BBC on Binyam: Was I hearing things, or did the Beeb describe it right for once?

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    26th February, 2010

    Just dashed downstairs for a quick coffee, switched on the BBC TV news and heard this at 6:15pm-ish:

    “… in the treatment of former terrorist suspect Binyam Mohamed”


    No “British resident” or “former Guantanamo Bay detainee”?

    No implanting the thought that he is British or an innocent victim of abuse at the hands of those nasty Americans?

    I almost dropped my coffee.

    Has the BBC seen the light?

    Granted I didn’t see the entire BBC bulletin, so they may have opened with the ‘British … Guantanamo’ words, which is their usual fare.

    So, I won’t hold my breath, but this is almost a first. Welcome clarity regarding for whom exactly WE in Britain seem  prepared to throw out centuries of hard-earned trust in our security services, our system of government, our legal values and our freedoms, not to mention decades of tried and proven shared trust with our close allies the Americans.

    Thank you. I almost feel like calling the Beeb “auntie” again.

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