Who Is Binyam Mohamed, poor human? A committed Al Qaeda terrorist. PROOF.

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    17th February, 2010

    BINYAM MOHAMED is in fact a committed terrorist who was deployed on a plot to kill hundreds, possibly thousands, of innocent people here in the United States. Binyam Mohamed was Jose Padilla’s partner in a KSM plot to blow up apartment buildings in a major American city using natural gas.

    From National Review Online comes this: “Who Is Binyam Mohammed?”, by Marc Thiessen. Mr Thiessen refers to this post by Andy McCarthy“Binyam Mohamed. Is That All There Is?”

    It is worth linking the threads and history, just so you know. Believe me, you have NO IDEA if you only read AND TRUST the British press and human righters on Mohamed.

    [Hat tip – Is That ALL There Is? and Who Is Binyam Mohamed?]

    McCarthy: ‘Binyam Mohammed is an al Qaeda terrorist who planned, with his would-be partner Jose Padilla (the “Dirty Bomber”) to carry out mass-murder attacks in U.S. cities as part of a 9/11 “second wave.”  (More here.)

    From McCarthy’s March 2009 article –

    “Let’s imagine we’ve captured a highly trained terrorist al-Qaeda was attempting to embed in the United States, à la Mohamed Atta and company, to carry out mass-murder attacks in American cities. Here’s the problem: The hypothetical suggested in the opening paragraph, is not hypothethical: It is the real case of a real jihadist, an Ethiopian named Binyam Mohammed. And, rejecting both military and civilian justice, the Obama administration has come up with its own third way: releasing him.”

    Unlike Padilla, who was prosecuted on (tangentially related) terrorism charges and is now serving a lengthy (albeit not lengthy enough) sentence, Mohammed was released by the Obama administration, under great pressure from British authorities.

    Mohammed is a cause celebre in the U.K. — where he is living free and clear — because he made “torture” allegations against the CIA.  Our military prosecutors wanted to try him for war crimes, but the Brits did not want a public trial — and neither, I imagine, did parts of our intelligence community — for fear that they’d be branded “torturers” in the press (which, naturally, happened anyway). So we released him, and of course he has had the vigorous support of the ususal suspects in pursuing civil suits demanding that details of his “torture” be revealed.’


    That’s it.  No water-boarding, no beating, no slapping around.  Mohammed was not even stuck in a box with a caterpillar. Just sleep-deprivation (carefully monitored to avoid doing real damage), shackling (not in a stress position), and playing on his fear that he would be taken out of the custody of the U.S. (you know, the torturers) and handed over to some less solicitous country.

    To the Brits, the Eurocrats, the American Left, and transnational progressives everywhere, this is somehow “tantamount to torture” because it amounts to “cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment.” Of course, it’s not anywhere close to being torture.


    We can’t deprive a would-be mass-murderer of sleep?  He was trying to deprive us of a lot more than sleep.  Over this nonsense — which we had to know would come out anyway — we’ve let him free to go back to the jihad?  A guy who tried to kill hundreds, if not thousands, of Americans?  That’s how we uphold our “values”?  Whose values?

    Back to Marc Thiessen’s post

    ‘Who Is Binyam Mohammed?’ – by Marc Thiessen.

    As always, Andy McCarthy hits the ball out of the park with his post on the “disclosures” ordered by a British court about the CIA’s treatment of al-Qaeda terrorist Binyam Mohammed. This has been a non-story in the United States, but it is front-page news in the U.K. These classified paragraphs were supposed to show incontrovertible evidence that the CIA brutally tortured Binyam Mohammed. In fact, they show no such thing.

    There seems to be a pattern here, where the Left hypes some top-secret document that will finally prove their case, once and for all, that the CIA committed egregious abuses. The anticipation builds, the press hypes the story, there are leaks about what the document supposedly says, but when the document finally comes out . . . it completely deflates their case. This was what happened with the CIA Inspector General’s report, which was supposed to prove a) a pattern of systemic CIA abuse and b) that the CIA program did not work. Instead, it proved the opposite. Now history repeats itself with these disclosures from the U.K. (Here are the graphs from the U.K. Foreign Office. Judge for yourselves.)

    For the record, let’s review who Binyam Mohammed really is. He is painted in the British press as a poor victim, but as I detail in Courting Disaster, he is in fact a committed terrorist who was deployed on a plot to kill hundreds, possibly thousands, of innocent people here in the United States.

    Binyam Mohammed was Jose Padilla’s partner in a KSM plot to blow up apartment buildings in a major American city using natural gas. He and Padilla met with KSM in Pakistan after the 9/11 attacks to discuss the plot and receive instructions from al-Qaeda’s operational commander. They were trained in how to seal an apartment to trap the natural gas and to prepare an explosion using that gas that would destroy the building. KSM specifically instructed them to ensure that the explosives went off at a point high enough to prevent the people trapped in the floors above from escaping out the windows. KSM’s right-hand man, Ammar al-Baluchi, gave them cash and travel documents. And the night before their departure from Pakistan to carry out the mission, KSM, Ammar, and Ramzi Bin al-Shibh hosted a farewell dinner for the two terrorists — a send-off to America from the men responsible for the destruction of Sept. 11, 2001.

    Both men were subsequently captured. But instead of prosecuting Binyam Mohammed — either by military commission or in federal court — the Obama administration released him to the U.K., where he has become a cause célèbre of the Left.

    Given what he planned to do, and the intelligence he possessed, the techniques detailed in these paragraphs are quite mild. Remember that these techniques were employed by the CIA in an escalating fashion, beginning with the least coercive first and culminating in waterboarding. Based on what the U.K. released, Mohammed clearly didn’t get very far. He basically gave in with very limited EITs — as most detainees did.

    This is a man who should be in a prison cell in Guantanamo today. Thanks to the Obama administration, he’s a British celebrity.


    ‘Brave Women in Islam (jihad Nasheed)’ – Video

    (That’s what it says – “brave women”)


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    4 Responses to “Who Is Binyam Mohamed, poor human? A committed Al Qaeda terrorist. PROOF.”

    1. margaret walters Says:

      We should send him back to Ethiopia or extradite him for trial to Afghanistan if there is the evidence to prosecute

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        Ah, but we can’t, can we, Margaret? Why not? Because such countries would NOT guarantee to look after his HUMAN rights!

        And that is the problem, even if some of us don’t necessarily accept that he should be treated as “human”.

        But there we go – a debate that the PC in this country, press and others, will not permit us to have. It’s their irrational bottom line – and WE are all under it.

    2. Judgement: Regina (Binyam Mohamed) v Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs « Tony Blair Says:

      […] so you know, my American friends, it’s all the fault of the […]

    3. Charita Rashad Says:

      At least he didn’t get arrested in Arizona. They have some of the most severe penalties in the US. Read about the penalties enforced under Arizona DUI law, not too pretty.

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