Iraq Inquiry: Clare Short truth-ing it about Tony Blair’s sincerity

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    3rd February, 2010

    SHOCK!!!!Clare Short says Blair is SINCERE!!!!!

    By Julie – thanks, Julie!

    Hold onto your breath now Blair-dissers. Your No. 1 Warrior Princess Clare Short has told the troof THE TRUTH for once (a rare moment of enlightment, I suppose)……..

    Ms. Short former Minister of International Destruction Development, appearing in front of the Iraq Inquiry today, told the panel that:

    a) “I think Tony Blair sincerely wants to contribute to peace in the Middle East”

    ……… and

    b) “I think he is absolutely sincere in thinking that what he did over Iraq was the right  thing”

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    One Response to “Iraq Inquiry: Clare Short truth-ing it about Tony Blair’s sincerity”

    1. angelnstar Says:

      Clare Short was histrionic and dramatic, but she did appear to be telling the truth. It will be fascinating to hear what Gordon Brown has to say.

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