Smile please, ‘Troof’ Seekers. Geert Wilders is ON TRIAL for telling the truth

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    18th February, 2010


    Of course you knew that, didn’t you? How could you not?  I mean, hasn’t it been all over the papers since 20th January this year?

    Er… SORRY. MY PROFUSE APOLOGIES.  Of course it hasn’t.

    From ‘Geert Wilders on Trial’ website:

    ‘The 20th of January 2010 will be a crucial day for defending our freedom. This is the day when the political trial against Geert Wilders will start. Yesterday, Geert Wilders was summoned by the Public Prosecution Service (PPS) on behalf of the Court of Justice of Amsterdam.

    The indictment reads: group insult of Muslims, incitement to hatred and discrimination against Muslims due to their religion and incitement to hatred and discrimination against non-western immigrants and / or Moroccans due to their race.’

    If this trial convicts Wilders YOU may well be next. After all, you ARE a free European in a free country in a free continent, aren’t you? Free speech, and all that? But DARE to express your thoughts on a religious/political creed which at its most fundamental interpretation and practice wishes to terrorise you, your country and your continent into submission, and you could find yourself sharing prison grub with Mr Wilders.


    This man will –

    Pat Condell’s thoughts on the Geert Wilders Case (7:51)

    Uploaded on 12th February, this youtube video has had only 243 views so far. I expect if it had been about Binyam Mohamed we could have added three zeros at the end.

    I do not agree with Pat Condell’s aside that this it is only the present government that has turned a blind eye to Islamist terror and the accompanying creeping Islamisation of our country (and continent.)  None of the main opposition parties has raised a whimper of complaint about the government policy of  dhimmitude. The Conservative party and OF COURSE the wimpish civil righting and habitually wrong Liberal Democrats have at varying times even accused the present government of being too heavy-handed on issues arising from our fear of upsetting and insulting those who moved here for such liberal rights as freedom of speech including freedom to insult and to be insulted.

    So Condell’s words are a little facile, imho. But generally, here is a man who gets it:

    “And you know that smell,  it’s that pungent mix of authoritarianism and cowardice that we all become depressingly familiar with.  Certainly here in Britain we know all about it. We’ve had twelve years of it. And we haven’t forgotten the shameful events of this time last year when Mr Wilders was refused entry to Britain because our government allowed itself to be bullied and threatened by a handful of Muslim loudmouths who took it upon themselves to suppress free speech in a free country AND were allowed to get away with it because otherwise they might have been offended.”

    Personally I have never, repeat never noticed any government authoritarianism, though I have noticed cowardice. But on immigration and integration/multiculturalism, the previous Conservative government too operated an open-door policy. Islamist fundamentalism, and even terrorism has been around in this world for MORE THAN FORTY YEARS. And here in Britain it has found fertile land into which to lay its roots.

    (Don’t believe me about the 40 years? See here – ‘The War on Islamic Terror Has Been Going on Since 1968′. I will also paste it here below.



    May, 2002: Pim Fortuyn stood for limiting immigration into the Netherlands. He was a hot favourite in the then upcoming election.

    Some time ago I wrote here about the attacks on prominent public figures and on freedom in the Netherlands (as well as on some illiberal goings-on here in Britain.) It was clear to me that the failure of Britain, the Netherlands and all of Europe to deal with this issue was impacting on ALL of us.

    In case you are about to blame recent western policy in the Middle East, the first abomination was perpetrated in a free European country before the Iraq war (of March 2003).

    On 6th May, 2002, controversial Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn was shot dead

    A flamboyant politician of the Right, Fortuyn wanted to limit immigration into Holland. He was killed as he left a radio station in Hilversum, just 9 days before a general election in which his party was expected to do well. 

    For this prospect he had to die.

    Murder is the silencer. Murder works in Holland.

    [Pic: A few minutes after leaving a radio recording studio, Pim Fortuyn lay dead, shot five times by a white, Dutch animal rights activist, who said in court that he was “defending” Muslims.]

    What is even MORE shocking –  he wasn’t killed by a Muslim.

    Telegraph report, 28th March 2003:

    ‘A Left-wing activist confessed in court yesterday to Holland’s first political assassination in 400 years, claiming that he shot Pim Fortuyn to defend Dutch Muslims from persecution.

    Volkert van der Graaf, 33, a vegan animal rights campaigner, said he alone was responsible for killing the maverick protest leader last May, days before a general election in which the Fortuyn List party vaulted into second place and shattered Holland’s consensus.

    Facing a raucous court on the first day of his murder trial, he said his goal was to stop Mr Fortuyn exploiting Muslims as “scapegoats” and targeting “the weak parts of society to score points” to try to gain political power.

    He said: “I confess to the shooting. He was an ever growing danger who would affect many people in society. I saw it as a danger. I hoped that I could solve it myself.”‘

    BUT I WASN’T A DUTCH POLITICIAN… and I did not speak out…

    So we put Fortuyn’s murder down to a rogue fundamentalist, a one-off, hardly typical. He was not even a Muslim. It was not worthy of us, or deserving of anyone, that we should extend blame by association or encourage the learning of lessons.  We missed the gradual brainwashing that has been ongoing amongst over-exuberant liberals.  A brainwashing that meant that many of us in Europe blame our own countries for the evils perpetrated against us.

    Today another politician who thinks in similar terms to Mr Fortuyn is up in court. Clearly the killer of Fortuyn and those who agree with him have won the argument.


    In 2004, again in the Netherlands, in the second “political murder” in 400 years (of course it was ‘political’), the filmmaker Theo Van Gogh met his violent end at the hands of an Islamist killer.

    Theo Van Gogh, filmmaker and descendant of the artist Vincent Van Gogh, was ritually murdered in an Amsterdam street in 2004. His crime? Making a film called “Submission” (the meaning of “Islam”) which portrayed Islamic violence against women.

    For this he had to die.

    theo_van_gogh_murdered_by_religion_of_peace[Pic: Theo Van-Gogh was murdered in an Amsterdam Street after exposing treatment of women by fundamentalist strands of Islam.]

    The film-maker was ritually slaughtered in Amsterdam. He was shot, his throat was cut, and he was stabbed with two weapons. A note from his killer was pinned with one of the knives sunk into his body. It threatened a Somali-born Dutch MP, a colleague of the murdered man. She is now under 24 hour guard.

    This atrocity occurred in broad daylight in Holland’s capital city. His killer was a member of the “religion of peace”. Mohammed Bouyeri was sentenced to 27 years in 2005. He has joint Dutch-Moroccan nationality, and had made a courtroom confession vowing to do the same again if given the chance.

    In court, clutching a copy of the Koran, Bouyeri said: “the law compels me to chop off the head of anyone who insults Allah and the prophet.”

    BUT I WAS NOT AN ARTIST… and I did not speak out…

    Today, in the land of their births and violent deaths, a shameful trial is taking place.  The defendant, politician Geert Wilders already believes his rights in this trial are being denied him. Perhaps if his name was Binyam, and he was a resident and not a citizen, it’d be quite a different story.

    Geert Wilders is under 24 hour guard. If he is found not guilty and is released there is little doubt that that level of protection will continue – IN HIS OWN LAND AND OUT OF IT. Is this what freedom brings to its EU citizens in the 21st century?


    What are BRITISH politicians saying about this? The killings? The trial? And what are our FREEDOM LOVING activists doing about it?

    Zilch. Nada. Nothing.

    Perhaps they’ll say and do something when they come for one of ours. Then again, perhaps not.

    First they came for Pim Fortuyn, then they came for Theo Van Gogh. Who will be next?

    Wilders? Blair?

    While the British, Dutch, European press continues to operate in this way, demonizing those of whom they disapprove politically, such as Geert Wilders will remain under 24 hour protection. I believe that here in Britain Tony Blair too falls into that category. The calls online for his death on comment pages and blogs, which go on without sanction,  have made that perfectly clear.  After all “Muslims need to be protected”. Don’t they?

    AND THEN… THERE WAS NO-ONE LEFT… to speak for me.



    From Gates of Vienna – Here we see how the Dutch mass media demonizes Geert Wilders in much the same way they did to Pim Fortuyn, which resulted in his murder.

    The War on Islamic Terror Has Been Going on Since 1968

    By: C. Read

    Before Hitler there was Mohammad. Mohammad mastered the language, the excessive nonsense of Fascist ideology by posing fascist ideals in the dress of a religion. Fascism’s labels have changed – Islam, Nazism, Communism, Francoism, Peronism, and assorted varieties have existed, but irregardless of the label, the intent of Fascism has always been the same – the destruction of the modern world and the imposition of an elite managed utopia. Fascist Islam poses the most radical threat to Western civilisation, and much like Nazism or Communism, its aim is to destroy our modern world and create a slave state based on improbably fascistic ideals propagated by a 7th century racist, cruel, greedy and corrupt politician.

    The war by fascist Islam against civilisation commenced in 622, and has rarely shown a lack of energy or purpose. It is only in recent years and especially since 2001, that the world’s consciousness, in part, has been moved to recognise this threat against civilisation. Sadly only a minority of the modern world has been convinced that a war exists, and that a war against fascist Islamic elements is necessary. This is dangerous. The entire resources of the modern world must be brought against Islam’s radical sects that want to wipe out Western civilisation and impose Talibanic governance. Yet most people in the West are indifferent, afraid or unconvinced.

    This could turn out to be a tragedy. Each year extremist Islam kills thousands of non-Muslims and Muslims. Much of the carnage is not only Western oriented but designed to target civilians and destroy civil society. The indiscriminate butchery has not abated and only intensifies with modern technology. Defeating theocratic fascism, whether embedded in Hitler’s Germany or a decayed and broken Middle East, mandates war on their territory. The West cannot allow defeatists, appeasers, and irrational emotionalists to destroy its resolve and succumb to the Islamic threat.

    There is certainly enough evidence of Islamic intentions to destroy the modern world. The list of Islamic violence against civilisation is impressive. Outside of assassinating civilians in New York, Bali, Buenos Aires, Roma, London, Milano, Moscow, and Madrid amongst others, the Islamo-fascists are or have been recently engaged in armed struggles including:

    -A murderous and continuous war of terrorism against Israel.

    -In The Sudan during the past 20 years, a Muslim government has killed over two million Christians and Animists in the south.

    -Algeria is wracked by bitter fighting between Islamic Fundamentalists and the military.

    -Nigeria is in the midst of a civil war between Moslems and Christians.

    -In Kenya the Islamic Party has declared Holy War on the government.

    -Khaddaffi and his Libyan army have carried out numerous military excursions into neighbouring Chad, and, like Afghanistan and Iran, Libya is still a base for terrorist plots.

    -In Turkey the secular Muslim government is being challenged by the militant Refah Islamic Party.

    -A war rages between Christian Ethiopia and Muslim Eritrea.

    – Christian Armenians attacked by Muslim Azerbaijanis.

    – Muslims in Chechnya, Daghestan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan have ignited insurrection against the pro-Russian regimes.

    – Muslim – Christian conflicts in the Balkans have resulted in a Bosnian Muslim statelet and Albanian – Serbian tensions that could reignite a war.

    – A drug network partially based in Lebanon with affiliations worldwide which continues to fund Islamic aggression and which is itself a violent and dangerous network.

    -Syria, Iran and Saudi Arabia along with Egyptian groups are spending about U$3-5 billion per annum funding various programs of terror and education worldwide.

    -Muslims have slaughtered villages of Christians in Indonesia, Timor and the Philippines.

    These are the abstract levels of violence. Death threats, beheadings, razor blades against necks pressing for conversion, female slavery, adolescent pubic mutilations, stonings, religious police and violent denunciations of jewish pigs and western imperialists along with cowardly murders of civilians all bring into focus the absurdity but lethality of this political philosophy. Ignoring such evidence is beyond nescient.

    The list of terrorist committed atrocities since 1968 is long, most of the actions are attributable to Islam, and the West to its danger, ignores the clear signals and signs of fascist violence.

    Brief Synopsis of terrorist actions since 1968


    •July 23rd – Three members of Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine hijack an El Al plane to Rome.

    •November 22nd – Twelve people were killed at a bombing in the market in Jerusalem.


    • February 18th An El Al aircraft in Zurich Switzerland was attacked, the co-pilot was killed.

    • February 21st were killed and eight injured in a bomb blast in Jerusalem.

    • August 29th A TWA 707 was hijacked by Palestinian terrorist to Damascus.

    • September 29th – A TWA plane flying from Rome to Lodi Italy was hijacked to Damascus.

    • November 27th- The El Al office in Athens attacked and innocent bystanders killed.


    • February 10th. A bus carrying passengers to an a plane is attacked by Palestinian terrorist at the Munich airport.

    • February 21st- A Swissair plane on a flight to Israel is blown up in mid air by Palestinian terrorists.

    • April 21st- A bomb explodes aboard a Philippines airliners. All 36 aboard are killed.

    • May 22nd Eight Israeli schoolchildren are killed by Arab terrorist.

    • September 6th- An attempt is made to hijack four planes. The attempt to hijack an El Al plane fails, while three others succeed. The planes all end up in the Jordanian desert.


    • January 26th A bomb explodes on a Yugoslav plane killing all but one passenger.

    • May 30th- 24 people are killed at Lod airport by Japanese terrorist recruited by Palestinians.

    • July 21st twenty two bombs go off in downtown Belfast killing 11 people.

    • September 5th – Eleven members of the Israeli Olympic team are killed by Black September an arm of the PLO led by Arafat at the Olympic games in Munich.


    • February 23rd- Israel shoots down a Libyan plane over the Sinai desert fearing it was a flying bomb.

    • March 8th- Two IRA bombs explode in London killing one person and injuring 200.

    • August 5th- Five people are killed when a Libyan terrorist group attacks a TWA plane.


    • September 8th Libyan terrorist plant a bomb on board a TWA plane flying from Athens to Rome, all 85 passengers are killed.

    • November 21st The IRA explodes a series of bombs in Birmingham England- 21 people are killed.


    • September 30th A Hungarian airplane explodes killing all 64 persons on board.


    • January 1st-Eighty-two people are killed aboard a Lebanese plane.

    • June 24th- An Air France plane is hijacked to Uganda. Israeli later stages a daring rescue mission to free the hostages.


    • March 12th Thirty seven Israelis are killed on a bus by Palestinian terrorists.


    • April 19th -Thirteen people were killed and 177 injured in a terrorist attack in Davao Philippines.


    • August 6th- A kosher restaurant is attacked in Paris killing eight.


    • April 18th Eighty-three people are killed at the US Embassy in Beirut.

    • September 29th- A Gulf Air plane explodes killing all 166 people aboard.

    • October 29th- 241 US Marines are killed in a truck bombing in Beirut by the Islamic Jihad (controlled by Syria).


    • September 20th- The US embassy in the Beirut is bombed- 15 are killed.


    • June 23rd 345 people are killed when Sikh terrorist explode a bomb aboard an Air India 747.

    • October 7th- The Cruise ship the Achilles Laura was hijacked by Palestinian terrorists.


    • September 5th A Pan Am aircraft is hijacked by Palestinian terrorists. Twenty passengers are killed.


    • Pan Am flight 103 is blown up over Lockerbie Scotland. All 259 passengers and crew are killed.


    • The Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires is bombed and 14 die.


    • February 26th- A bomb explodes in the basement of the World Trade Center in New York. Six die and 1,000 are injured.

    • July 27th- Five are killed in a car bombing in Milan Italy.


    • March 20th- 12 people are killed when nerve gas is released in a Tokyo subway.

    • April 19th- The Murrah Federal office building is destroyed by a bomb in Oklahoma City Oklahoma killing 168.


    • August 7th – The US embassies in Nairobi Kenya and Dar es Salamm in Tanzania are bombed. Dozens die, hundreds are wounded.


    • September 11th – Attacks on New York, Washington take 3000 lives and wipe out the WTC and part of the Pentagon.


    • November 20 – Istanbul bombings kill 27 and wound 400.

    • Removal of Hussein’s regime which killed 300.000-500.000 civilians.


    • March 11 – Madrid bombings kill 191 and wounds 1800.


    • July 7 – At least 50 killed and 700 wounded in transit attacks in London.

    -1970 to 1990. During the Arafat and Muslim inspired civil war, in Lebanon 100.000 Christians and non-Muslims are killed and murdered.

    -From 2005 to now Muslim ‘youth’ have been rioting in cities in France and Denmark causing billions in damages. Muslims account for almost 2/3 of violent crime in Denmark and over 60% of rapes in France.


    In Kosovo, Muslims over the past 20 years, attacked, butchered and forced literally hundreds of thousands of Serbs to leave. Their reward? To be granted a Muslim state by the cowards running tthe EU and the US State department whilst manipulating the Western media that all violence was the result of Serb ‘fascist’ aggression.

    -2000 to 2008. Over 5.000 Jewish civilians have been killed or seriously wounded from Arab rocket attacks.

    Just since 2005 there have been almost 5.000 Muslim attacks worldwide, with almost 500.000 dead and wounded. And yet we are told by the media that it is in fact Western policy or Jewish intolerance which is to blame for this orgy of rampaging hate and blood.

    In short there is a war going on and it has been in train since 1968. In fighting a war we need to destroy fascist Islam at its source, reform our immigration and domestic security systems, and fight to protect our Judeo-Christian set of values from destruction by Islamacists and the Liberal elite.

    About the Author

    Extremists use Islam to dress up their fascism. And so goes the idea that the association of these two is inaccurate, offensive, and even to some as counterproductive.

    (ArticlesBase SC #383049)

    Article Source: War on Islamic Terror Has Been Going on Since 1968

    Back to where you were – ‘First They came for Fortuyn’.


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    5 Responses to “Smile please, ‘Troof’ Seekers. Geert Wilders is ON TRIAL for telling the truth”

    1. Melanie Phillips & her quandary over Tony Blair « Tony Blair Says:

      […] Geert Wilders is on Trial in the Netherlands […]

    2. Little Ole American Says:

      What a powerful post!

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        Thanks, LOA.

        I try to link to other sites to back up my thoughts, which is not what those who see ALL of Islam as completely innocent bother to do. Those who ‘KNOW’ that the west is wrong in all of this. Probably because the only links they could send us to actually move the goalposts and go off at a tangent – such as the New World Order, the 9/11 Inside Job, the fact that Blair is now a millionaire, the fact that he’s a catholic and his wife goes in for alternative medicine. You know the stuff.

        None of it proves anything apart from the fact that they are all conspiracy theorists.

        And none of it EVER disproves my contention that answering to the calls of a political/religion to KILL others is not quite civilised. Even if it is only a tiny percentage of Muslims doing this, and it is, turning a blind eye is NOT the way to deal with it.

        We’ve tried that. Didn’t work.

    3. Celeste Pickron Says:

      Hi there may I use some of the insight here in this blog if I link back to you?

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