Muslim MPs’ signatures forged at North London Central Mosque

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    28th March 2010

    Hat tip to The Iconoclast and original source Sunday Times

    MP quits radical mosque over forgery on TRUST’s declaration!

    The MP, a member of the parliamentary committee on tackling terrorism, said his signature had been forged on the mosque’s trust declaration, which was sent to the Charity Commission in March 2008 to demonstrate that it was operating on a legal basis.

    A MUSLIM MP, Khalid Mahmood (MP for Birmingham Perry Barr), who was brought in to deradicalise the mosque used by Abu Hamza to recruit Al-Qaeda terrorists is to quit as a trustee after complaining his signature was forged on legal documents.

    Two Muslim MPs, neither of whom have London constituencies, are sad to have had their signatures forged. Hats off to Mahmood for saying that he will resign from the board of the Muslim Association of Britain set up to stop radicalisation at the North London Central Mosque (renamed due to unhelpful associations, when known as Finsbury Mosque.)

    I’ll put it bluntly; I see far too much them and us-ism at the Muslim Association of Britain’s website. FAR too much.

    The Muslim Association of Britain’s website

    A quick rummage through their front page stories comes up with this –

    1. Blair’s fight to keep his oil cash secret (picked directly from the Daily Mail. Strange bedfellows some people choose these days. Does MAB really think the Conservatives would be kinder to their causes? Really?)

    Don’t forget which prime minister actually cared about the position of Muslims in Britain and made the changes to prove it.

    2. The Muslim Association of Britain welcomes the Foreign Secretary’s action in response to the disgraceful act of cloning British passports by Israel ’s Mossad, and their use in entering Dubai for the purpose of assassinating a leading Hamas figure.

    Poor leading Hamas murderer.

    3. Since the Israeli occupation of East Jerusalem in 1967 the Zionist fundamentalists have staged over a hundred attacks on Masjid al Aqsa Haram Shareef.

    Over a hundred in over 40 years? Is that to be compared, pro-rata with the weekly, sometimes daily attacks on Israel from Hamas supporters inside Gaza?

    Khalid Mahmood, MP. (Photo by Alisdair Macdonald / Rex Features ( 534429g )

    [Picture of Khalid Mahmood from this Daily Mail article]

    Khalid Mahmood (MP for Birmingham Perry Barr) has called for a Charity Commission investigation after the alleged forgery on papers prepared by the North London Central Mosque.

    The signature of a second trustee, Mohammad Sarwar, the Labour MP for Glasgow Central, was also allegedly forged.

    Mahmood’s resignation will renew controversy at the former Finsbury Park Mosque, which was linked to Al-Qaeda terrorists including the shoebomber Richard Reid and Zacarias Moussaoui, the so-called 20th hijacker in the 9/11 attacks.

    In 2003 it was raided by police as part of an investigation into an alleged ricin poison plot, which uncovered a mini-arsenal of weapons, terrorism paraphernalia and forged passports. Radical preacher Hamza was thrown out and later jailed for seven years for inciting murder and stirring up racial hatred.

    The mosque was put under the control of the Muslim Association of Britain by the Charity Commission. The two MPs agreed to sit on the trust board in a deal backed by David Blunkett, then home secretary, and Tony Blair to reclaim the mosque for moderate Muslims.

    Announcing his intention to resign, Mahmood, Labour MP for Birmingham Perry Barr, said: “I don’t think I can work with these people. Some of the things that have been done have been completely out of order, including the forging of my signature.”

    The MP, a member of the parliamentary committee on tackling terrorism, said his signature had been forged on the mosque’s trust declaration, which was sent to the Charity Commission in March 2008 to demonstrate that it was operating on a legal basis.

    At the time he became a trustee, Mahmood was seen as a vital conduit between the government and Muslims in the period that followed the July 2005 suicide bombings in London.

    The mosque has been embroiled in a so far unsuccessful libel action against Policy Exchange, a centre-right think tank, which named it in its 2007 report about extremist literature available in UK mosques. Last November the six trustees who had advanced the claim were ordered to pay the think tank’s legal costs. The High Court made a further order that £75,000 of those costs be paid by the mosque. The mosque is appealing.

    [Picture of Mohammad Sarwar from Telegraph article here]

    Mohammad Sarwar, the Labour MP for Glasgow Central.

    In his complaint to the commission, Mahmood said neither he nor Sarwar had been consulted on the legal action. But a mosque spokesman said: “Mahmood’s been consulted and sent all the minutes. He’s invited to meetings but if he doesn’t come it’s his issue.”

    In his letter, Mahmood suggests Sarwar’s signature was also forged on the trust document. Sarwar said: “It’s a very messy business but I’d rather not comment as it is a very sensitive matter.”

    Mohamad Kozbar, one of the mosque’s nine trustees, said he could not comment.

    I DO hope this issue is Not TOO sensitive for Mr Sarwar. He too should resign. We’re watching.


    Abu Hamza is currently serving a 7 year sentence in a London jail.

    Now let’s get up to date with what’s happening with this Hamza guy. From the Anglo American, September 9th 2008:

    ‘The European court of human rights has ordered the British Government not to extradite Abu Hamza to the United States. Hamza’s lawyers, paid  for by the British tax payer, have persuaded the court to hold a hearing concerning the condition of human rights in a US Jail. If convicted Hamza would face incarceration in a high security jail with considerable periods of solitary confinement.

    The British Government has capitulated to the ruling – a spokesman saying that this is “a matter for the European court.”

    No US government official has so far commentated court’s ruling. But no doubt they will be astonished by the British government’s lack of teeth when it comes to terrorism. And they will be intrigued as to the European courts opinions on the American penal system.’

    Abu Hamza is in Belmarsh Prison right now. As things stand, on his release he is expected to be deported to the USA for further charges, his human rights notwithstanding. (See wikipedia)


    From Jihad Watch – U.K.’s most popular Islamic channel under investigation for promoting “extremism”

    Excerpt: “Viewers were told that ‘the majority of people in hell will be women’.” What kind of rabid extremist would say that? Well, Muhammad. In fact, it comes up more than once. Several times, actually.

    More on this story. “UK’s Islam Channel under investigation,” by David Sapsted for The National, March 28″

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