To The Hypocrite Mugabe: Keep Your ‘Black Nose’ Out Of Our Affairs

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    4th March 2010


    Oh, I can’t say that, can I? Naughty, naughty me.

    And I’d repeat it except that it’d drag me down to Mugabe’s racist level.


    From this March 2002 BBC debate (the article doesn’t mention the ‘pink nose’ jibe), the fifth comment down mentions it and the double-standards we all gladly swallow:

    Was rather annoyed to hear Mugabe telling Blair to keep his “pink nose” out of Zimbabwe’s affairs. I believe if Blair had told Mugabe to keep his “black nose” out of Britain’s affairs then Blair would be called a racist bigot. Why is this label not being used against the obviously violently anti-white racist Mugabe???
    Nick, England

    “…rather annoyed?  Raging with ‘white’ hot anger more like. All part of being western, you know –  self-destruction an’ all that.

    In March 2002 told Blair to “go to hell” and keep his “pink nose” out of Zimbabwe’s affairs.


    PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe has told British Prime Minister Tony Blair to “go to hell” for criticising him in the House of Commons in London.

    With one week to go before a presidential election, Mr Mugabe’s invective against Britain is growing more extreme by the day. He launched his latest attack while campaigning in rural areas.

    Responding to Mr Blair’s criticism of the violence and repression Mr Mugabe has used in his election campaign, the Zimbabwean president told the British PM to “keep your pink nose out of our affairs”.

    “Go to hell,” he said.  “Our people have decided and that is what matters to us. It’s not their [the British Government’s] right or responsibility to decide on our elections.

    “We don’t decide on their own, and why should they poke their pink noses in our business?”

    Has anyone mentioned to him that a good proportion of our noses, even in government are NOT pink?

    Mugabe also said in February 2007 that he was really looking forward to Blair’s departure expecting better things from Brown.

    The reason Mugabe hates Blair and now also Brown now that South African president Zuma’s task to de-sanction Mugabe’s Zimbabwe has failed is obvious

    Mugabe fears and feared the strong Blair- & now Brown-led governments.

    And he can’t be too excited about Blair’s ‘Africa Governance Initiative‘ and the work it is doing as reported here, here and here.

    But Cameron’s Conservatives  – well, they’re  OK.  They never mention foreign policy.

    Any policy… much.

    And in today’s Zimbabwe, in  a follow-up to his Land Reform programme, white business people and foreign-owned businesses in Zimbabwe are being required by law to sell a controlling stake in their companies to black Zimbabweans, or face jail. Officials and government leaders will likely benefit from that arrangement as before, not the ordinary person in Zimbabwe.

    Read Africa/Asia news article here

    Zimbabwe’s Mugabe wants Conservatives to rule Britain

    Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe Thursday said his country would have better relations with London if the Conservatives win the next elections.

    “We have always related better with the British through the Conservatives than Labour,” Mugabe told journalists.

    “Conservatives are bold, (Tony) Blair and (Gordon) Brown run away when they see me, but not these fools, they know how to relate to others,” he added.

    Mugabe’s rant comes after Prime Minister Gordon Brown told South Africa’s Jacob Zuma in London that Zimbabwe’s targeted sanctions would not be lifted until progress was seen in the power-sharing government.

    Zuma, who is the mediator in Zimbabwe’s fragile unity accord, wants the sanctions lifted.

    “We have a better chance with (British Conservative leader) David Cameron than with Brown,” said Mugabe.

    Relations between Zimbabwe and London have been strained over the past ten years, after Mugabe’s government started seizing white-owned farms, under his controversial land reform laws.

    In 2002, British former prime minister Tony Blair’s government imposed targeted sanctions on Mugabe and his inner circle — including a travel ban and freezing of bank accounts — following allegations of a rigged election.

    “Blair is a downright liar, utterly dishonest, hypocritical,” the veteran leader said.


    1. Cherie Blair to represent Australians suing the British government over nuclear tests

    2. “Heroism of now” –  Foot c/w Blair – referring to…

    Chris Dillow […] many examples, concluding thus:

    The 1964-70 Labour government was obsessed with what we now know to be an utterly trivial matter, that of sterling’s exchange rate. And Ted Heath earned himself the nickname “the Grocer” in part because his election campaign concentrated on food prices. Compared to all that, it is the Blairite age of liberal interventionism that seems heroic – for good or bad – not Foot’s era.

    3. ‘Wising up’ with age on Obama’s popularity (as c/w previous presidents)

    4. Brown vows to change universal jurisdiction law in wake of Palestinian sympathisers/organisation’s attempt to impeach Tzipi Livni on “war crimes”

    5. CIF Watch – The Guardian AGAIN misrepresents the FACTS on Israeli-Palestinian issues

    6. Kurdish Globe on the Iraq Elections on Sunday

    7. Pakistanis clear out Al Qaeda’s caves

    8. ‘Pacification’ of EU is  a threat to security, US Defence Secretary Gates tells UN

    9. “Big gains” for Geert Wilders’ party at polls as Netherlands moves right

    10. Egyptian court acquits four Muslims who beheaded Christian for the “sins” of his son, in broad daylight!!!!! Excerpt:

    An Egyptian court in the southern city of Assuit acquitted this week four Muslims accused of killing 61-year-old Farouk Attallah on October 19, 2009. In broad daylight and in full view of witnesses, the killers fired 31 bullets to his head before beheading him, in the busy village market place of Attaleen, near Dairout, 313 kilometers south of Cairo. The dead body was then dragged in the street, accompanied by shouts of victory. Free Copts website published a video of the disfigured body (warning, violent graphic content: video).


    What prompted the killing of Farouk Attallah was an alleged illicit sexual relationship between his son Romany and a local Muslim girl, Hagger Hassouna. A rumor that intimate photos of Hagger together with her lover Romany were circulating on cell phones in Dairout lead four members of the Hassona family to kill Romany’s father, after failing to locate his son, who had fled.

    Besides the killing of Farouk Attallah, the arrest of the Hassouna perpetrators sparked on October 24, 2009, Muslim riots and collective punishment against all Copts in Dairout. Christian-owned shops, pharmacies, and homes were looted and burned (AINA 10-27-2009).

    Although several hundreds Muslims participated in those riots, the police only detained 19, and these were acquitted on December 13, 2009 because of the lack of eyewitnesses and conflicting statements between the accused and the victims.

    The majority of Copts believe the reason for the acquittal of Muslims is that although Egypt claims to be a secular state, in reality it applies the Sharia law which dictates that a Muslim who kills a non-Muslim must not be killed, because it is not reasonable to equate a Muslim with a “polytheist” (a Christian).


    Enough of this bloody, BLOODY, BLOODY Islam-crawling behaviour!

    Ahmadinejad says he will stick by Zimbabwe in the face of western sanctions. So there we go. Always good to know who your friends are.


    Ahmadinejad: “Your nation’s resistance would remain as a golden leaf in history,” he said. “The Islamic Republic of Iran would remain by the side of Zimbabwe to the extent it can manage and proportionate with its share.”

    “Illegally imposed pressure of the oppressor powers aimed at urging the Zimbabweans to surrender to their will is denounced,” added Ahmedinejad.

    “The independence of Zimbabwe bothers them and they wish to exert their hegemony against your country as they did a 100 years ago.”

    Mahmoud Ahmedinejad emphasized the need to expand ties with Zimbabwe as he voiced support for Zimbabwe against the Western-backed sanctions. He urged the implementation of economic agreements signed when President Mugabe visited in 2006.

    “Rapid implementation of the previously reached agreements can pave the path for further expansion of bilateral relations in various fields more than ever before.”

    Ahmedinejad said Iran will stand behind Zimbabwe to help it resist the so-called sanctions.

    Iran has long denounced the “illegal and cruel pressures by western countries against people of Zimbabwe aimed at making them surrender”, said the Iranian President.

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    12 Responses to “To The Hypocrite Mugabe: Keep Your ‘Black Nose’ Out Of Our Affairs”

    1. Hans Zebein Says:

      No racist tendency’s from you ever, we can all see that, never, no obviously NOT.

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        Mr Zebein,

        If you are NOT British you may NOT understand the British use of sarcasm, or irony, as I have used them here.

        THAT is what this post is about.

        But at least you are right on ONE thing – I have NO racist tendencies.

        I will explain it simply, as you clearly only understand “simple”.

        If Mugabe thinks HE can describe non-blacks with the words “pink noses” and say that we should keep our pink noses out of his affairs, he may have an arguable point on the second part. NOT THE FIRST. THAT is racist.

        If he also thinks he can get into a temper because Brown did not weaken today on sanctions towards Zimbabwe as requested by South Africa’s president, and in that temper Mugabe then says that one lot of “fools” are better than the other lot for Britain’s upcoming election – Conservatives rather than Labour – he is WRONG.

        Wrong because he is hypocritically trying to interfere in our affairs. I thought he didn’t DO hypocrisy, or interference in another country.

        Apart from that why on earth is it OK, fine, hunky-dory for HIM to mention the colour of anyone’s skin? Most of us here in Britain don’t even think about anyone’s skin colour. Not these days.

        Get it?


        If not, go off to a kids’ website and play.

        It’s simple. Mugabe is a tyranical bully, a liar, a hypocrite, a power-mad manipulator of a bankrupt nation, a racist – and he wouldn’t know the meaning of democracy if it hit him in his smug, ignorant face – whatever colour it is!

    2. James Says:

      I would guess that Blair, Kinnock, Prescott and Mandelson will go down in the history of the recent past as the greatest hypocrites, liars and frankly political fraudsters GB ever had the disgrace of being led by. They have feathered their own nests at the expense of lives in Iraq, Afghanistan, conducted dubious financial dealings and when the opportunity of gravey train Europe and house of Lords were available, grasped at them. Between them, they have made Labour unelectable for years to come, have blighted the UK reputation overseas and are a disgrace. We are no longer in a position to take a high ground of financial and moral superiority. These grasping politicians have made us the equal of the third world.

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        Keep guessing. We’re all entitled to guess, even those who think they KNOW it all. Especially them (you) of course.

        If Labour is unelectable it is due to idiots who had no idea, and still have no idea, how Blair shaped the future for them and ALL political parties.

        Our reputation overseas is high as ever, and largely because of Blair, particularly in the Middle East. Guardian reader, are you?

    3. africanblackmilitant Says:


      Britain, the USA and the others are not angry because they think Mugabe is a corrupt dictator. They sponsor corrupt dictators when it suits them. They are not angry whether or not ordinary Zimbabweans are suffering under Mugabe. They don’t care about ordinary Zimbabweans. What they care about is the white farmer’s loss of land and power. Since Mugabe and the Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front party put Land Reform on the political and economic agenda, an international campaign of vilification has been waged against Mugabe.

      UK and America control most of the huge mineral reserves in Zimbabwe which are crucial to western impearlism. Britain and others want FULL control of the vast mineral resources like diamonds, gold, platinum, copper which Africa has in abundance and which is virtually all in the hands of western owned companies like Anglo American , SHELL, BP. Mr. Mugabe’s PRO Nationalist policies go against their HUGE interest. So don’t be fooled by the concern that Britain has for the people of Zimbabwe. They don’t care about Zimbabweans. It’s all a carefully scripted plan to protect their huge mineral wealth in Zimbabwe and Africa in general. Mugabe and his government already plans to bring back the huge mineral reserves so it is controlled by Zimbabweans. Whites were 3% of Zimbabwe population but controlled 97% of the land. Mugabe wants the wealth of Zimbabweans to be owned and controlled by Zimbabweans.

      Let’s go back in time here

      In the early 1900s, Zimbabwean agriculture competed head to head with white settler farmers for the market of the growing towns and mining centres in the country. However, in 1915, the Native Reserves Commission stole (By force) more of the high potential land and initiated a new form of taxation to suppress the indigenous competition. By the 1930s, the state moved more Africans to the non-fertile communal lands. The result of this was that the Africans who had wedged such competition against the white settlers were rendered idle, and forced to work as labourers to the white farmers.

      Zimbabwe gained independence in 1980. Part of the talks/negotiations leading up to independence included the Lancaster House Agreement, which provided that from 1980 to 1990, a fund provided by Britain would be used to buy land from those white settlers who could not, in effect, stand being ruled by black Zimbabweans. What the agreement actually did was protect white farm owners from redistribution of their land and put off possible nationalization for ten years. Britain and others never had any intention to let go of the farmland. The farms’ contribution to Britain’s and others economy.

      The commercial farms were a reliable source of raw material for British factories; profits from commercial farming were repatriated all over Europe ; and so were the profits from white-owned industries set up by proceeds from commercial farming.

      Not surprisingly, in the years following Independence, Britain released the money to the Zimbabwean government in dribs and drabs. As a result, not much land redistribution was done; and the situation was not helped by white farmers who were setting ridiculously high prices for their farms, and invariably offered barren, infertile and disused farms.

      The black population has been on the brink of starvation there for decades because the white colonial thugs pushed just about all of the blacks (who were the majority of the population) on to about 3 percent of the fertile land. I am sick and tired of seeing people express sympathy for the whites who benefited from an oppressive regeme and trivialize the plight of blacks in that country. The blacks had to fight a long civil war for their freedom, and now they are being fought tooth and nail by the international community for wanting to take back the soil that is rightfully theirs.

      Now let me answer the two main criticisms white people have of Mugabe

      1) *You know, er, just leave the farms with us, because, er, well. we’re better at running them and you guys are hopeless, everyone knows*

      The Land Reform Programme has already resettled over half a million Zimbabweans. A further 100,000 are to be resettled on commercial farms. The prospect for the year 2010 is that food production is set to double. People who were once landless and living in poverty are now supporting themselves and growing their own food. A general increase in all agricultural outputs is also expected. It is this prospect of a government successfully meeting the economic and social needs of a large section of its population that is causing anxiety in the imperialist capitals.

      2) *He’s taken the land by force and he is killing white people*

      It’s a matter of record that although 95% of the white farmers have received notice to quit the land all have received compensation. In point of fact, the new law passed by the Zimbabwe Parliament addresses the issue of some farmers having as many as 20 farms, some of which they have left to rot, while Africans are left with nothing.

      Britain and others FEAR Mugabe because they believe that if he is successful then other indigenous people of Southern Africa, will want their looted and stolen property back from the white European thieves. In S.AFRICA, since freedom, little or no LAND REFORM of any great significance has taken place, and the same in BOTSWANA, ZAMBIA, and NANIBIA. This is what the IMPEARLIST fear the most.


      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        @ africanblackmilitant.

        (the middle section of your name is obviously surplus to requirements)

        Let me just quote you – “NO WHITE PERSON IS AFRICAN”.

        You are a racist, nothing less, nothing more. Plenty of black people are British and proud to be so. And I am proud that they are British and proud to be so.

        Before you spout your self-serving nonsense about imperialism, understand that some of us do NOT start from the position of a person’s race, creed, religion or colour.

        As for the rest of your arguments, when you can disprove what other (black) Africans think of the killer Mugabe’s antics, and disprove the state of the economy he landed you with, some of us will start listening. That’ll be a snowy day on the equator.

    4. Mugabe Says:


    5. Mugabe Says:


    6. Mugabe Says:


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