Tony Blair: Faith & the high-flying, fast-moving leader. ‘Offensive’ to virus-ridden sickos

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  • Sign the Ban Blair-Baiting petition here. “He’s not a war criminal. He’s not evil. He didn’t lie. He didn’t sell out Britain or commit treason. He wasn’t Bush’s poodle. He hasn’t got blood on his hands. The anti-war nutters must not be allowed to damage Blair’s reputation further. He was a great PM, a great statesman and a great leader.”
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    Ban Blair-Baiting


    16th March 2010

    'Faith Offensive': Tony Blair, pictured speaking in his capacity as Middle East envoy last week, is to establish a U.S. arm for his charity.

    Does this man’s feet ever touch the ground?

    I ‘love’ the language used by his detractors, don’t you?



    His detractors know all about being offensive. I have had a dig around the internet and have failed to find anywhere that these words are used by those on the “offense” in this faith collaboration.

    At sites such as here (Mail) and here (First Post) the two words are in quote marks, with NO context or even a complete sentence.

    I have concluded that the phrase “faith offensive” originated and was dreamt up at The Guardian and was virally transmitted by those with the anti-Blair bug.

    Offensive crowd.

    Here at the Tony Blair Faith Foundation site I also found the video below.

    It’s inspiring even for those of us that faith and even God seem to have passed by.

    Tony Blair meets up with the Faiths Act Fellows in Chicago

    As so many times before Tony Blair’s finger is on the world’s pulse. You just have to wonder at times if he has had some kind of forewarning as to how long he has left to get on with it.

    Perhaps you should slow down a little, Mr Blair, if you can find the time!

    You have nothing to prove to most of us, faithful or not, except perhaps to remind us how bloody good you were at this leadership business.  To those who think you do need to make amends or atone for past decisions or actions  nothing will disprove their wrong-headed convictions.

    He has also been busy here with his ‘Kuwait Vision 2035’ (picture below)

    His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammad Al-Sabah received former UK prime minister Tony Blair at Seif Palace

    And here – “No hope for peace without Palestinian homeland”

    Not to mention here at home – “New initiative announced with Run in England”


    “The Tony Blair Sports Foundation is joining forces with one of the country’s top sporting initiatives to play a major part in creating a long lasting 2012 Olympic legacy by offering a new qualification in Leadership in Running and Fitness.

    The England Athletics ‘Run in England’ scheme is aiming to encourage 50,000 new runners to take regular exercise, inspired by the games coming to this country. As part of this, new small running groups are being set up all over the country for men and women in workplaces and local communities.

    Each group needs a qualified leader so the Foundation is helping to roll out the Leadership in Running Fitness (LiRF) course and qualification across the North East in partnership with Run in England. The qualification is UKA accredited with a minimum age of 18 for leaders. The cost of the 1 day course is £90, and the Foundation will pay 50% of course fees. On completion of an enhanced CRB check for UK Athletics, leaders will be given a licence and registered with the Run in England programme.

    Leaders will then be encouraged and supported to set up their own Tony Blair Sports Foundation / Run in England small running groups.


    For more information on Run In England click here.

    To have a look at what the course entails visit us here.

    Just noticed this too.

    A group of fundraisers pictured at Kew Green before they set off on a 10-mile sponsored walk across London, to raise funds for Project Muso Ladamunen, a charity helping Malian women fight malaria. See Community Newswire story RELIGION Walk. To download a high resolution image please visit


    “A group of people took part in a sponsored walk across London at the weekend, backed by former Prime Minister Tony Blair.

    About 30 men and women took part in the 10-mile Walk for Women, from Kew Gardens in Richmond, to Victoria Embankment Gardens, near Charing Cross Station in central London.

    Together they raised more than £1,800 to help women in Mali tackle malaria and further donations are still coming in. The final total will be doubled as Mr Blair has agreed to match the cash raised by participants.

    The walk, which took place on Mother’s Day, was organised to celebrate International Women’s Day and raise funds for Project Muso Ladamunen, a charity helping Malian women fight malaria.”

    A little reminder of what real leadership looks like – especially for those still wondering who to vote for on May 6th (which just happens to be Tony Blair’s birthday.)

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