Brown in denial: I didn’t shout “you ruined my life” to my dear friend Tony

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    Ban Blair-Baiting


    26th February, 2010

    This story won’t die while they rise to the bait.

    Reported here and here.

    Tony Blair showed them how to respond to this here the other day –

    Interviewer: Does good governance extend to behind the doors of the offices of leaders? Should presidents and prime ministers treat their staff well?

    Blair (pauses, smiling):Yes, of course, and I’m sure in the vast majority of cases that happens.

    Interviewer: And it does across the board in developed countries like Britain, does it?

    Blair: Well, I think I know what you’re referring to and I honestly … I’ve got absolutely nothing to say about that at all.

    And Peter Mandelson seems to be following Blair’s lead.

    Doesn’t the present prime minister know that there will  be a new section picked from Andrew Rawnsley’s book every few days?  Is he going to deny them all?

    Of course the end result of Blair’s “no comment” strategy is that he is NOT going to help Brown out in this denial. Checkmate.

    It’s the “don’t get angry, get even” approach.

    Gordon Brown Animation In Hong Kong Of PM Apparently Abusing And Hitting Staff (26 secs) – ALLEGEDLY

    Adam Arnold, Sky News Online

    Gordon Brown is trying to draw a line under the bullying allegations about him – but Hong Kong TV has made sure they stay in the headlines for a while longer. The Prime Minister was turned into an animated character who appeared in a news report abusing and punching staff in Downing Street.

    In the latest animation, Mr Brown shoved a worker out of the way, hitting another man in the face and then pulling a woman off a chair to get to her computer.

    Next, while in a car, the PM character punches the back of the seat in front of him and then shakes another man by the collar.

    The publication includes accounts of Mr Brown allegedly pulling a secretary from her chair, “roughly shoving” an aide, and four-letter-word rants that frightened staff.

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