Ireland: 7 arrested after AQ call to “slaughter” the cartoonist Lars Vilks, “like a lamb” & etc…

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    9th March 2010

    In case you needed more persuasion that there are a few little differences in the way secular democracy and Islamist fundamentalism deals with those who take “liberties”, read on. And see the cartoon at the end of this post.

    Only three terrorism reports  here today –

    1. Muslims Arrested Over Cartoonist Murder Plot

    3:32pm UK, Tuesday March 09, 2010

    Steve Davies, Sky News Online

    Seven Muslims have been arrested in Ireland over an alleged plot to kill a cartoonist who depicted the prophet Mohammed with the body of a dog.

    Lars Vilks

    Lars Vilks' cartoon sparked worldwide protests by Muslims in 2007

    Four men and three women were detained following a cross-agency investigation, involving European security organisations, the CIA and FBI.

    Some of those arrested are believed to be Irish citizens, with the rest originating from the Middle East.

    The suspects are aged between mid-20s and late 40s.

    The arrests were made at around 10am by Garda Officers, supported by the National Support Services and the anti-terror Special Detective Unit.

    Protesters burn a Swedish flag in Lahore in 2007

    Protesters on Lahore burning a Swedish flag in 2007

    Al Qaeda put a $100,000 price on Lars Vilks’ head after his cartoon was published in a newspaper in 2007.

    When the bounty was offered on the cartoonist’s head, an extra 50% was offered if he was “slaughtered like a lamb”.

    The people arrested over the plot are not believed to be part of the terror organisation.

    Despite living in an isolated part of Sweden, Vilks was given police protection when the threats were made on his life.

    $50,000 was also put up for the murder of the editor of Nerikes Allehanda, the local paper which printed the cartoon.

    At the time the pictures were published protests were sparked all over the world, including in the Swedish town of Orebro, where the paper is based.

    The Swedish Prime Minister was even forced to hold talks with ambassadors from 22 Muslim countries to ease tensions over the drawings.

    Source here: Seven Muslims arrested in Ireland Over Plot to Kill Lars Vilks Over Mohammed Cartoons

    Isn’t this “slaughter like a lamb” business insulting to vegetarians? Well? Isn’t it!?! Come on veggies, up in arms.

    See Wikipedia entry on this with – wait for it – the actual cartoon –

    And in Turkey today – the sort of , more-or-less, almost but not quite secularish EU member state?

    British artist whose collage was found to have mocked Turkey’s prime minister has been fined by a court in Istanbul.

    Michael Dickinson walked smiling from the Kadikoy district court, a free man, but not completely off the hook.

    British artist Michael Dickinson convicted in a Turkish court of insulting the PM. OMG! Think how many little bloggers and press editors we could lock up if only... here in Britain ... Ahh, if only.

    The judge ruled that the British artist had crossed the line with his cartoon, superimposing the head of Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan on the body of a dog, and found him guilty of insulting Mr Erdogan’s “dignity and honour”.

    The judge sentenced him to 425 days in prison, the first time anyone has been jailed for criticising the prime minister.

    But the sentence was immediately commuted to a fine of about £3,000. Mr Dickinson, who is going to remain in Turkey says – “But at least in Britain I could make satirical pictures of Gordon Brown and not go to jail.”

    WHAT? You’d only get to stay at Her Majesty’s pleasure if you promise to draw such pictures. You’ve been away too long Mr D.

    2. Meanwhile, yesterday in Belgium –

    Nine alleged members of an Al Qaeda terror cell, suspected of having recruited jihadists and prepared attacks, go on trial in Brussels

    3. “Al Qaeda came within days of terror attack on Britain last year”

    ‘Four of the men, who had all arrived from Pakistan on student visas, are now appealing against a government decision to deport them on national security grounds.’

    British court? Worry not, dear civil righters. Like as not these four will be wandering freely among us in the next few weeks.

    4. At least ONE country knows how to round ’em up and slap ’em in jail (some from HuT, still legal in Britain)

    Tajikistan’s top court on Wednesday sentenced 56 followers of Tablighi Jamaat (TJ), a radical Muslim group, for extremist activities in the Central Asian state.

    “Twenty-three defendants were given jail terms of between 3 and 6 years, while the remaining 33 individuals were fined between [$8,000 and $16,000],” a court spokesman said.

    The members of the group were arrested in a mosque in Dushanbe in December 2009. The trial began several weeks later. It was held behind closed doors at a Dushanbe pretrial center.

    Tajik authorities often jail and sentence members from TJ, as well as from Hizb-ut-Tahrir, both of which are banned in the country.

    TJ is a transnational movement whose official aim is a spiritual revival of Muslims. Members of the group say they inspire people to refrain from sin and follow the true path of Islam.

    TJ was founded in 1926 as an independent movement in India. The group began its expansion in 1946, and within two decades has spread its activities to Southwest and Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America. Concerns about TJ role have risen after 9/11 attacks on the United States. TJ was outlawed as an extremist group in Tajikistan in 2006.

    TJ gained international media attention when it announced plans of building the largest mosque in Europe in Dewsbury, Britain.

    Pardon? WHAT? In Britain? Have the press told us about that one? The government? Can’t be this one. It was already the biggest church in Deswbury in 1990. This’ll be the one. Just so you know.

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    6 Responses to “Ireland: 7 arrested after AQ call to “slaughter” the cartoonist Lars Vilks, “like a lamb” & etc…”

    1. Tom Carew Says:

      How significant that Al-Qaida linked murder plots get far less media and political attention than alleged fraudulent passports

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        Hi Tom,

        And far less media attention than anything which shows up the west as being corrupt, incompetent, torturing war criminals, as well as just plain undemocratic, selfish, self-seeking, untrustworthy louts.

        There must be a name for this condition. Can’t just be – “too modest/self-effacing”.

        The press is now corrupt in my humble opinion. Corrupt as in – rotten, stinking and all but dead.

    2. Roddy Says:

      Tom I live in Ireland I watch irish tv all the time the murder plot is getting just as much coverage as the Passport problem we have a balanced press over here unlike some other countries.

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:


        Tom was probably referring to OUR press here in Britain. We didn’t even hear of Geert Wilders’ visit here last week, and we seldom hear about terrorist attacks in other countries. It would upset the press’s view that all of this terrorism business is a figment of the government’s imagination. They DO report on those who die in suicide attacks in Afghanistan and, still, Iraq, but as with the reports we have on “a soldier was killed today” it always seems to have an undertone of “guess whose fault THIS is?”

    3. earnest fields Says:

      I saw the story on the attack on the Swedish cartoonist. There is an American angle that seems very interesting. There is a book that makes the cartoons look kindergardenish and is openly and publicly sold by with no court contests, problems or protests, as of now.

      “How Fatima Started Islam: Mohammad’s Daughter Tells It All” by an American author who uses the name Noor Barack depicts Mohammad as a urine-soaked, drunken, cowardly fool who is too incompetent to even run his business ‘Mohammad’s Saloon & Brothel’ well. His intelligent daughter Fatima, who is desperate to escape from the brothel and continuously servicing tricks, concocts the religion as an avenue of escape. To control and manipulate the old fool she only has to keep him supplied with booze, young girls, young boys, and camels.

      The book seems popular right now only among US military personnel but many orthodox Islamists will be extremely displeased when the alleged blasphemy and mocking of Islam becomes well known.

      For your information: I cannot see this story not exploding.

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        Mr Fields,

        Haven’t heard of this. Just found a link here:


        The satirical novel is a first person account of early Islam written by Fatima, daughter of the Prophet. In it, the highly intelligent and beautiful Fatima looks back to the early history of Islam and explains how the modern world has gotten all the facts of early Islam totally and completely wrong, and how the true facts came to be so radically altered.

        In the book Mohammad is a slow-witted, alcoholic owner of Mohammad’s Saloon & Brothel who, after a head injury, begins to have strange periods where he rambles on-talking nonsense in random syllables. Fatima, the brightest in the family by far, just short of her 13th birthday, seizes the opportunity to change her miserable life and pretends to be able to interpret Mohammad’s gibberish with wise sayings and thoughts. This is how the Qu’ran and religion are born. Fatima does this to try to bring peace, prosperity, equality, and justice to Arabia and the world but circumstances eventually thwart her goals and a mean, ugly, and oppressive religion emerges over what Fatima wanted and strove for.

        The story is very humorous, but it contains elements that will horrify many orthodox Islamists. This book pulls no punches and it will be either loved or hated by readers. To paraphrase the foreword, This book tries to poke fun at some people who are not known for being fun loving.

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