EU Audio-Visual: Tony Blair at Brussels meeting, Monday 22nd March 2010

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    25th March 2010

    Tony Blair’s meeting with the EU Foreign Affairs Council, Monday 22nd March 2010

    Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair was in the EU Parliament on Monday 22 March to talk about Palestine

    Above picture from here – ‘Three questions to Tony Blair at EU parliament’

    Former British premier Tony Blair, who is the special envoy for the Middle East Quartet of the EU attends a Development Committee hearing on the Palestinian territories at the EU Parliament headquarters in Brussels, March 22. Blair warned Iran the world will do "whatever it takes" to stop it acquiring a nuclear weapon. (AFP/John Thys)

    Three videos on the Blair visit.

    The main one, the discussion between Mr Blair and MEPs is very interesting. But since many of you will be desperate to see little David slaying the Giant before the latter had a chance to address the MEPs here is this one first (more information here.)

    [Tony BLAIR, Middle East Quartet Representative arrival at the Justus Lipsius for the Foreign Affairs Council: – extracts.]

    Well?!? It did say “extracts”.

    I thought Goliath managed to speak reasonably well at the meeting afterwards, considering.

    He was clearly in pieces after Cronin’s bit of fun and games –

    Tony Blair smiles after he delivered a speech during a press conference after his working session with EU foreign ministers at the EU Commission on March 22, 2010 in Brussels. (Photo credit – GEORGES GOBET/AFP/Getty Images)


    In the margins of the Council, Foreign Affairs Ministers, gathered in Brussels, will discuss the Middle East Peace Process in the presence of International Quartet Envoy, Tony Blair.

    Q & A session with Mr Blair (Almost an hour of questions/answers)


    EPRef-69181 | 22/03/2010 | 00:56:51

    RECORDED EP Committee on Development
    Exchange of views with Tony BLAIR, Special Envoy for the Middle East Quartet and other representatives on “Palestine, Bridge Building and Development”

    You will notice that Mr Blair listens to some French speakers and then he responds in English. I’m not sure how many of our present UK or even EU parliamentarians would have that facility.

    Still the same old self-depracatory style – (much missed by many of us.)

    “Thank you for calling me an excellent diplomat. It’s better than a lot of things that I have been called.”

    Press briefing

    This 3mins 28secs press briefing followed his meeting with the EU Foreign Affairs Council.

    Index of EU Audio-Visual Service (Credit : © European Union, 2010.)

    Thursday? It must be China

    Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang shakes hands with visiting former British Prime Minister Tony Blair in Beijing, March 25. (Xinhua Photo)

    Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang met with former British Prime Minister Tony Blair on Thursday, hoping China and Britain could further boost cooperation and mutual trust.

    During his meeting with Blair, Li said China and Britain were both influential countries in the world and should take the opportunity to increase cooperation and mutual trust, which would benefit the two countries as well as the world.

    China would unswervingly follow the path of peaceful development and pursue a win-win strategy of opening-up, and actively participate in international cooperation on tackling the global financial crisis, climate change and health care, said Li.

    Li appreciated Blair’s efforts to “advance China-Britain relations,” and said he hoped the former British prime minister would continue to play an active role in promoting exchange and cooperation between China and western countries.

    [Visit Tony Blair Office News]


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