Israeli PM ‘wanted for murder’ by Dubai police

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    4th March 2010

    Oh, FGS!!!

    Arrest Netanyahu for the murder of gun-runner Mahmoud al-Mabhouh a senior Hamas commander? Hamas being an outlawed organisation in most civilised countries?

    Have these people any idea how stupid they sound?

    Any time anyone is killed by a foreign government’s spy agencies are we to expect that the police of the country in which the “crime” takes place will be after the foreign country’s political leader for it?

    If so, can we shift them over here to Britain? We could do with somebody to charge Putin with the murder of Litvinenko!

    05:55 AM Mar 04, 2010

    DUBAI – Dubai police said they are seeking the arrest of Israel’s Prime Minister and the head of its spy agency over the murder of a top Hamas militant in a Dubai hotel room.

    Police chief Dahi Khalfan Tamim said he had issued the demand for the arrest warrants as he was now certain they ordered the hit on Mr Mahmoud Al Mabhouh.

    “I have presented the (Dubai) prosecutor with a request for the arrest of (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin) Netanyahu and the head of Mossad (Meir Dagan),” said Lt Gen Tamim. “I am now completely sure that it was Mossad.”

    Mr Mabhouh, a founder of the Palestinian Islamist Hamas organisation’s military wing, was found dead in a room of the Al Bustan Rotana hotel near Dubai’s airport on Jan 20.

    Dubai police have identified 26 suspects from the hit squad murder they say bore the hallmarks of the Mossad. The Hamas man had been drugged and then suffocated.

    Lt Gen Tamim said last month that Dubai would issue an arrest warrant for Mr Netanyahu if Israel was found to be implicated in the murder. Israel has neither confirmed nor denied involvement in the plot.

    Meanwhile, the right-hand man of Mr Mabhouh confirmed Israeli claims that his boss smuggled weapons from Iran to Palestinian militants in Gaza, according to an interview transcript released on Tuesday.

    The aide, Damascus-based Mohammed Nassar, spoke to Hamas’ Al Aqsa radio in Gaza.

    He and Mr Mabhouh fled Gaza in the late ’80s after capturing and killing two Israeli soldiers.

    Mr Nassar did not reveal specifics about the dealings, but said his boss “never stopped thinking about how to fight the occupation by supplying quality weapons to the Palestinian fighters”.

    “He participated with me in searching for weapons,” he said, according to the transcript.

    Mr Nassar also said Mr Mabhouh knew he was being pursued. Before he left for Dubai, the latter reportedly said: “I feel like an army is chasing me.”

    The aide warned that Hamas militants would avenge Mr Mabhouh’s killing with an attack inside Israel, but did not elaborate, saying only that it would be “soon”.

    Police said the murder suspects entered Dubai on fake passports using the identities of 12 people from Britain, six from Ireland, four from France, three Australians and a German, before fleeing the Gulf emirate.

    Australia is sending police to Israel to investigate how its passports were used in the elaborate plot.

    Britain has already sent a special police investigator to Israel to meet with eight Israeli-British dual nationals whose identities were used in the slaying. Agencies


    The wise are not in charge of Israel right now. Pardon? So Israeli and other spy agencies only kill terrorist supporters, leaders and murderers when “wise” leaders are running things? Oh, grow up.

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    5 Responses to “Israeli PM ‘wanted for murder’ by Dubai police”

    1. Israeli PM 'wanted for murder' by Dubai police « Tony Blair | Dubai for Visitors Says:

      […] post: Israeli PM 'wanted for murder' by Dubai police « Tony Blair Share with others: These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and […]

    2. Hans Zebein Says:

      So murder’s not a crime if it is sanctioned by political leaders then?
      So that’s why you think Tony Blair is innocent.

      Now it makes sense!

      You are a f2cking moron.

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        And you, Mr Zeiben, are a gentleman and a scholar! (British sarcasm, in case you misundertand.)

        The point I am making, but it’s clear that it is beyond your simplistic “thinking” is that there is NO way and never WILL be any way that security services’ murders will be stopped throughout the world. It happens all the time in non-democratic countries with NO comeback. What you are suggesting is that the world should try and convict, presumably, politicians of ANY countries which can be proved to have a “kill known terrorists and terror orgnisations’ henchmen” policy. Great! Fine! If we could also do the same with Hamas’s known killers and terrorists. But of course we can’t. They are protected by such as you, little human righters, and a self-destructive liberal legal system which is USED and ABUSED by those whose ONLY aim is to destroy democracy and all those associated with it. That’s you and me, btw. Or maybe it’s not you.

    3. Hans Zebein Says:

      This right wing insanity is what you are supporting.
      You are unlikely to be able to see why it is insanity because insanity cannot recognise the meaning of sanity. May God help you and your kind because nothing else will – – 127k – Cached

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        It is NOT insanity, it is varying politicial opinions. I do think the Left are today guilty of throwing western democracy under a bus for reasons referred to in one of my recent posts (as from the NY writer) but I do not believe that the right-wing is only out to “kill people” as people like you evidently do.

        I am neither right nor left, btw. Always thought of myself as centrist, but now I notice I am moving to the centre right, as it used to be defined. But I am not “OF THE RIGHT” or a “warmonger” or anything people who are on the “left” tend to stick as labels onto those who see threats where the left-inclined people don’t.

        That, again, is a difference in our views on policy, not on our sanity/insanity.

        Your peurile accusations say more about you and the weakness of your position than it does about those you accuse.

        P.S. Since you like adding links, you might like this one:

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