Shameful Farage – less class and courtesy than a feral mutt or an alley cat

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    24th February, 2010

    UPDATE, 25th Feb – Nigel Farage summoned by EU Parliament President Jerzy Buzek. He is said to consider Mr Farage’s outburst to have been “completely undignified”, believing it “crossed a line” between the right to free speech and being plain insulting.

    UK’s – UKIP’s Disgrace – Nigel Farage to EU President Van Rompuy:

    “I don’t want to be rude, but — who ARE you? … nobody in Europe has ever heard of you”

    Farage: “We were told that when we had a president we’d see a giant global political figure. The man would be the political leader for 500 million people. The man would represent all of us on the world stage … well, I’m afraid what we got was you.  And,  I’m sorry but after that performance earlier that you gave, and I don’t want to be rude, but … but you know, really, you have the charisma of a damp rag and the appearance of a low-grade bank clerk. And the question that I want to ask, the question that I want to ask, that we’re all gonna ask is – who ARE you?”

    Farage also went on to insult Belgian Mr Van Rompuy’s home country too.

    It was unfair of me to compare Farage to a cat or dog in the title to this post. Apologies. To both. Both faithful creatures out-class this Farage idiot. Any spare down-and-out spaces outside the EU parliament?

    This Farage man is a disgrace. Farage is NO FAN OF EUROPE. In fact he hates it. He only stood as an MEP in order to rudely go and proclaim his hatred there. If he can’t be sacked he should be banned from the chamber until he learns how to behave like these three. Shut the hell up, Farage. You don’t speak for me.

    Don’t get the impression that Farage would have been happy with Tony Blair as EU Council President, by the way – though Blair is the only one of the EU candidates who would have be seen as a “giant global figure”. He can’t stand him either. Remember this?

    Tony Blair gets busted

    In June 2006, at the end of the 6 month British presidency of the EU, Tony Blair was confronted by Nigel Farage, the leader of UKIP. The lack of applause in the last 20 seconds and the shaking of heads tells us who was isolated in Europe and it wasn’t Blair or Britain.

    Tirade against ‘damp rag’ EU president shocks MEPs

    A British Eurosceptic MEP has unleashed a volley of insults against the President of the European Council.

    Nigel Farage, who leads UK Independence Party (UKIP) MEPS in the European parliament, said Herman van Rompuy had “the charisma of a damp rag”.

    He compared the former Belgian prime minister to a “low-grade bank clerk” and said he came from a “non-country”.

    The attack, which stunned the chamber, came as Mr Von Rompuy made his maiden appearance in parliament in Brussels.

    “I don’t want to be rude,” Mr Farage began, before launching into a personal attack lasting several minutes.

    “Who are you? I’d never heard of you, nobody in Europe had ever heard of you,” Mr Farage thundered, as noisy disapproval at his intervention in the chamber rose.

    ‘Competent and dangerous’

    “Oh, I know democracy is not popular with you lot,” he said, addressing the members of parliament as they voiced their surprise.


    Van Rompuy insulted in parliament:

    Mr Farage’s outburst, which was rounded off with a back-handed compliment that Mr Van Rompuy was also “competent and capable and dangerous,” was immediately criticised by his colleagues.

    Joseph Daul, head of the centre-right EPP party, suggested the UK should leave the EU as it is apparently not pleased to be in the union.

    Socialist leader Martin Schulz said it “would be better for Mr Farage to resign.” Mr Schulz also rounded on parliament chief Jerzy Buzek, who did not intervene during Mr Farage’s speech.

    “I am very disappointed with you Mr Buzek. I expected you as president to call this person to order.”

    Mr Buzek, who indicated he had his own behind-the-scenes way of dealing with such incidents, said “character assassinations are inadmissible in the European parliament.”

    Later in the debate, Mr Van Rompuy dismissed Mr Farage’s comments. “There was one contribution that i can only hold in contempt but I’m not going to comment on that further,” he said.

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    4 Responses to “Shameful Farage – less class and courtesy than a feral mutt or an alley cat”

    1. philosofilify Says:

      Unfortunately for your case, UKIP came second in the 2009 European elections, ahead of Labour. So it would appear that most British voters would disagree with your assessment!

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        OK, phil…

        Let’s just pull out of the EU.

        They haven’t got Blair as President – the only one who could have sold it to us – so I’m getting to the stage I don’t care any more. We don’t have politicians who can argue the case (argue the case for anything much, it seems to me) so let the average prejudiced and politically ignorant punters have their way. Then let’s see how we do on our little ownsome. And that WILL happen – with the America & Israel haters, as well as EU haters in this country.

    2. Steven C. Says:

      Hi there!

      One may indeed disagree with the way Farage expresses things at times, the words chosen. Yet, he often speaks the truth. It is not the first time he has attacked Van Rompuy, by the way, here :é-pseudo-d_news

      He’s also clashed Sarkozy or Merkel – check it out on youtube! He’s defended the Irish no and the importance of referendum and how there should be a lot more of them in Europe. He’s denounced European bureaucracy’s taking decisions without ever caring what the European citizens think on the so very few occasions they have to express their opinion.

      I live and was born in Belgium. I certainly dislike Farage calling us a non-country and I so do disapprove of his language at times. But he’s right about Van Rompuy : he was not elected! And now that he’s been appointed president of the EU he earns a wage superior to that of Obama!!! So you should, we should ask oursevles the question : WHO IS THIS GUY? And given how he was picked, we are absolutely entitled to suspecting he might be dangerous!

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        My apologies Steven, for such a rude fellow-Brit as Farage.

        Listen, I have no interest in Van Rompuy, as any search at this site will show. Mr WHO? is right. We can hardly argue that. But the decision was political – mainly to keep Mr Flash (aka T Blair) out. Now Angela Merkel is captain of the ship, with Sarkozy alongside pulling hard on the oars.

        For what it’s worth I think if there had been a referendum on the EU President, Blair would have won. But I’m not too keen on referenda in principle. It’s usually the papers with the widest leadership that win, little to do with the politics of the thing. And here in Britain that’s the anti-EU Daily Mail.

        Van Rompuy looks about as dangerous as a wet rag, to coin a phrase. On the other hand, he’s Merkel’s wet rag.

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