Hague dissembling on Ashcroft. NO, FGS! It’s NOT Blair’s fault!!!

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    Ban Blair-Baiting


    19th March 2010



    For ten years William Hague and the Conservatives seem to have noticed NOTHING about billionaire Lord Ashcroft's non-dom status. Hague tried to make out that this ignorance was somehow Tony Blair's fault!

    Mr Blair is unlikely to answer back. He seems to be past caring about such attacks. And most people won’t register the unfairness of it all. After all, Blair’s always the villain of the piece/peace in the end.

    I normally quite like William Hague. He’s a good speaker, funny and engaging. BUT, and its a BIG ‘BUT’, he really CAN’T blame Tony Blair for the domicile OR RATHER non-dom status (for tax purposes) of the Conservatives’ main donor, billionaire Lord Ashcroft!!!

    On Radio 4’s Any Questions tonight Hague tried by inference to suggest that people were now saying that there was a “conspiracy between the Tories and Tony Blair” over the domicile arrangements on Lord Ashcroft agreed ten years ago. That’s what he tried to hint at. Honestly.

    That won’t wash, Mr Hague. If it would, you can bet the press would have already rinsed the story several times and hung it out to dry along with The Former. After all it’s their job to “diss ” the former prime minister in any way they can, isn’t it?

    Well, isn’t it?

    If even The Daily Mail forgets to tell you that Tony Blair’s hands are clean on this matter, Mr Hague does not have a leg to stand on.

    William Hague to Ed Balls tonight: “Presumably you’d say the same about the occupants of 10 Downing Street at that time?”

    Balls to Hague: “The agreement (made in 2000) didn’t make any provision in any way about his tax domicile.”


    P.S. Sorry, but I had to laugh at this news from this dreadful excuse for a paper. They, and their weird bedfellows such as Lib Dem Norman Baker, are so bloody useless at this manhunting business. Give THE MAN a few more years and perhaps the Labour party (if it still exists) will have its very own billionaire backer.

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