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    3rd February, 2010

    With a trilby tip to Simon Hoggart’s amusing “Yes but, no but, yes but” here at the Guardian John Rentoul writes on Clare Short’s “counterfactual universe” at the Iraq Inquiry yesterday.

    All rather odd to ask her to put herself in Blair’s position, of course. We ALL KNOW, DON’T WE that she would never have started from there. Oh, no.

    Y-A-W-N! She’d have sorted out the Palestine situation first. Yes but, no but …you and whose army, Clare?

    None of this will prevent this heroine of the left being lauded as principled and upright despite her unprincipled and downright inability to behave as we should expect from senior politicians.

    Apart from that, how could she put herself in HIS position? In his position dress sense is required.

    Upon such trifles great civilisations rise and fall, Ms Short, I’m afraid. Not on a I wouldn’t start from here grand pronouncement.

    Hoggart says –

    ‘She had been conned into not resigning immediately. Tracey Blair had told her that Sharon Bush had promised to follow the Middle East road map, and that the UN would lead the reconstruction of Iraq. But had she taken the right decision at the time?’

    ‘”I still agree with myself” – a line only a politician could produce. As she left the room, the onlookers burst into applause. Unlike the inquiry, they adore anyone who sticks it to Tracey.’

    More from Rentoul here:

    Clare’s Dishonourable Self-Deception

    Poll on Iraq – “Twenty-nine per cent? How do they know?”

    With his version of my oft-used phrase “WE ALL KNOW, DON’T WE?” he wonders how on earth 29% of people can possibly think the Iraq war had been a success?

    Simple, John, they read you and me and NOT such as the Daily Maul.


    Moonbattery on Moonbat Monbiot and his “fatwa against Tony Blair”


    The prime objectives are to encourage the International Criminal [Kangaroo] Court to try Blair for crimes against moonbattery and…

    To show Mr Blair that, despite his requests for people to “move on” from Iraq, the mass murder he committed will not be forgotten.

    You know, mass murder like this:

    No wait, that’s the mass murder Blair helped put an end to when Saddam’s death toll was capped at around 2 million. Monbiot must be referring to the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi babies British troops have ruthlessly impaled on their bayonets. You heard all about that, right?

    No doubt Monbiot would arrest Blair himself, except that the world is still laughing at his pathetic attempt to arrest John Bolton.’



    This is an interesting word analysis of what Blair said in his evidence last week, word by important word. Top word is  – what?


    Come on. You must be part of the 61% who believe the British press.

    It was   – “think”, actually (‘actually’ also figured high as it happens.) But ‘think’ was way out ahead, usually preceded by “I”, presumably. As it should be. I think, therefore I am (prime minister.)

    See – Tony Blair’s testimony to the Chilcot inquiry on Iraq: which words did he use?

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