Jenny Tonge and Lauren Booth – Traitors to Britain – Slaves of Iran’s Press TV

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    17th February, 2010

    Hat tip to Atlas Shrugs

    Last Friday the Liberal Democrats dumped their House of Lords health spokesperson Baroness Jenny Tonge for her “wholly unacceptable” accusations against Israel.

    Tonge had called for an inquiry into claims that the Israeli troops and aid workers deployed in Haiti were involved in trafficking human organs.  At first party leader Nick Clegg refused to discipline her. By the next day she was gone. Clegg said, “the comments were wrong, distasteful and provocative.”

    Interviewed by a another Iran supporter the be-scarved Lauren Booth (sister-in-law of the genuine [Sierra Leone], proven [Kosovo] and here at home too [Northern Ireland] peace-maker Tony Blair) Ms Tonge tells a little story.

    Can’t imagine why, but I’m sure there are a million little stories to be told on ALL sides.

    “Make them crawl, make them suffer”, she says.  So unlike the Palestinian approach to Israelis, presumably, Ms Tonge. That, by contrast, is only peace and light and love, is it not? NOT is the word you’re looking for here.

    From this site (and don’t say I refuse to let a million flowers bloom) comes this on the “outspoken critic of Israel’s inhumane conduct against the Palestinians” – she was “promptly removed from her post on Saturday for comments she made on 11th February to the Jewish Chronicle about Israel’s role in human organ trafficking from the quake-stricken Haiti.”

    None of Tonge’s myopia regarding the cause of the Palestinians and against the case of the Israelis is new. The video of the Booth interview of Tonge for Iran’s state-sponsored Press TV was made almost exactly ONE YEAR AGO.

    Return visit soon, ladies? Scarves at the ready… BOTH of you this time.


    Asked about her controversial comments in 2004, when she expressed an understanding of a suicide bomber after being subjected to the constant humiliations the Palestinians go through, she ridiculed media allegations that she was inciting acts of terror.

    “The constant humiliation that has gone on for decades in Palestine….Even after a week, I was feeling depressed and angry, humiliated myself. And I thought that if I was in that situation trying to bring up my family and that happened every day…, I might, if I had been a Palestinian and a Muslim, which of course I am neither of those, I might have considered being one [suicide bomber] myself actually.”

    “It is absolutely useless condemning acts of terror, like cold suicide bombing without actually going to the roots and understanding why they do it.”

    She stressed that she had never regretted that statement and that she had received thousands of support letters.

    She added that she had received a telephone call from the then-Liberal Democratic leader, Charles Kennedy, and had been told that unless she withdrew her comments she would be removed from the frontbench.

    [ED: I just wonder why it took her party so long to shift her. Principled opposition to her views or a general election in the offing?]

    Tonge was elected to the House of Commons in 1997 and in the same year she was also elected as the Shadow Secretary of  State for International Development. She was elevated to the UK House of Lords in 2005.

    ‘International Development’, eh? If we hang on for a bit, the girls might make it a threesome. There is another one promoted beyond her capabilities who is eligible to join them on the Iran TV sofa. Provided, that is, she leaves the bottle behind in London. They’re kind of tough on female transgressors in Iran.  And after three shorts(!) they have been known to execute boozers, Ms Clare.


    Atlas Shrugs also mentions this here – ‘Nazi Baroness on Nazi TV’

    Back in the day when these titles were created, those who hobnobbed with the enemy were beheaded at the Tower or imprisoned in walled-off towers of castles with small holes for dry bread and water.

    But today, these titled traitors and haters are stars on the enemy propaganda station. Bring back the good old days.

    Two Barren-nesses chatting on Press TV VIDEO Baroness Tonge hat tip Armaros

    Jenny Tonge interviewed by Lauren Booth, her fellow Palestine Telegraph patron, on Iran’s Press TV, which is a purveyor of Holocaust denial poison.

    Being fired for Jew hatred is a badge of honor among this century’s nazi set.


    1. Blair steps up Middle East mission

    2. Former Presidents Clinton & Bush officials on cyber-attack

    3. Ahmadinejad installing more centrifuges – Clinton warns of Arms Race


    Iran’s president announced Tuesday that his country is installing more advanced centrifuges at its main uranium enrichment facility, even as U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton warned of an arms race if Iran acquires a nuclear bomb.

    President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told a news conference the new centrifuges are not yet operational but are five times more efficient than an earlier model at its Natanz enrichment plant — news of major concern to the U.S. and its allies because at higher levels the enriched uranium they produce can be used in nuclear warheads.



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    4 Responses to “Jenny Tonge and Lauren Booth – Traitors to Britain – Slaves of Iran’s Press TV”

    1. Little Ole American Says:

      These women are a disgrace to their gender AND to my intelligence. Clearly, they are anti-semitic and are using Islam as their platform to spout hatred and encourage violence. Idiots.

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