British Jazz great, John Dankworth is dead

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    7th February, 2010

    One of Britain’s Jazz Greats – musician, arranger and brilliant composer John Dankworth is with us no more.

    Johnny Dankworth (1927-2010)

    Sir John Phillip William Dankworth, CBE (20th September 1927 – 6th February 2010), known in his early career as Johnny Dankworth, was an English jazz composer, saxophonist and clarinetist.

    Sir John Dankworth plays his saxophone at Buckingham Palace, London, Thursday, March 2, 2006, after receiving a knighthood from the Queen British bandleader, composer and jazz saxophonist Sir John Dankworth has died. (THE ASSOCIATED PRESS/Andrew Parsons, Pool)

    Times obituary

    We’ll miss you John, and so will music.


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    One Response to “British Jazz great, John Dankworth is dead”

    1. Grundoon Says:

      I remember this musician and the lovely Cleo Laine. Took me a minute to realize just who it was until I watched the video. The music world is the poorer for it.

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