David Cameron, PMQs – “Any closer and they’ll start kissing” – (Brown/Darling)

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    24th February, 2010

    David Cameron at PMQs – “Any closer and they’ll start kissing”

    Yes, I did laugh. David Cameron hit the spot in Prime Minister’s Questions in his reference to the “forces of hell” coming down upon the chancellor Alistair Darling. And Gordy and Aly were certainly snuggling closer than I can ever recall Blair and his chancellor (Brown, for those who’ve forgotten!)

    The canoodling was a little too pointed, imho.  I am not convinced.

    An earlier picture of the love birds of Downing Street, Brown and his Darling.

    The Speaker was also in the mood. He warned a rowdy house – “If honourable members do not stop shouting I may have to ring some sort of helpline myself – or suspend the sitting.”

    Brown, to be fair, did score right at the start when he said that Cameron’s mention of the chancellor was his first thoughts on the economy for weeks.

    As PMQs drew to a close a Tory backbench MP had another go. Reminding the house that Brown’s predecessor had referred to the present prime minister as a big clunking fist, he asked “Did he mean it literally?”


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