Pierce Brosnan – A Total Pillock, A TOTAL Pillock (on The Ghost/Polanski & Blair)

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    9th February, 2010

    Brosnan on Blair – “A total puppet. A total puppet.”

    C/W Blair Supporter (and former Brosnan ‘Bond’ fan) on Brosnan –

    A total pillock. A TOTAL pillock

    Interview: Pierce Brosnan on Polanski, Percy, and R-Patz

    Excerpt from interview:

    I was under the impression that in the book, your character Adam Lang was supposed to be a thinly veiled version of Tony Blair. I thought yours had a twist of George W. Bush in there as well.

    On Blair

    PB: Well, I certainly didn’t go to Bush within it; I kept front and foremost Tony Blair and [David] Cameron and those people, and the rest was just me and my imagination – what if I were a Prime Minister and first and foremost, the great pretender, the great [performer]? And the vortex and the crisis that this man is in at this point in his life and the sham of his life and his leadership – that’s what intrigued me.

    Once I was off the hook, and I realized that I wasn’t going to be doing a Tony Blair impersonation or trying to be like Tony Blair – Michael Sheen had already done that – you know, I just had great fun with it. There was a real sense of irony to the character, and there was humor, and I’d like to think there was some heart to the man, and that his life was a bit of a sham, really, and he knows it and he knows that he’s absolutely hamstrung without his wife, and to… have so little to really fight for, that’s what kind of I tried to bring to the work… Once the camera starts rolling, the performance starts pouring out of him — the populist [who] wanted to be charming, wanted to be loved and to be witty, but absolutely has no f*ckin’ idea how to run a country. Absolutely none whatsoever. A total puppet. A total puppet.


    On Polanski

    What was your reaction when you heard about Polanski’s arrest? Were you concerned that the movie would never see the light of day?

    PB: No, I wasn’t, actually. I wasn’t concerned for that. I was concerned for him, as a man and as someone who had become a friend. And, you know, I hoped for closure, I still hope for closure for him and for all parties concerned. I think what happened back then was wrong in every way, and I think he certainly would like to have closure.

    Ed: Closure? Closure on Polanski’s paedophilia conviction? But this pillock doesn’t hope for closure on Blair’s political decision, clearly.

    Hat tip to John Rentoul


    Take a peep at the titles of Brosnan’s Bond films

    Perhaps when this actor learns a little more about REAL politics and stops regurgitating his “friend” Polanski’s ‘thoughts’, Golden Eye will notice that Tomorrow Never Comes, The World Is Not Enough and we all expect to Die Another Day.

    You’re welcome to the plug.

    Meanwhile Brosnan remains a pillock.

    [Add this guy to my earlier cast of misfits – Polanski,  Stephen Frears, Robert Harris]

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