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    3rd February, 2010


    I suppose Nicholas Witchell couldn’t be expected NOT to use it:

    “He arrived before dawn to the sound of  a single bell tolling…”

    The poetic licence was just too, too irresistible for our journos to ignore. Presumably Mr Blair noticed it too. It didn’t echo round his head for too long though, once he had started to answer questions at the Iraq Inquiry.

    BBC report by Nicholas Witchell, 9 mins 26 secs

    Chilcot Iraq Inquiry- Tony Blair Says No Regrets Of Removing Saddam Hussein

    From the YouTube site:

    ‘Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair was questioned by the Chilcot Iraq War Inquiry panel today 29 Jan 2010. Blair stated that he was proud of his decisions, and had no regrets for removing Saddam Hussein. He also made no apology for the deaths of tens of thousands of people and stated that he believed any country manufacturing or acquiring weapons of mass destruction should be stopped, and said that the same actions against Iraq should be applied to Iran.’

    To see all of the 6 hours witness statement of Tony Blair, without any opining from the biased British press go here to the Iraq Inquiry website.

    I was there, by the way, if you’d like to read my report of the day: I was a witness (more or less) to the TRIAL of Tony Blair, aka the Iraq Inquiry

    Please sign the petition below against PRESS Blair-Baiting, including from the BBC.  (I KNOW they’re biased against Blair. I live here and have to put up with it daily –


    See All Links to the TRIAL of Tony Blair, if you need proof of press prejudice.

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