Middle East peace crisis? Obama Vs Netanyahu

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    26th March 2010

    UPDATE: There does seem to be an official picture according to JPost. Body language speaks volumes, doesn’t it?

    Before I refer you to this video debate on the present standoff between the USA and Israel, what the heck is Obama’s signature suggestive of?


    OK. It must just be me then. What a silly ass I am at times.

    Now where was I?

    Video discussion from CBS News here – Political Hotsheet


    Following yesterday’s landmark but somewhat perplexing meeting between President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, panelists explored on US-Israel relations on Wednesday’s edition of “Washington Unplugged.”

    The meeting comes at a frosty time in diplomatic relations between the two nations, following Israel’s announcement two weeks ago that it planned to construct new housing in East Jerusalem. White House correspondent Bill Plante said the nature of the visit differed greatly from those in the past, as the media was not permitted to take photographs of Netanyahu and Mr. Obama together, and neither were made available for questions following the meeting.

    “Normally any Israeli Prime Minister visiting the White House gets the full red carpet treatment,” said Plante. “Not this time. The lid was on, and the Israeli press is saying it is because there are serious disagreements in the two conversations that Prime Minister Netanyahu had with President Obama.”

    According to White House sources, Netanyahu, apparently unsatisfied with the progress made, requested a second, 35-minute meeting following the first hour and a half encounter. Despite the two meetings, the White House issued no formal statement detailing the progress made, which Plante said was “unheard of.”

    “It can only mean one thing,” said Plante. “No progress was made.”

    On the show, moderator Bob Orr was joined by Haim Malka of the Center for Strategic and International Studies, William Daroff of the Jewish Federations of North America, and Amjad Atallah of the New America Foundation. The panel discussed what Israel’s decision to build new houses in East Jerusalem means for peace in the Middle East. With talks stalled and no sign of progress in the near future, Orr asked Malka how serious this standoff has become.

    “There is a lot of tension and a lot of distrust between the Obama administration and Netanyahu government,” said Malka. “That’s extremely dangerous.’

    Watch Washington Unplugged and the rest of the discussion on Israel above.

    “Washington Unplugged” appears live on CBSNews.com each weekday at 12:30 p.m. ET.




    ‘James Purnell will be a community organiser after the election, but in the meantime he seems to be another ex-minister up to mischief. Stung by claims that malign forces sought to manipulate the selection process in his Stalybridge and Hyde constituency, he rounded on MP Tom Watson in the lobby last week and accused him of being “the cancer at the heart of the Labour party”. The two almost came to blows apparently.’

    Not that I approve of violence, you understand, but next time, Mr Purnell, land one on Watson’s revolting little nose, PLEASE.  Just for me. Watson was part of “the cancer” that persuaded your stupid party that the best leader Labour ever had was somehow surplus to requirements.

    Now the world scrambles and pleads to pay out for Tony Blair’s distinguished presence in their countries, in their business rooms, at their conferences, informing their debates and no-one ever thinks to ask  –

    “Tom Watson? Who he?”

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    2 Responses to “Middle East peace crisis? Obama Vs Netanyahu”

    1. steve Says:

      Obama is the most arrogant ass ever to disgrace the White House.

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