Germany: Buying ‘The Ghost’ & Selling Blair & the EU

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    Ban Blair-Baiting


    10th March 2010

    Foto: Studio Babelsberg AG

    At the top of the German Federal Government’s Homepage – the Commission for Culture and Media  – appears this picture of Pierce Brosnan as Tony Blair Adam Lang, (fictional) former British Prime Minister.

    Underneath this picture of the fictional British Prime Minister it says this: Funded from the DFFF: “The Ghost Writer” by Roman Polanski’

    And according to this site German taxpayers have paid 10% of the film’s production costs of 2 Million Euros.

    So let me get this straight. A film directed by a convicted sex abuser, based on a book by an embittered former associate of the ‘fictional/factional’ Prime Minister is being funded by one of our allies in Europe?!

    Disregard that the film is ALL about controversial current events and portrays the ‘fictional’ prime minister as not exactly a straight kind of a guy. And disregard all the personal and political deceits that he is portrayed as being party to  – as both giver and receiver. Disregard too, if you can, that at the end he is killed by an irate parent of a dead soldier from a Middle East war – no more than he deserves, clearly. Disregard all that. There’s something else.

    Something far more important …


    Now it’s clear why Angela Merkel didn’t want Blair to be EU President! This German funding of The Ghost has been lined up for some time, long before the EU Presidency vote in November. Blair’s failure to get the job which was made for him and no-one else was nothing to do with his being “Mr Flash”. It was just that it might have raised a few eyebrows among other Europeans if their President/former British PM had gone up in a flash on a screen near you AND what is more, the German government was financially involved in this!

    What a bloody profit-searching cheek. And meanwhile we Europeans have to put up with Mr Whatsisname as EU Council President.

    Angela – bad move.

    Below this section is a cross-post from Julie.

    Its interest for me lies in the German government’s funding of a film which clearly is meant to be about a living (by the end – dead) politician. I find myself wondering if the German government would have been so ready to fund this film if the politician in question had been one of their own. Or if the German government had been onside in the Iraq war decision, as it knows it should have been.

    The other bone of contention that could be raised, though somehow this escapes our oh-so-moralistic press, is that this kind of film might serve ‘pour encourager les autres’.

    But, hey, that’s silly, isn’t it? It’s only a mockumentary. It’s not REAL! Not like the Guardian Cif pages where commenters talk of this kind of action all the time (until removed by a moderator.) Or even at such as this page – Muslims Public Affairs Committee UK (yes, that’s its name)

    So, it’s OK.

    OK. So calm down. Tony Blair didn’t really die at the hands of a dead soldier’s irate father. And this film won’t suggest to any halfwit that if he does one day, he’ll deserve it anyway for all the scheming and conspiracies, lies and betrayals that WE ALL KNOW about already. The film will only confirm our “knowledge”. Anyway, film-makers have done this kind of thing before AND with the gunman being an irate parent post-Iraq war (so no agenda there either, then?) it didn’t encourage would-be assassins to go out there and try it in real life.

    (Death of a President‘ was a British-made film, 2006, about the fictional assassination of George W Bush.)

    I’m certainly not sanguine about this kind of film being made about anyone. And WE ALL KNOW that if you tried your artistic imaginative hand like this in any country which is not free, nor liberal, nor democratic you’d be hanged before you’d completed the first scene. Right, Mr Ahmadinejad?

    There’s obviously a call for this sort of thing, but only in freedom-loving lands. Freedom, even – ESPECIALLY for film-makers is NOT free. Remember Theo Van Gogh?

    How Germany’s taxpayers paid for Harris’ settlement with Blair

    By Julie

    See here The German government plugging for The Ghostwriter on their official homepage!!!

    The total production costs were 2 million Euro. 10% were paid by the DFFF/German government.


    ………………………………………………………….I watched the Blair-hating movie of the year, the Ghostwriter, a few days ago. I can only advise all Blairites to give it a wide berth. However, the Shortists and jihadis of that world will love it. Blair err Lang is shot dead in the end by a grieving father of a British Soldier killed in Iraq.

    But of course the movie is not about Tony Blair. Really.  Brosnan, McGregor and Polanski have stressed that again and again.

    Quite. NOT! I assume they are only distancing themselves from linking Blair to Lang for legal reasons.

    The similarities – or better say the ALLEGED similarities- between Adam Lang and Tony Blair are not only extremely obvious but also so numerous that it is impossible to name them all.

    Just a few:

    • A former British Prime Minister
    • He led an unpopular war against Iraq
    • He is accused of torture
    • He is accused of war crimes
    • He is very close to the US
    • One of his characteristics is his smile
    • He has a difficult wife (Ruth/Cherie Blair) who does not like his assistant (Amelia/Anji Hunter)
    • He is writing his memoirs for 10 million pounds
    • He has two middle names just like Blair
    • He launched the Adam Lang Foundation
    • He likes sport, notably tennis and running
    • He graduated from an elite university (Cambridge/Oxford)
    • He was an actor at university
    • The media accuse him of still being an actor


    Against that background, it appears irritating and ridiculous that the Republic of Germany subsidised a movie, with 200,000 Euro of taxpayer’s money, which obviously accuses a former British Prime Minister of war crimes and torture.

    WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Filmförderung Hamburg/Schleswig-Holstein:

    Is that what you call good bilateral relations nowadays? I doubt it.


    Related:See John Rentoul reporting on the Blair-hating fantasy

    P.S. to the above –

    As I alluded to at Julie’s site, child sex abuser Polanski evidently wanted the film-going haters of Lang, I mean Blair to wallow in the joy of gazing upon the dead body of the memoirs-writing, now wealthy, wanted for “war crimes” former prime minister. Using some artistic licence he decided that his mock-up of a prime minister would die differently from that of the other misfit Robert Harris the writer of this stuff. Instead of being blown up by an irate father, he is just shot. Neater, and probably more painful, y’ see. No-one else has to die. Just Blair… er I mean Lang.

    And another thing – in the clip here from Death of a President are the words “Enlightening, Provocative, Controversial”.

    Why “enlightening”?

    Rentoul highlights the irony in this. Irony is lost on many film-goers, John. The only irony that the fiction/faction viewers of The Ghost will see is the transformation of Blair from “Bambi” to “War Criminal” –  and yet – irony of ironies we still voted for him in 2005! Historically, as it happens.

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    4 Responses to “Germany: Buying ‘The Ghost’ & Selling Blair & the EU”

    1. How Germany’s taxpayers paid for Harris’ settlement with Blair « Julie's think tank Says:

      […] BlairSupporter on the wicked joy of the haters over Tony Blair’s dead body […]

    2. Stan Says:

      Surely there must be an EU rule against one member state financing the incitement of behaviour that could lead to the assassination of a former leader of another member state?

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        I suppose we could contact our local MEPs and find out, Stan.

        Now THAT would be interesting. If there is such a law, Ms Merkel might have some explaining to do.

        Of course, with the argument that – “they did one about Bush and he’s still inhaling” – we may not be heard until AFTER the event. And there are, imho, SO many who could be held responsible (in that event) with their lie-spreading and brainwashing that there’d be no room in the dock for a fraction of them.

        I don’t know why Polanski and Harris didn’t just come upfront with this and call it what they really meant – “Death of a Prime Minister.”

        After all, wherever Bush goes, Blair goes. That’s what it’s about, isn’t it?

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      […] Germany: Buying 'The Ghost' & Selling Blair & the EU « Tony Blair […]

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