Richard Madeley in support of Tony Blair. Well said, Richard. Now sign the petition

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    4th February, 2010

    Richard Madeley on Tony Blair going to war in Iraq

    Richard Madeley of the Richard & Judy programme,  debates the ideas in his film about Tony Blair and the Iraq War with Shadow Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt and Chief Secretary to the Treasury Liam Byrne.

    “I’ve always been suspicious of received wisdom. You get up close to it, it can have a distinctly fishy smell. To accuse a serving prime minister of lying to parliament to the world about Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction is an incredibly serious allegation. And I don’t believe it for one split second.”


    Well said, Richard. Now put your signature where your mouth is.  Ban Blair-Baiting. You know it makes sense.

    Watch Daily Politics website – Richard Madeley, TV presenter in defence of Tony Blair

    This is also interesting. A debate on the Daily Politics programme to explain his views: Madeley debates the video above on the Daily Politics

    Iraq inquiry: Day-by-day timeline

    SEE MORE: Daily Politics’ celebrity takes

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    Richard Madeley: ‘I hate the sight of the burqa’

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    2 Responses to “Richard Madeley in support of Tony Blair. Well said, Richard. Now sign the petition”

    1. Richard W. Symonds Says:

      So, our present Prime Minister operated outside international law, with profound sincerity and conviction. That just makes him a profoundly sincere international outlaw with convictions.

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        Hi Mr Symonds,

        Sorry, I’m just catching up with comments I’ve missed when they first came in, yours being one of them.

        Not all that bothered about our ‘present prime minister’, actually. What’s his name, anyway?

        International Law is an ever-moving, often ignored creature, under the influence of the prevailing mood. And the prevailing mood is determined by the mood music, which is determined by the press. Thus some moan about Iraq when they didn’t raise an utterance about Kosovo – both outside international law.

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