Can Obama be trusted with Fate of America & Israel?

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    Ban Blair-Baiting


    26th March 2010

    I’m not a great one for conspiracy theories, but sometimes even I have to wonder what exactly is Obama’s game. The point below, if accurate, and the situation it might lead to, may lend weight to the writer’s argument:

    “We observe Obama’s political gifts to Israel by way of defensive military materials but NOT the necessary offensive weapons needed to take out Iran’s Nuclear capabilities. A recent report indicates that the 30,000 pound Bunker Busting bombs, designed to penetrate Iran’s nuclear facilities were shipped to Diego Garcia for “storage”. This would insure that, IF Israel were pressed to the wall, she would have to go it alone, with whatever weapons she has to cripple Iran’s Nuclear facilities – thus protecting the entire Middle East, Southern Europe and Russia, including the 300,000 to 500,000 Americans on various military bases in the Middle East.”

    Might this Diego Garcia storage be an Obama cop-out, designed to spread blame for decisions or non-decisions? One would expect that such Bunker Busting bombs would be safer in the USA under America’s clear control. Leaving them under Britain’s control is a little risky these days, isn’t it?  The old friend and ally might not be as “compliant” as in the past. Britain as a decision-maker regarding releasing or not the bunker busters to Israel is asking a bit much of war-terrified British politicians. Today they cannot be seen to be taking orders from the USA. Politicians saw with some horror what happened to Tony Blair over Iraq and even Afghanistan when he supported America.  The present incumbents are most definitely NOT up to taking the damned if we do/damned if we don’t flak.

    Remember, we lost real leadership here in Britain in June 2007. We don’t look like finding it again any year soon.

    Article below cross posted from here via here.

    Can President Obama Be Trusted with Fate of America & Israel?

    Chicago Area, IL
    Thursday, March 25, 2010

    Winston Mid East Analysis & Commentary March 25, 2010

    New Email:

    Can President Obama Be Trusted With The Fate Of America & Israel?

    by Emanuel A. Winston, Middle East Analyst & Commentator

    President Barack Hussein Obama creates a lot to think and speculate about with respect to his policy toward Israel, coupled with his relationship to the Islamic and Arab world. The underlying considerations are “Trust” from Obama and the Security and Sovereignty of the Jewish Nation/State of Israel.

    Despite self-serving political statements by Obama, Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, Vice President Joe Biden that “Israel is America’s closest ally”, do the facts speak to a strong hostility?

    Is Obama to be trusted on Israel or even on his policies for America?

    We just watched Obama, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid bribe and bludgeon Congress to go their way “or else!” It’s not what someone says but, what they do which tells us about their character and thus establishes trust.

    We have observed Obama’s friends and advisors during his years in Chicago. They were a ‘gang’ typical of some of Chicago’s twisty politicians. Some almost went to jail while others are already in jail.

    Obama’s preacher of 20 years, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, was (and is) anti-White, anti-American and anti-Jewish.

    Obama still hasn’t released his birth records, his school and university records or his financial support from Saudi Arabia and the black millionaire, convert to Islam, Dr. Khalid Abdullah Tariq al-Mansour. The result of his influential support led us and others to term

    Barack Hussein Obama as “The Mansourian Candidate”.

    Obama claims to be a Christian but, his actions speak more to his early education as a Muslim in an Indonesian “madrassa” (school for strict Islam).

    Obama showed his animus against the Jewish Nation/State of Israel from his first days in office. Also, his first days in office he showed his bias for the Muslim and Arab Terror nations toward which he extended his Presidential “outreach”, including Iran, Syria, the Palestinian Authority – despite their overt hatred of Americans.

    His score-card holds a lot more but, this gives you a brief idea of Obama’s character and that of his advisors.

    His main team players who established his hostile policies toward Israel would be the U.S. State Department’s Head, Hilary Clinton, his chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, plus David Axelrod, James Baker III – plus Baker’s former advisors (called his Jew-Boys) – Dennis Ross, Aaron David Miller and Daniel Kurtzer.

    In Israel there were always those of the Left who would offer advise – like President Shimon Peres, Defense Minister Ehud Barak, former PM Ehud Olmert, Tzippi Livni, etc. Now we await the final word of Prime Minister Binyamin (Bibi) Netanyahu as to whether he will (or has) cave in or stand up to Obama’s demands – as being head of the sovereign State of Israel mandates.

    We observe Obama’s political gifts to Israel by way of defensive military materials but NOT the necessary offensive weapons needed to take out Iran’s Nuclear capabilities. A recent report indicates that the 30,000 pound Bunker Busting bombs, designed to penetrate Iran’s nuclear facilities were shipped to Diego Garcia for “storage”. This would insure that, IF Israel were pressed to the wall, she would have to go it alone, with whatever weapons she has to cripple Iran’s Nuclear facilities – thus protecting the entire Middle East, Southern Europe and Russia, including the 300,000 to 500,000 Americans on various military bases in the Middle East.

    This may, indeed, be Obama’s plan on advice from his advisors listed above so that Israel would take the full brunt of Iran and Syria’s counter-strikes.

    Naturally, Obama would then blame Israel – as would the Europeans and the U.N. for daring to save herself from Iran’s pledge to wipe Israel off the face of the map.

    During such an interchange, Obama’s regime could take the opportunity to finish off Iran’s attack capability while still blaming Israel for any American casualties.

    Obama and the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff know they have to eliminate Iran as a threat to the entire Middle East but, they would prefer that Israel take the blame for initiating the coming War.

    The Saudis are pressuring America to take out Iran – even to the point of opening Saudi air space to Israeli aircraft on their way to Iran. (Note! It was Zbigniew Brzezinski who advised that U.S. aircraft based in Iraq launch an attack on Israeli aircraft flying toward Iran!)

    Obama (no doubt, on advice from those around him) know that, in order to keep his office for a second term he desperately needs a war. Obama needs a war with Iran but has arranged it in a way that Israel, not he, would be blamed by the Islamic world.

    The more Obama shows his hostility toward Israel, the better his relationships with Iran, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Hezb’Allah, Hamas, etc.

    Obama’s actions display an overwhelming desire to sever relationships with Israel for cause, even if the cause is well-planned by Arabists in Washington and Europe. The public relations mechanism – otherwise known as the propagandists in the bowels of the White House and the State Department (aka Foggy Bottom) are working 24/7 to prepare the American people to accept Obama’s declaration, severing America’s relationship with America’s most dependable, staunch and useful ally, Israel.

    The dust-up of building 1600 apartments in North-West Jerusalem (I repeat in North-

    West – not East Jerusalem!) was merely an unplanned opportunity to pretend American rage and offense in order to rachet up the ante on what Obama demands of Israel by way of suicidal gestures.

    Hopefully, this time Bibi Netanyahu will politely stiffen his spine and tell America’s self-appointed messiah that each nation must defend herself even when their respective “best friends and allies” have special interests that are linked to the Arab Muslim oil nations.

    National suicide is NOT what you ask of a true friend for the sake of your own cash flow!

    Obama and his advisors have crossed the threshold of tipping the American economy down to a level that will inevitably equal Zimbabwe or Venezuela. America is already in debt that exceeds $12 Trillion dollars and that may double shortly. This is all thanks to the exorbitant entitlements that Obama is pushing Congress to pass in order to “redistribute the wealth”. Obama plans to take from those who earned and saved their money by creating American jobs and industries. That “wealth” will go to the unemployed, uninsured who don’t work. Now, with Obama’s entitlements, he will create future generations who are ever dependent on the American government dole.

    I believe that Obama is not only destined to be a one-term President but, will likely be impeached long before 2012. How the crippling debt-heavy legislation can be canceled is a big unknown. Is that even possible?

    Obama and his advisors have made every effort to nullify the American Constitution while replacing Congress with his 35 to 45 Czars and Czarinas who hate America’s capitalistic system.

    Destroying (or trying to destroy) America’s allies – whose mere existence irritates the rapidly expanding Global Islamic Caliphate would theoretically please the world-wide “Jihadists” (warriors for Islam) until they are ready to absorb America – just as they are already doing in France, England, the Netherlands and other European countries – wherever the incoming Muslims reach “critical mass”.

    That process can be accelerated as the Muslim “sleeper cells” embedded in the European and American cities are awakened to blow up some subways, malls or perhaps to detonate a “dirty bomb” in the financial districts of New York, Chicago, etc.

    Perhaps a bill of impeachment will be issued against Obama for whatever he has done against the American people and nation (including the subversion of America’s allies). Such a corrective action must reflect Obama’s alliance with America’s enemies – including the subversion of America’s allies who have long been America’s front-line against full Islamic assault.

    Regrettably, the American people maintain a friendship to Israel which is well-known and deeply appreciated. But, an evil cabal has captured political leadership and is dragging down the nation. This is reminiscent of the time of Noah – or Sodom and Gomorrah when black-hearted men took control and the people accept their rule, the nation suffers – as is happening right now!


    P.S. This Just In! The Wall St. Journal March 25th front page article: “U.S. Softens Sanctions Plan Against Iran”

    As is to be expected, Obama and his Arabist advisors never intended to apply severe sanctions against Iran to stop them from reaching full Nuclear Weapons’ capability. The ruse (lie) was to keep Israel from acting in a no-choice survival mode against a lunatic religious leader who has repeatedly pledged to wipe Israel off the map.

    Obama-Clinton and Obama’s Arabist advisors continued a steady stream of dis-information, assuring Israel that, not only would they force Iran to stop its Nuclear Development but, they would stand with Israel as a reliable ally.

    Clearly, the lie was a long time in process while Obama was “reaching out” to Iran and Syria even as they were assisting in the murders of American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    One is easily reminded of 1938 when the nations of Europe betrayed Czechoslovakia in their futile effort to bribe Adolph Hitler, with a dangerous gift of the Sudetenland – a natural and military barrier that had protected Europe from invasion. Neville Chamberlain returned home to Great Britain proclaiming that this “bribe” he gifted had brought “Peace in Our Time” and stopped Hitler from his intended conquest of Europe.

    Just listen to the propaganda being pumped of the White House, Germany, England, China, Russia – all to the effect that they are all working so hard to keep Iran from going Nuclear while Mohammed Ahmadinejad increases his speed of Nuclear production.

    Clearly, trusting Obama to protect Israel or America is a grand delusion of futility.


    Emanuel or Gail Winston
    Analyst and Commentator
    Winston Mid East Analysis and Commentary
    Chicago Area, IL
    Original source here – Expert Click

    Diego Garcia is a British Overseas Territory part of the British Indian Ocean Territory


    1. From the Chicago Sun Times, Steve Huntley reminds the US president and anyone else who is interested in the facts that Jews have been building homes in Jerusalem since before the Greeks brought democracy to the world.


    ‘Five hundred years before the golden age of Greece that gave the world democracy, philosophy, drama and history, Jews constructed homes in Jerusalem. A thousand years before the birth of Jesus Christ, Jews led by King David established the city as their capital. A millennium and a half before the arrival of Islam, Jews built housing in Jerusalem. Down through the ages, except in times in expulsion, Jews put up homes there.

    Now, for some reason, President Obama has chosen to turn into a make-or-break issue Jewish construction in Jerusalem — homes in a part of the city that would be part of Israel under any conceivable peace plan. This manufactured crisis is no way to promote peace negotiations. To the contrary, it will only fuel the underlying Arab intransigence that for decades has been the bedrock obstacle to resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

    For years, Palestinians led by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and even the arch-terrorist Yasser Arafat negotiated with Israel while homes went up in Jerusalem and in settlements in the disputed West Bank. Yes, this building has been a touchy issue in negotiations but not a roadblock to having talks.

    Until, that is, Obama apparently decided he had to address Arab complaints that America favors Israel by demanding a freeze on all construction. The United States had adopted a tougher stance than the Palestinians, and they eagerly embraced it.’ More here

    2. From Glenn Reynolds here at Pajamas Media comes this

    ‘WHY HAS BARACK OBAMA TREATED NETANYAHU SO RUDELY? “Obama would never treat the president of Equatorial Guinea that way.”

    Possibly Obama just hates Israel and hates Jews. That’s plausible — certainly nothing in his actions suggests otherwise, really.

    But it’s also possible — I’d say likely — that there’s something else going on. I think Obama expects Israel to strike Iran, and wants to put distance between the United States and Israel in advance of that happening. (Perhaps he even thinks that treating Israel rudely will provoke such a response, saving him the trouble of doing anything about Iran himself, and avoiding the risk that things might go wrong if he does). On the most optimistic level, maybe this whole thing is a sham, and the U.S. is really helping Israel strike Iran, with this as distraction. The question for readers is which of these — not necessarily mutually exclusive — explanations is most plausible.’

    3. Here we see the Guardian in its favoured and wrong-headed short-term history lesson taking the anti-Israel stance as always. Here CIF WATCH points out and corrects The Guardian’s misrepresentation of the history of that region. And this at Cif Watch asks “why was this deleted?” Well, we KNOW why, don’t we? The ignorant leading the blind.

    UPDATE: I just took a look at this Steve Bell piece of junk referred to in the last of the above Cif Watch links:  ‘Compelling evidence’ Israel was behind misuse of UK passports in Hamas hit

    It really is horrifying in its shameless behaviour. It has this cartoon of Bell’s at the top:

    This ‘paper’ and its commenters really DO believe that Tony Blair was somehow behind the assassination of the  evil Hamas murderer. They really DO believe that the Palestinians have yet to rumble that he is a pawn of Israel!

    Their political illiteracy knows no bounds. The commenter referred to describes Blair as “this neo-con/Zionist poodle”. Clearly he hasn’t noticed that Israel and the USA are not the best of buddies these days.

    Presumably Mr Blair is now just a Zionist poodle, and not an American bow-wow. That must be why Obama’s administration has recently given him greater powers.

    Yeah, Right.


    Is this paper run as well as read by juveniles?


    It’s just a gut-reaction but this nuclear weapon reduction announcement doesn’t impress me. Cutting by 25%-30% is hardly heralding a ‘non-nuclear world’. This cut – ‘moral high ground’ or not -will NOT impress Iran and others, in my humble opinion.

    Is this move Arrogance Personified, Political Naivety, Political Manoeuvering or Real Proof that Obama DID deserve the Nobel Peace Prize before he’d actually done anything? Let’s hope it’s the last one.

    Barack Obama and Dmitry Medvedev have agreed to cut the number of their deployed nuclear weapons by 25%. Photograph: Michael Reynolds/Maxim Shipenkov/EPA. From -

    Its 3:00am and your children are asleep. Who do you want answering that phone in the White House?

    Well, for the next three years at least, we know who will be answering it. The guy who took months to decide whether or not to increase troop numbers in Afghanistan.

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    6 Responses to “Can Obama be trusted with Fate of America & Israel?”

    1. Grundoon Says:

      Obama and his cabal continue on their quest to remove democracy from all nations and institute the rule of the Imams over all. This usurper of the presidency is the worst thing to happen to our country since Jimmy Carter. But, if I might mention a Biblical fact, nations that have threatened Israel have felt the wrath of a God that considers them His chosen people. With any luck it will happen again. Until then, keep your powder dry, and your ammo close.

    2. Vinny Says:

      Dear Mr Justice,
      Many of the above comments (in essence praising your site) appear to have been posted by Tea Party types, very right wing people.
      Funny old world isn’t it

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        I can only see one comment here, Vinny.

        Is there anything wrong with people of the “Right” from the USA admiring Tony Blair, btw? Or do they all have to be OLD, OLD Labour to have any empathy with a site which supports Tony Blair? If you think that, then that is clearly why you and many Old Labourites did not and never will understand why Blair was Labour’s greatest ever election winner.

        I personally, although British, was not a supporter of Labour even under Blair. I would be now … if only …

        Yes, it is a funny old world.

    3. Vinny Says:

      My apologies for wrongly referring to more than one “comment”, what I meant was that there are many statements in the various pieces above that demonstrate a “birther” or “death paneller” mindset. Do you not find it interesting that these tea bagging folk are clearly huge admirers of a left/liberal foreign (i.e. non US) politician yet they despise a similar figure from their own country. I suspect that the explanation for this is that there is actually only one thing that they admire about Blair, indeed it is probably the case that there is only one thing that they know about Blair; this is of course his total unquestioning support for the US in their Keystone Cops type blunder in Iraq.If you were not a Labour supporter when Blair was the boss, what made you go to the trouble of setting up this site? Finally is your name really John Justice?

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:


        The Left in Britain has lost its historical perspective, imho. And perhaps too in the USA. It seems that Tony Blair is still admired right across the political spectrum in the USA, not just by the right.

        Unless YOU were there on every conversation and decision made you do not know if Blair’s support was “unquestioning”. Again, like your comments on Clwyd, you show your ignorance and your narrow mindset.

        Iraq, imho, will be seen in time to have been the correct decision.

        I realised towards the end of Blair’s time as PM that he was right. Yep, I was slow, I confess. But I’m not the only one. John Rentoul too came round to understanding the complexities involved in Blair’s leadership trials. And they WERE trials from all angles, and probably from the beginning.

        At least we have the comfort of noticing that you and your ilk are slower still.

        Er, no. My name is NOT John Justice and thus the Ban Blair-Baiting petition is not mine.

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