Who said (recently): “education, education, education”?

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    24th February, 2010

    Question, who said – “Education, education education”?

    Answer: King Abdullah ll of Jordan, in a CNN interview on 7th February

    [The one that probably sprang to your mind is here (below)]

    Middle East peace

    Beth Day Romulo

    At a time when the much-desired two-state solution, with separate states for Israel and Palestine, seems on the back burner of most diplomats’ minds, I listened, with interest, to a TV interview by Fareed Zakaria with King Abdullah of Jordan, who made an impassioned plea for the two-state solution as the only viable means to Middle East peace. “We are wishing for the United States undivided attention,” the King said, “to move the process forward in the next few months.” Otherwise, he indicated, the US will lose credibility in the Middle East. He admitted that President Barack Obama was committed to the two-state solution, but so many other issues have demanded his attention.

    “Jordan,” he said emphatically, “does not want the West Bank” referring to the so-called “Jordan option.”

    “The only viable option is the two-state solution.”

    What about what is going on in Israel today? He was asked. “We can live with it,” was his answer.

    The King said, he had met with Simon Peres, the president of Israel, and that Peres agreed with him.

    “But Israel can only think of security today,” he added, referring to Prime Minister Netanyahu’s hard line position toward the West Bank and Hamas.

    What about Iran interfering?

    “The core issues is Israel and Palestine,” the King persisted. But can you live with Iran if it goes nuclear? He was asked.

    “Why need weapons if the Middle East is at peace?” the King argued. We have been battling al-Qaeda long before 9/11. “Jordan already had its 9/11. I’m trying to create a strong middle class, and improve our economy.”

    But how do you respond to the fact there is no action being taken now?

    “Don’t take ‘No’ for an answer,” the King replied firmly. Don’t be intimidated by opponent’s ideas. It comes down to education, education, education!”

    Like his father, King Hussein, before him, King Abdullah is a peace-maker. Unlike some other Arab leaders, he fervently believes that the two-state solution is essential, not only for his own country’s peace and prosperity, but for that of the entire region.

    Video of CNN interview here at Newshoggers – Ignore the unenlightened “I stopped listening when John Yoo appeared”. Education requires an open, broad mind.


    The long-term relationship, between Tony Blair & King Abdullah of Jordan

    Tony Blair with King Abdullah II in Riyadh, January 2008

    Hat tip here – excerpt:

    ‘President Obama has indicated his desire to prioritise Middle East peace by sending George Mitchell to the region as a special envoy. Tony Blair has also been working feverishly behind the scenes for nearly two years now in his role as a special representative of the quartet. So what exactly have Mitchell, Blair and others been doing all this time. I believe that as part of an overall peace plan they have been journeying to Arab capitals attempting to convince Arab leaders to sign up to a deal that includes universal Arab recognition of Israel in exchange for a complete Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank including settlements. There is one obvious problem with this. How could an Arab leader sell to his people a deal that recognises Israel when they have tolerated and even encouraged for so long the type of anti Semitic rhetoric described in the above article.’

    See “Life” February 2007 picture of Tony Blair with King Abdullah of Jordan here

    LONDON – FEBRUARY 28: King Abdullah II of Jordan (L) walks with British Prime Minister Tony Blair as he arrives for a meeting at 10 Downing Street February 28, 2007 in London, England. The current situation in the Middle East and King Abdullah’s recent conversations with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert were discussed, according to reports. 

    Another picture here, November, 2001

    King Abdullah II of Jordan (Wikipedia)

    20th Feb 2010 – Blair hopes Middle East talks resume within weeks

    VIDEO – Tony Blair to conference before he was elected in 1997, for the first of three times, “Education, education, education”

    “Ask me my three main priorities for government and I tell you education, education, and education.” Tony Blair’s rallying cries in bringing New Labour to power were promises to transform public services. “Twenty-four hours to save our National Health Service.” His vision, an end to the struggle of nationalization versus privatization. Instead, what mattered was what works. Targets and league tables arrived; citizens became consumers; the watchword was choice as public and private became blurred.

    But it quickly became clear that reform was to be far more difficult than he’d envisaged. “You try getting change, you know, in the public sector and public services, and, you know, I bear the scars on my back after two years in government.” Spending on education and particularly health accelerated. A second election landslide showed the public still backed him. But Tony Blair was haunted by the D-word, delivery. He declared all out war on those who would thwart his reforms. “Reformers versus wreckers. That is the battle for this parliament and it is one that we must win.”

    Just a thought – “all out war” on those who would thwart his reforms. Wonder who he could have been thinking of?

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