re supposed to KNOW exactly what is going to happen in any and every given situation. So apart from being presentable, coherent and able to withstand the slings and arrows, being able to foretell the future should, indeed must be on your CV and application form.

    Case proven. He couldn’t read the future. String ‘im up. Next for the high-jump?

    Chilcot (?): “Good morning, Mr Brown …”

    2. Tony Blair: ‘I don’t regret removing Saddam Hussein’

    Winding up his evidence at the end of six hours, he was asked about broad lessons and if he had regrets. You may notice that Tony Blair chose NOT to apologise or even refer overtly to the relatives of the fallen who were sitting just behind him. This has been interpreted by some as his failure to care. It is nothing of the sort. Many times he has said that the deaths of our troops is with him every day, “as it should be” and that he will bear responsibility for the rest of his life.

    What more do the relatives of the dead from our volunteer army want? Blood? It looks like it to me.  Those who are preventing the bereaved from getting on with their lives in the way they should, proud of their fallen soldier, are behind this search for political blood. Gorgeous George, whose words will linger on the internet far longer than will his indefatigability.

    For Blair knew exactly what he was doing in refusing to turn, teary-eyed to the families behind him. Any suggestion that he “felt their pain” in that personal way would have been treated with derision, unless he had also sunk to his knees and begged their forgiveness through heaving sobs for his “crimes”. That was never going to happen.  So any such gesture was out of the question.

    There were other reasons for his failure to apologise in particular to the families whose eyes burnt into the back of his head for hours on endless hours, even though the chairman handed him that opportunity several times as proceedings closed.

    Firstly, and simply, without genuine anguish pouring from his lips and mingling with his tears, he would not have been believed.   No-one believes him anyway, so they tell us, so why bother?

    Secondly, the press would have taken any contrition as an admission of his “wrongdoing” and “guilt” and made more baleful hay.

    Thirdly, and perhaps he would not wish to express this himself, but could it be that he feels there has been too much made of the laying of “blame” for the deaths of soldiers? Perhaps he doesn’t feel like this at all. But some of us do.

    The British stiff upper lip wobbled some decades ago. Tennyson’s “Theirs not to reason why, theirs but to do and die” served us well fighting the enemy for centuries, when much of the time we had no idea if the enemy was real or a political figment. Perhaps it’s time we returned to that way of approaching the honourable profession of voluntary military service to our country.

    Tony Blair finished his evidence session at the Iraq inquiry by saying he had no regrets in removing Saddam Hussein.


    Responding to a question relating to the loss of soldiers’ lives since the conflict began, he told the inquiry: “In the end it was divisive and I am sorry about that. I tried my level best to bring people back together again.”

    He said he felt responsibility for the decision, and stressed that it was a decision, not a plot or a conspiracy. But he said he felt NO regret for removing Saddam Hussein.

    “I think that Saddam was a monster, I believe he threatened not just the region but the world… it was better to deal with this threat”.

    Times coverage and video clips of Sky’s highlights of the six hours

    Quote: ‘Tony Blair was heckled from the public gallery at the Iraq inquiry tonight as he wrapped up a dramatic day of testimony by declaring that he had no regrets about ousting Saddam Hussein.

    Sitting behind him during six hours of testimony were relatives of some of the 179 soldiers killed in the Iraq conflict – although many complained that Mr Blair had not even acknowledged their presence.

    This evening as he was wrapping up, one member of the audience shouted at him: “You’re a liar.” A second added: “And a murderer.”‘

    In my humble opinion history will not see him as either of those.


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    7 Responses to “Tony Blair asks at the Iraq Inquiry: “Who is killing them?””

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    2. Rob Says:

      Historyay not remember TB as a murderer but he will certainly be remembered as a liar. Quite apart from the undeniable lies you kindly photographed, the man was infamous for lying long before he quit as PM. Like you,I wonder what lie no.2 was. As your photograph shows it clearly hiding behing no.6, your inquisitiveness clearly didn’t go so far as, y’know, actually finding out. A good sneer is worth any number of inconvenient facts, as Blair knows well.

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:


        Just digging through my old comments and noticed I’d missed yours. How could I have overlooked your words of wisdom?!


        Er, no. You’re wrong about the Lie No 2. I know you won’t believe me, your sort never believes anyone with Blair in their name, but there wasn’t a NUMBER 2. And nothing has been hidden behind anything. That was number 3 you can see behind number 6. Don’t ask me why they had them in all sorts of odd orders. All sorts of odd people.

        I realise now that I should have taken a long shot of the scene. I forgot the world is full of unbelievers like you. Or perhaps I had had enough of the smell around those people. Can’t quite recall.

        Have never used Photoshop, btw, though it’s on my system. I get by with Paint, if and when I ever need it.

        So sneer way, young Rob, you’re wrong. As you will be proved to be over Tony Blair.

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        Sorry, Rob, since you drew my attention to the the fact I noticed this comment of yours in my comments box. I had actually replied to it here a few days ago, so apologies for overlooking actually publishing it.

        It’s odd how I overlooked your words of wisdom, isn’t it?

        Btw, the “lies” I kindly photographed were not in actual FACT “lies” but only the opinions of the diminishing numbers who turned up at the Iraq Iquiry when Blair appeared there.

        But how could I expect YOU to understand the difference between fact and opinion?

    3. Rob Says:

      Nice photoshop job on the pictures BTW after I pointed out that “Lie Number 2” was clearly visible in one you originally posted. Pretty soon your lying will be up to Tony’s standard.

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